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  • Best New Hair Products for 2018 - Ellis James Designs Blog

    Best New Hair Products

    Every year new and exciting hair care products enter the market, and 2018 marks another new wave of enticing serums, shampoos, masques and mousses. We believe that every day should be a good hair day – that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best hair products on the market this year, so you can look and feel your best in 2018.

  • Hairstyles That Suit Your Face Shape - Ellis James Designs Blog

    Hairstyles That Suit Your Face Shape

    The first step to finding the perfect new haircut is to decide what face shape you have. Knowing if that perfect new cut you saw on your favourite movie star is going to suit you is an important, but easy step if you know which one of the six face shapes you have. The best way to find out what face shape you have is to tie your hair back and face a mirror.

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