Affiliate Terms and Conditions 2020


  1. About Ellis James Designs

Ellis James Designs has developed an exclusive collection of luxurious bags, organizers and travel accessories, each designed and crafted with care for you and your lifestyle. Our bags are inspired by authentic British style, combining contemporary minimalist designs with classic elegance. Our philosophy is that luxury is about more than beauty: it’s about lasting quality and reliability.

  1. Benefits of Joining the Ellis James Designs Affiliate Program

The Ellis James Designs offers page is regularly updated with fresh discounts and offers on our products. We are excited to work with passionate influencers that can offer great exposure!

  1. Benefits (Commission Breakdown)
  • $1 per email address
  • No additional commission if a purchase has been made, commission based solely on lead generation
  • Threshold of $10 a month before commission can be paid
  1. What makes us different?

We work closely with all our affiliate partners and provide exclusive and enticing promotions. We listen and are open to new ideas. We promise:

  • Concepts that appeal to a broad audience (great value discounts and offers)
  • Global brand awareness
  • Attractive commission structure 
  • High conversion rate (higher than 4% CR as it’s an offers/discounts page)
  • Personalised advertising material (create your own promotional content)
  1. Categories & Links

Categories: beauty, retail, travel, jewelry 

Links to use for promotion:

Social accounts and tags for promotion:

Social media tags: #ellisjamesdesigns #ellisjamesfamily

Affiliate Program Terms 

  1. General
  • Only pay commission if you follow our guidelines 
  • Commission will not be paid if you don’t adhere to guidelines
  • Commissions may be retained for further investigation if more than 10% of emails do not pass spam guard guidelines for email authentication. (Fake email addresses will be filtered and won’t be counted in referral commission calculations)
  1. Transactions
  • Commission will be paid out once a month through PayPal
  1. Brand Representation 

Affiliates must adhere to the Ellis James Designs brand representation guidelines, which include:

  • Always display the most up-to-date logo provided in Affiliate portal (creatives tab)
    • Own image creatives can be used but must be high quality and showcase product features and/or logo 
  • Always use full brand name Ellis James Designs
    • Do not use Ellis James 
  • Always use information from About Us page if needed for brand representation:
  • Always tag Ellis James Designs on social media and use brand hashtag #ellisjamesfamily 
  1. Publishing Promotion

Your website or blog, social media accounts and email marketing

  1. Affiliate Tracking 

We implemented an affiliate tracking system on our website. You will have a “tag” to put on the link that is on your website and the affiliate tracking system will use that tag to determine whether someone entered their email address. 

  1. Notice Period

How many days notice would we give you when we change something in the terms and conditions of this affiliate program? 

  • 7 days

How many days notice would we give you when we change offers and discounts on our offers page?

  • 7 days