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  • Foundation That Doesn’t Settle Into Wrinkles - Ellis James Designs

    Foundation That Doesn’t Settle Into Wrinkles

    Many popular foundations simply don’t work for aging skin. Powder-based products and heavy cream foundations might settle into fine lines, leaving you without that “flawless” complexion after putting on your makeup.Save yourself the hassle of touch-ups and spare the cover stick by selecting a foundation from our recommendations below. Our selected foundations give you complete coverage without any caking, cracking and settling into wrinkles. Here are the 13 best foundation products that don’t settle into wrinkles.

  • Why Does My Foundation Look Cakey - Ellis James Designs

    Why Does My Foundation Look Cakey?

    The last thing that anyone wants is an unnatural plastered appearing layer of makeup on their face. There are several reasons why foundation can look cakey. We’re here to help you prevent a cakey-foundation-situation. Follow our advice and you’ll have a flawless and natural complexion every time you apply foundation.

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