How to Remove Mascara the Right Way – How do you properly remove mascara?

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Mascara is a makeup essential, yet it can also be incredibly difficult to completely remove. Particularly if it’s thick, clumpy, or waterproof. It’s important not to use harsh cleansers that can damage the delicate skin around the eyes. Let’s take a look at some proven methods to remove mascara the right way.

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how to remove mascara the right way - Ellis James Designs

Do You Need to Remove Mascara at All?

We all know why it’s necessary to remove your makeup at night — in order to protect the skin and prevent damage and clogged pores. But what about mascara? Do you really need to remove it completely?

The answer is yes, sleeping with mascara on is a very bad idea for several reasons:

  • Mascara may get on your sheets and pillowcases. If you don’t wash the mascara off your face, you’ll have to wash it off of your bedding
  • Sleeping with mascara on can tug on your eyelashes. Depending on your sleeping habits, clumps of mascara and friction from your pillow when you sleep can pull and tug at your eyelashes, potentially damaging them or pulling them out
  • Mascara can get beneath your eyelids. Small clumps can get beneath your eyelids and irritate the eye

Yes, it’s important to take the time to remove it.

how to remove mascara the right way - Ellis James Designs

How NOT to Remove Mascara

Using harsh products, or excessive rubbing and friction around the eyes can damage delicate skin, and can also contribute to signs of premature aging.

Avoid harsh products like soaps. Also avoid excessive rubbing or tugging. Always be gentle with your eyes.

Do not use petroleum jelly or mineral oil

These products are petroleum byproducts, and can be harsh on the skin and eyes.

While many of these products are effective at removing mascara, they may not be healthy for the eyes and eye area over prolonged use.

Check out what other ingredients in makeup to avoid.

Avoid using cotton balls

The long cotton fibers can get caught in your lashes or get into the eye. Use a cotton swab or cotton pad instead, because these two have more compact structures and are less likely to shed and bunch.

how to remove mascara the right way - Ellis James Designs

How to Remove Mascara Without Damaging Your Skin

Use a natural food oil

You can use the following oils to remove mascara:

Oils help to break down mascara, and are naturally gentle on skin and moisturize the eye area.

If using coconut oil, put a small amount in your palm and let it melt and liquify. If using jojoba or avocado oil, it is already liquid, so you can skip this step.

To remove mascara with oil:

  • Use your fingertip or a cotton swab to gently apply a generous layer of oil to your lashes
  • Allow the oil to work for a few minutes
  • Use a cotton pad or cotton swab to gently wipe away the mascara and oil
  • Repeat if necessary
how to remove mascara the right way - Ellis James Designs

Use a commercial makeup remover

The best way is to use a makeup remover product or micellar water to remove mascara. These might already be in your toiletry organizers. These products are already tried and tested to remove mascara and other makeup, but the trick is in the method of removing.

To remove mascara with a makeup remover:

  • Soak a cotton pad in makeup remover
  • Place the pad over your eye and hold it gently in place for 20-30 seconds. Relax the eyes and don’t scrunch them closed, so that the remover can work more effectively
  • Gently sweep the pad downward along the top of the upper lashes, removing mascara from the upper lashes from root to tip. Repeat if necessary
  • If the pad is dirty, replace it and soak a new pad in makeup remover
  • Place it beneath the lower lashes to contact the whole lash surface, and close your eyes over the pad
  • Hold the pad in place for 20-30 seconds
  • Sweep away mascara from the lower lashes using an upward and outward motion, avoiding rubbing the lower lid<
  • You may need to use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to get any last little bits
  • Always wash your face with a gentle cleanser after removing your makeup and mascara, and follow with a moisturizer

With some patience, these methods will remove even waterproof or clumpy mascara, and not damage the delicate skin around the eyes, so your eyes and lashes will be healthy and gorgeous for years to come.

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How do YOU remove mascara the right way? What are some of your tried and tested methods of removing mascara? We’d love to know!

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