Black Makeup Train Case

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Makeup Case Details

  • 12 Multi-sized brush compartments and tool slots
  • Large size for storage with 4 removable velcro dividers
  • A removable zip pouch for all your on-the-go essentials


About this Makeup Organizer Bag

  • Dimensions: 8.7 W x 12 L x 4 D (inches)
  • Materials: Soft Touch Quilted Nylon
  • Wipe Clean Interior and Padded for Protection
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Designer Train Case – Travel or Storage Organizer for Cosmetics, Makeup, Skincare, and Other Essentials

Effortless elegance… The Ellis James Designs Makeup Train Case will hold everything your beauty regimen could demand. Are you looking for a makeup bag that will hold all your makeup, toiletries, cosmetics and even your hair straightener? LOOK NO FURTHER than The Ellis James Designs Makeup Train Case! Boasting huge capacity with velcro dividers and a removable pouch, you can truly customize the bag to your needs. It’s your bag, you way!

Video Reviews of the Ellis James Designs Makeup Train Case

“It has tonnes of storage space….

….I use this bag every time I leave my house for an overnight stay”

“Estamos ready para viajar! Estos bolsos de Ellis James Designs le facilitan la vida a cualquiera que tenga planes de viajar…”

“There’s plenty of room for all of your large makeup items…

There’s even more goodies, with a removable purse pouch… Awesome!”

“This is really pretty and cute!

I’m obsessed with the pretty packaging and wrapping…”

Black Cosmetic Organizer with Compartments and Handle


  • 12 multi-sized brush or tool slots
  • Large main compartment with 4 removable velcro dividers
  • Wipe-clean interior for maximum cleanliness
  • Covers that protect all your brushes
  • One large zip pocket
  • A removable zip pouch for all your on-the-go essentials
  • Compact and portable design
  • Water-resistant design
  • Padded for protection
  • High quality and durable zipper
  • Gift boxed and gift wrapped
  • Finest quality by Ellis James Designs

Whether as a well-deserved gift for yourself or for someone who means a lot to you, you’ll more than love opening your Ellis James Designs gift box to find the latest addition to your collection.

We’ve designed this makeup bag with YOU in mind. Do you have a busy everyday life and need a bag that seamlessly supports you in your daily beauty and fashion routine? We’ve designed the perfect bag for your makeup.

With lots of space for your beauty needs, you’ll always look your best wherever you bring an Ellis James Designs bag with you.

Bag Supplied Empty, Contents Not Included

Frequently Asked Questions About Makeup Train Case

What is a Makeup Train Case?

A makeup train case is a small boxlike piece of luggage used for toiletries, cosmetics, makeup and other storage needs. The Ellis James Designs Makeup Train Case is a great and spacious travel train case that can be placed in a carry-on or checked-in luggage. For a smaller, more compact option we suggest our Mini Makeup Train Case.

Where to buy a makeup train case?

You can find a large variety of makeup train cases in retail stores and online. Amazon is a great online retail outlet where you can browse through a wide range of makeup train cases. The Amazon Prime service offers a fast one and two-day delivery service, making your online shopping experience effortless. All Ellis James Designs products are available on Amazon in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. We recommend our spacious Makeup Train Case or for a more-compact version, our Mini Makeup Train Case.

What’s in my Makeup Bag?

Some of the must-have essentials that you should carry in your makeup bag are a primer, a SPF cream, concealer, lip balm, brow gel, mascara, a face base, an eyeliner, an on-the-go makeup remover, blush, powder, bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow, setting spray and perfume. The Ellis James Designs Makeup Train Case is the ultimate spacious makeup bag that will fit all your essentials and more!

What’s in my Travel Makeup Bag?

Depending on the size of your travel makeup bag and if you are planning to take the bag in your carry-on or checked in luggage, your travel makeup essentials will differ. If your travel makeup bag is compact and you plan to take it in your carry-on, you should invest in travel-sized makeup essentials and remember that liquids cannot exceed 100 ml / 3.5 ounces per bottle. If your travel makeup bag is more spacious and part of your checked in luggage, you can pack full-sized makeup, liquids, hair accessories and any other cosmetics you will need during your trip. The Ellis James Designs collection has a wide range of travel makeup bags you can choose from. If you need a compact travel makeup bag, we suggest our 2-in-1 Makeup and Jewelry Bag or Mini Makeup Train Case. For a checked-in travel makeup organizer we recommend our Makeup Train Case, Large Cosmetic Organizers and Tall Cosmetic Bags.

How to Organize Your Makeup Bag?

You should empty the bag and throw away broken or unwanted items. Then clean dirty items like your makeup brushes and sort the contents you emptied from the bag into groups. Re-pack everything neatly into the makeup bag and if the bag has compartments or pockets, you can store the same or similar items together. The Ellis James Designs Makeup Train Case, Mini Makeup Train Case and Makeup Brush Bag all have customizable pockets and compartments, making your packing and storage neat and effortless.

How to Wash a Makeup Bag?

If your makeup bag is made out of a cloth material, you can turn it inside out and put it in the washing machine. If it’s not suitable for the washing machine, you can empty your makeup bag and use a wet cloth to wipe away dirt. The Ellis James Designs makeup bags have a wipe-clean interior that can be easily wiped clean with a wet cloth. Our bags with makeup brush slots have protective brush covers, separating your brushes from the rest of the bag, keeping your bag clean. We recommend our Makeup Train Case and Mini Makeup Train Case.

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Soft Touch Nylon, Water Resistant


Stitched Quilted Design

10 reviews for Black Makeup Train Case

  1. Lisa

    This makeup bag is the perfect gift for any glam girls who love to travel. It is large enough to fit all necessities within the bag and is incredibly durable (huge plus when travelling). I love using this bag to keep myself organized while on the road.

  2. KF

    I wanted to find a makeup bag to carry everything. This bag is exactly what I needed – I’ve consolidated and can carry all and then some in one bag. It is sturdy and stylish. I am very happy with my purchase.

  3. B.L

    Love this travel makeup case. So many (adjustable size) compartments and stores so much in it – more than you’d even think! I kept all my makeup in one spot, hair items in another, skincare in another, nail polish in another, etc. I also love the brush holders (with protective clear flap!) and zipper compartments on the top of it. So much space to organize!

  4. Dana

    I liked how I can fit all my makeup in this case and keep them organized.

  5. Cici

    This travel make up bag is perfect! It has so much space and a great amount of brush holders. I love that you can readjust the size of any of the compartments and best of all- the whole thing is a material that can be wiped down so that it stays looking nice! So happy with this purchase.

  6. JadeNicole

    I LOVE this product. The removable, customizable compartments makes it so easy to choose how the bag works best for you. It’s classy and spacious, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone!

  7. Jamie

    This Ellis James Designs Large Train Case is the perfect bag! It will allow you to carry all your necessary makup and beauty products whereever you want to go! I used this on my recent trip to Nashville, TN and it held all of my makeup, skincare, makeup brushes, hair ties and serums. I could even stand the serums up in the bag and still close the lid. The lid holds 9 makeup brushes and all different sizes and I even fit my largest kabuki brush in it too! It will also hold mascara, eyeliner and lipstick liner in the pockets. It may even hold some slim lipstick tubes.

    The inside compartment has 4 dividers; one large and three small that allows for customization to fit different size items. You can create a large area that will fit a curling or straightening iron. I used this area for a couple of my larger bottles of hair products and my deodorant.

    I like this bag for travel but it is also great for storing products right at home. If you don’t keep them on your sink this is the best way to store them away and protect them. You can easly pull it out and everything is right there.

    The material is the same wonderful stain resistant, quilted nylon. It easly wipes clean and protects your products while traveling. It will also easily fit in any suitcase if you are flying.

    I really love this makeup organizer and think every woman needs one! The price is also amazing for the quality. I own several of Ellis James Designs organizers and have nothing negative to say about any of them. The company is also wonderful and provides the best customer service!

  8. Jessica

    I go on several trips throughout the year, and I always pack different bags for my makeup, toiletries, medicine, etc., because I want these things to stay organized while I’m out of town. Obviously packing several bags isn’t ideal, so I was looking for a single bag that could fit all of these items. I came across Ellis James on Amazon and knew it would be perfect for my travel needs! I love that there is a velcro in the dividers, so you can easily move things around to fit all of your items. There’s also space to fit makeup brushes, and I used this space for my toothbrush, tweezers, etc. I used this bag on my trip this weekend and loved it! I highly recommend buying this bag!

  9. Ur1boyjr

    Love this bag.. so much durability and lots of room for my wifes makeup

  10. Lori Mc

    This bag I see great! I bought this for a friend for her birthday and she loved it. The dividers move and it’s very good quality. I’m thinking about getting one for myself. I highly recommend this. It’s very classy!

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