5 Tips That Will Help You Buy A Perfect Pearl Set For All Occasions

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Loved by many women around the world, pearl sets can be the ultimate accessory. Not only do they add a 1940s vibe to any outfit, but they elevate it, giving you a more sophisticated style. However, choosing pearls can be hard; there are many considerations you should keep in mind before jumping headfirst and buying the first set you lay eyes on.

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5 Tips That Will Help You Buy A Perfect Pearl Set For All Occasions

So, if you want to accessorize your outfits with some pearl accessories but do not know how to choose the perfect set, we have got you covered. Just check out the next few points.

1. Choose the Pearl Type

Contrary to popular belief, not all pearls are created equal. Generally, there are four types of pearls: Akoya pearls, freshwater pearls, Tahitian pearls, and South Sea pearls. Every type has a distinctive shape and color. Here is a breakdown of these types:

Akoya pearls

Akoya pearls are the epitome of classic charm, so if you are looking for a classic set, go for ones that are made of Akoya pearls. According to the experts at, these pearls are one of the most expensive types on the market thanks to their exquisite shape and luster. They are perfect for any special event because they can add glamor to any gown.

Freshwater pearls

This pearl type is admittedly less alluring than Akoya pearls, but it is also highly regarded. You can find freshwater pearls in many pastel colors, which is always a plus. Moreover, they are less expensive than Akoya pearls, so you will not burn a hole in your pocket if you get a complete set.

Tahitian pearls

Although they are known as black pearls, Tahitian pearls usually come in a deep green color; however, you can also find a big selection of different hues. This type is fantastic if you are looking for a more exotic look.

South Sea pearls

They come in two colors: white and gold. Because they are rare, they are the most expensive type, even more expensive than Akoya pearls.

2. Set a Budget

Due to the wide range of pearl types you can find on the market, not all types cost the same. So, if you have a big budget, $350+, go for Akoya and South Sea pearls because they are more luxurious. However, Tahitian and freshwater pearls, which are more on the affordable side and start from $250, can be a great addition to your collection as well. Having a budget in mind can help you get the best value for money.

3. Inspect Your Pearls

Once you set your budget and decide on the type you want to go for, it is time to inspect the pearls. You need to take care of four aspects: color, undertone, luster, and size. The color of the pearl is the general shade of it, be it green, white, or gold. However, the undertone refers to the other hue that you can see on the surface of the pearl, so inspect the pearl carefully in strong lighting. Moreover, luster means how much the pearl shines. Obviously, the shinier the pearl is, the better it looks. Finally, there are not any rules that dictate the size you should choose. Yet, keep in mind that the larger the pearl is, the more expensive the set can be.

4. Get the Perfect Length

According to the occasion, you should get the right necklace length. From the shortest to the longest, there are four variations: princess, matinee, opera, and rope necklaces. If you are attending a formal event, opt for a short princess necklace or a long opera one. For semi-formal events, go for matinee necklaces. On the other hand, for a more casual look, get a rope strand because you can tie it around your neck multiple times.

5. Select Your Set

When buying a pearl set, make sure that the pearls do not look incongruous. Ideally, all pearls should have the same size, color, undertone, luster, and shape. Also, get many pieces to build a versatile set, as you will not find a ready-made set that has all the pieces you want. Buy earrings, bracelets, and necklaces of various lengths. You can even create your own jewelry by buying loose strands and forming your pieces yourself if you cannot find a set that strikes your fancy.

A simple pearl necklace or bracelet can add a flair of elegance to any outfit. So, when shopping for a pearl set, choose the pearl type you want, set a budget, closely examine your pearls, and select the suitable necklace length. Whatever type, shape, or color you choose, you will definitely be the belle of the ball with your beautiful pearls.

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