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Large Cosmetic Organizer

‘I use this bag every single time I travel. The construction is so sturdy, and the quilted style is a timeless design.’

Jewelry Keeper

‘I used this travel jewelry keeper to hold all my jewelry while visiting my dad for Thanksgiving. It features two zippered pockets, a large main storage compartment, multiple necklace straps, a ring/bracelet/watch strap, and an earring carrier. Both the main zippered pouch and the earring carrier can unsnap from the travel jewelry keeper. Ellis James Designs offer beautiful pieces in classic styles.’

Wristlet Glam Bag

‘This is the perfect gift for someone like me, who enjoys carrying a tiny purse on her wrist to hold all the basics. My wristlet holds my iPhone, lipstick, mirror, credit card and driver’s license, and hand sanitizer. Everything I need for a night out on the town–or just a day in a theme park.’

“I use my Jewelry Keeper and Large Cosmetic Organizer every single time I travel. Even if I’m just visiting my dad for the weekend, I pack these two bags with my essentials! The construction is so sturdy, and the quilted style is a timeless design.”


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