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  • is nail polish considered makeup

    Is Nail Polish Considered Makeup? – What’s the Difference Between Nail Lacquer and Makeup Products?

    Ever wondered, “Is nail polish considered makeup?” Join the club. There’s no doubt that there is a fine line that we’ll explore in this post.

  • What is Face Primer Used For and What Primer Should I Use - Ellis James Designs

    What is Face Primer Used For And What Face Primer Should I Use?

    Preparing your skin for makeup application is one of the most important parts of your skincare routine. We’ll be taking you through a complete look at the benefits of face primers, while answering all your questions and helping you understand how to use it best.

  • What Ingredients Are in Makeup: Know What Goes on Your Face

    If your makeup to-buy list just grows, consider yourself a makeup enthusiast. Although we adore these beauty products, do you know what ingredients are in makeup?

  • Lipsense vs. Younique: The Great Lip Stains Battle

    In this post, let’s compare two popular lip stains on the market: Lipsense vs Younique. This battle between these two products has actually been going on for some time now, and it’s interesting to find out why.

  • How to Remove Mascara the Right Way – How do you properly remove mascara?

    Mascara is a makeup essential, yet it can also be incredibly difficult to completely remove. Particularly if it’s thick, clumpy, or waterproof. It’s important not to use harsh cleansers that can damage the delicate skin around the eyes. Let’s take a look at some proven methods to remove mascara the right way.

  • Are Morphe Brushes More Than Just Hype? - Ellis James Designs

    Are Morphe Brushes More Than Just Hype?

    Everyone’s heard of Morphe brushes, and everyone seems to love them, too. Are Morphe brushes really worth the hype? Here’s our quick thoughts about the popular brand of makeup tools.

  • Best Gifts for Makeup Artists - Ellis James Designs

    Best Gifts for Makeup Artists

    Makeup artists are individuals that embrace beauty, creativity, and vitality. Their passion and proficiency for skincare and cosmetics opens up a world of gift opportunities. Here are some of the best gifts for makeup artists so that you never lack the inspiration to buy something special. Who knows, our list may inspire a gift for yourself as well!

  • Post Gym Makeup Routine - Ellis James Designs

    Post Gym Makeup Routine

    Working out before work is a fantastic start to the day. It gets your blood flowing, your brain cells all fired up and sets you up to experience your best possible day. If you’re heading straight to the office afterwards, it might mean that you’re a little pushed for time to get ready. Your skin will be glowing after your workout, so you’re going to need less help to look fresh and alert. Here is our quick, 10-minute post-workout makeup routine.

  • Our Favorite Beauty Products: October Edition - Ellis James Designs

    Our Favorite Beauty Products: October Edition

    October is the month of golden leaves, cozy evenings and Halloween. Fall is well underway, and we can’t wait to dive into all the juicy new beauty products the season has to offer. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite new skin care and beauty products for fall and winter. From lip balms to eye shadows, fake tan to fragrances, we’ve chosen the best of everything, so you can look and feel fabulous – even when skies are gray.

  • Waterproof Makeup For A Rainy Day - Ellis James Designs

    Waterproof Makeup For A Rainy Day

    There’s nothing like a bit of rain to ruin the makeup look you’ve put together! Whether you’re on a night out or it’s a day look you’ve put together, a downpour or a splash of rain can be a real pain. The real key to maintaining your makeup look in bad weather is the products you choose. The most important thing is to choose waterproof eyeliner, mascara and eyebrow color as these are the darkest and will make the most mess of your makeup if they get wet and run. Jet black tears streaming down your face are never ever a great look! As always, there are absolutely loads of price points to choose from – you can spend a little, or a lot to find the perfect waterproof essentials.