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  • My Current Handbag Collection - Ellis James Designs Blog

    My Current Handbag Collection

    One of my favorite accessories is handbags, But believe it or not, I only have three! I am honestly very picky when it comes to handbags and really try to find ones that will match any outfit and will work for any season.

  • Our Favorite Plus Size Brands - Ellis James Designs Blog

    Our Favorite Plus Size Brands

    We believe that fashion should be available to everyone, no matter what shape, dress size or age they are. Here is a list of some of our favorite Plus Size and Curve Fashion brands.

  • 2018 Fashion Trends to Wear Now - Ellis James Designs Blog

    2018 Fashion Trends to Wear Now

    As 2018 is already underway, and while we shake off the chills of winter and look forward to spring and summer, it’s time to take a look at what fashion trends we can expect to take off in 2018. What better way to brighten up the winter months than with a touch of retail therapy? Take a look at our picks of the fashion trends on the rise this year and find the perfect style to suit your style.

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