Camila from Unfolded Bloom


I’m a lifestyle blogger and owner of Unfolded Bloom, a hand made accessory business.


Tall Cosmetic Bag

‘There is nothing I love more than a product that comes in a nice packaging. Ellis James black box, white silk paper, and logo sticker give an elegant touch to the product. If you are planning on giving it as a gift, I have good news for you: You won’t need to wrap it or buy a gift bag!!’

Jewelry Keeper

‘This jewelry keeper stands out from any other I’ve ever seen in the market. It keeps everything in its place. Due to the various compartments and straps, I can keep my earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings separate from each other.’

“I couldn’t be more impressed with these bags and I know you will too!’


Introducing The NEW Black Makeup Train CaseBold, Beautiful and YOURS

Effortless elegance… The Ellis James Designs Makeup Train Case will hold everything your beauty regime could demand.

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