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  • can you blow dry makeup brushes? - Ellis James Designs

    Can You Blow Dry Makeup Brushes?

    Almost everyone is aware that they don’t clean their brushes often enough. However when you do clean them, how do you dry them? Can you use a blow dryer on makeup brushes? And if you can’t, is there an alternative that gets them ready to use faster?

  • Are Morphe Brushes More Than Just Hype? - Ellis James Designs

    Are Morphe Brushes More Than Just Hype?

    Everyone’s heard of Morphe brushes, and everyone seems to love them, too. Are Morphe brushes really worth the hype? Here’s our quick thoughts about the popular brand of makeup tools.

  • How to Pack Makeup Brushes - Ellis James Designs

    How to Pack Makeup Brushes

    Your makeup brushes are your pride and joy. They’re the tools that help you create magic every day. But how well are you taking care of these little miracle wands? It may be tempting to toss used makeup brushes into a makeup case with the rest of your makeup… or maybe you hide them in a drawer until you need them again. They deserve better treatment, and so do you. Find out how to store your makeup brushes better and learn how to pack makeup brushes for easy storage and travel.

  • The 12 Essential Makeup Brushes You Should Have - Ellis James Designs

    The 12 Essential Makeup Brushes You Should Have

    More numerous than fine dining cutlery and more complicated than a Rubik’s cube, makeup brushes come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. It can be confusing enough just to know which one you should use for which purpose, but hopefully this handy guide can help shine some light on the matter.

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