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Posts tagged with ‘Eye Primers’

  • Vibrant Eyeshadow - What Does Eyeshadow Primer Do by Ellis James Designs

    What Does Eyeshadow Primer Do?

    Many makeup products pepper the market today, but are they vital or are they optional? What does eyeshadow primer do and are they really important?

  • 7 Best Under Eye Primers for Wrinkles - Ellis James Designs

    7 Best Under Eye Primers for Wrinkles

    Wrinkles happen to the best of us… and everyone eventually gets them. Under eye wrinkles can add years to your face and crack a perfectly polished look. Luckily, there are eye primers on the market that help with the appearance of wrinkles. Some help slow down the clock with special nutrients while others merely fill in the lines. Check out our list of some of the best under eye primers for wrinkles. You may not be able to stop the clock, but you can minimize the effects with special creams.

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