Are You a Gold or Silver Girl?

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Firstly, there’re no rules set up stone and we hope you’ll agree that some rules are made to be broken. What do exist are guidelines and preferences. Did you know that Europeans as a rule tend to prefer silver and Americans tend to prefer gold? It’s not a hard and fast rule, but sales suggest roughly 60% of American ladies prefer gold, whilst the same percentage of European ladies have a liking for silver.

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Your Tone Matters

If you’re someone who has had their colors done professionally and know if you’re a spring, summer, autumn or winter, you’ll likely know if your skin tone works best with silver or gold metals. If not, the best way to tell is to look at your skin. Strictly speaking, color professionals don’t look at hair and eye color, but this can also give you a bit of a guide if you’re trying to figure things out for yourself.

First of all, look at the veins on your wrist. Are they bluish or greenish in colour? Also how easily do you tan? If you hold up a large item of something yellow or orange to your face, how does your skin look? What about with something in a hot bright pink? When you put a piece of white paper next to your face, how does your complexion look?

If you tan well, look great in yellow and if your veins look slightly more greenish, it’s likely gold is the perfect metal for you. Other great indicators of this are green or amber eyes combined with the above.

The Color For You

If silver is your metal, white paper will make your skin glow, not wash you out. Hot pink will make you look fresh, not sickly, and your veins could appear more bluish.

It’s important to look at your skin when it’s make-up free, otherwise this may distort the results. Another good way to tell is, if you had to decide, would you suit orange or fuchsia lipstick the most? This would indicate your best metal is gold or silver respectively.

If you suit gold, you’ll also suit other warm metals like pewter, brass, copper and rose gold. If you suit silver, you’ll also suit platinum, white gold and hematite.

Another general rule is if your clothing has metal features or accents on it, try to work with these and wear pieces of jewelry that compliment and blend with it, not clash.

the color for you

Why Not Mix It Up?

Mixed metal jewelry is also very on trend right now and there are many pieces like this out there. However, generally, if the item of jewelry you’re wearing isn’t made with mixes of metals, try not to wear different types of metals on your body at the same time – gold earrings often look best with gold bracelets, necklaces etc. and vice versa for silver. This is of course a general rule, as things like silver, platinum and white gold metals tend to be so similar in appearance.

At the end of the day though, everything is choice. Rose gold is a really popular metal right now and there’s no reason why only warm skinned ladies should wear it. As we say, rules are made to be broken and there are ways of adapting looks to suit your own individual style.

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