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  • Designer Brands You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

    Shows That Channel Your Inner Girlboss

    Earlier this year was International Women’s Day. A day where we celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations; without regard to divisions like nationality, ethnicity, language, culture, economics or politics. There are amazing women everywhere in the world who are working hard to change the face of the environment in which we live.

  • Wonder Women

    We all have something other people admire. From kindness, ability to listen and organisational skills to confidence and leadership ability. It’s important for us as women to have aspirations of qualities we want to embody, and skill sets we want to develop. Of course, this is where role models come in.

  • What Do Hollywood Stars Really Eat - Ellis James Designs Blog

    What Do Hollywood Stars Really Eat?

    Since the dawn of celebrity, the media has been fixated on one question: how do the stars look the way they do? At the risk of launching into a rant about unrealistic ideals, the best answer to the question of ‘What Do Hollywood Stars Really Eat?’ is quite simply: food. Of course, to be healthy, you must have a healthy lifestyle, but it’s not all celery and skim milk.