Top 5 Best Concealer for Eyebrows: Get That Perfect Brow in 2022!

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Eyebrows, in and of themselves, have been a fashion statement for the last five years. Shaping the perfect brow feels like a major achievement. However, there are secrets to shaping the perfect brow that make it way easier to achieve the look without wanting to shave your brows off and start over. The trick to getting the perfect brows is using concealer underneath your brow, instead of highlighter. In doing so, you shape your brows and effectively hide any stray lines and hairs that you missed.

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However, as with any makeup hack, choosing the right concealer is vital to achieving the look. A low-quality concealer won’t successfully help shape your brows and eliminate flaws. To make it easier for you to find the products you need to shape your best brows yet, we’ve made a list of the best concealers for eyebrows. Plus, we’ve gathered the best tips and tricks for successfully mastering the best brow looks using concealer.

If you want to learn how to highlight your brows using concealer and what products work best for creating these looks, read on below. We have tips, tricks and products for every price range to make it easy for your brows to be on-point.

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The Best Concealer for Eyebrows

Editors Pick: Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer Full Size - Fair Light Neutral
Available on Amazon

Product Highlights

A lightweight, hydrating concealer, this product is excellent for a variety of uses. It serves its purpose both as a highlighter when used in a lighter shade, and in darker shades, it helps conceal dark spots. It’s got a tremendous highlighting effect, too, making it perfect for giving you the best brows ever.

Who It’s Best For

If you’re looking for a product that helps give you well-hydrated skin, this is the one.

The Tarte concealer is great for providing natural highlights to your brows, concealing any minor errors you made while perfecting your eyebrow.

What To Love

People love this concealer because it’s great for a full-coverage look while remaining lightweight. Many users advised that by purchasing a concealer one or two shades lighter than your usual color, you’ll have the perfect brows without even trying.

Best Drugstore Eyebrow Concealer: Nyx Professional HD Concealer Wand

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP HD Photogenic Concealer Wand - Fair, Beige With Pink Undertones
Available on Amazon

Product Highlights

If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable product you can pick up at your local supermarket, this is the best choice. It’s perfect for everyday wear, comfortable, lightweight, and doesn’t irritate the skin. The concealer wand makes applying it to the brows relatively easy and allows you to blend the concealer to create your ideal look carefully.

Who It’s Best For

Realistically, this product is great for those who don’t struggle from naturally dry skin, as it can be somewhat drying.

However, it’s also excellent for daily wear. It’s easy to apply and provides a lightweight highlight that makes your brows pop. You can also use it to help hold eyeshadow and give it better pigmentation, making it a win-win.

What to Love

If you’re looking for a great deal on a product that makes your brows look on point, look no further. Nyx’s concealer is one of the best products on the market for that purpose. Plenty of people use it to cover up normal skin redness and irritation. However, the lighter shades provide a tremendous highlighting effect and help define your brows.

Best Highlighting Eyebrow Concealer: Maybelline New York Dream Lumi Highlighting Concealer

Maybelline New York Dream Lumi Highlighting Concealer, Light, 0.05 Fluid Ounce
Available on Amazon

Product Highlights

One of the unique features this product has to offer is the brush-on effect. The applicator, made of small bristle-like fibers, allows you to bush the concealer onto the intended area and blend it as you go. Additionally, the concealer itself has a gel-like consistency, making it sure to last all-day and keeping your makeup in place. Plus, it is highly hydrating, helping reduce smile lines and keep your skin healthy.

Who It’s Best For

Overall, this product has a variety of uses. It is the perfect daily wear item for most of your needs. It’s a bit heavier than some other products, though, due to the gel-like consistency. But, realistically speaking, it does a great job of highlighting the brows and giving you the look others would absolutely kill to achieve.

What to Love

Makeup fanatics looking for an affordable, easy-to-apply product that provides highlight and coverage will find themselves satisfied with this Maybelline product. It blends exceptionally well, holding makeup in place. Plus, it’s a reasonably powerful highlighter. The concealer does a great job of hiding common daily flaws and helps your eyebrows stand out in the best way possible.

Best Eyebrow Concealer Pencil: Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting Duo Pencil

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Highlighting Duo Pencil - Camille/Sand
Available on Amazon

Product Highlights

Anastasia, a well-known brand that makes high-quality beauty products, didn’t miss the mark on this one. Their duo highlighting pencil conceals and highlights the brow, along with other areas of the face. It’s great for covering up redness or dark spots on the skin.

It features a simple, matte finish that helps the brows pop and carefully defines your arches. Makeup enthusiasts who prefer to use concealer pencils all agree that this is one of the best choices on the market for concealers.

Who It’s Best For

If you’re looking for a carefully refined matte finish, you’ll be highly satisfied with this pencil concealer. It’s got a lot to offer. It’s easy to blend and designed with brows in mind, meaning it’s lightweight and great for wearing on a daily basis. As several reviewers mentioned, this brow concealer pencil is a staple in their daily beauty routine.

What to Love

Several users stated that they’d tried multiple concealers and brow refining pencils in the past without much luck. In fact, they described using them as feeling as though you were putting crayons on your face. That’s not the case with brow concealer pencil at all. It’s become a daily staple in many people’s makeup routines. The pencil is easy to use, blends well and provides a gorgeous highlight to the brows, all while helping refine your arches and give your brows intense definition.

Best Eyebrow Concealer for Dark Skin: MAC Studio Finish Concealer

MAC Studio Finish Concealer spf 35 NC30
Available on Amazon

Product Highlights

MAC, as a brand, develops products that are great for a variety of skin tones. They don’t miss the mark with this Studio Finish Concealer.

It’s a lightweight cream concealer that most users apply with a makeup brush for a beautiful, photo finish. It also includes vitamins and minerals – specifically vitamins A and E – to help nourish the skin and keep it looking healthy for years to come.

Who It’s Best For

It’s great for highlight brows and providing full-face coverage of blemishes, dark spots and other coverage issues. Moreover, it’s excellent at delivering a highlighting effect for those who have darker skin tones and are still looking for beautiful, well-defined brows.

What to Love

Most customers complain that concealer – primarily when used around the brows – feels heavy and clunky, making their eyes feel sticky throughout the course of the day. However, that’s not the case with this product.

It’s lightweight, easy to use, and blends well to provide full coverage and a beautiful highlight. Ultimately, it helps define the brows and gives you that on-point look we all crave.

How To Use Concealer To Highlight Your Brow

Now that you know what products to use to achieve that perfect brow look, you may find yourself looking for pro tips on using makeup successfully.

Thankfully, using concealer for your brows is simple.

Here are some of the best tips we found in the makeup community:

  • Remember that a little goes a long way. You don’t need to cake the concealer like you might when trying to actively cover a dark spot or blemish. Instead, using just a little bit can help provide a great effect.
  • Put the concealer directly below your brow line. It defines it and amplifies the existing arch.
  • Blend it into the bottom of the brow to make it look natural and avoid messy lines.
  • Use basic brow shaping guidelines to apply concealer directly to your arches for maximum effect.
  • If you make mistakes or “color outside the lines,” use concealer to correct it. This way, you won’t accidentally mess up any other eye makeup you’ve applied.

What Kind of Concealer Should I Use for My Eyebrows?

Before purchasing concealer for your brows, it’s essential to understand that there are different types available. For instance, some brands manufacture concealer specifically for eyebrows. However, these products can be expensive, making them appeal less to the general public. All the same, there are several aspects you should look for in brow concealer, such as:

  • Whether it is a heavy concealer or a lightweight concealer. Lightweight concealer often works best for the brows, as it keeps the eyes from appearing heavyset.
  • The color itself. A lighter-colored concealer helps provide a highlight to the brow while effectively covering any blemishes or mistakes made. Typically speaking, you should go for a color approximately two shades lighter than your natural skin tone for a highlight and defining effect.
  • Your skin type. The type of skin you have will effectively determine the type of concealer you buy. For instance, if you have naturally oily skin, you’ll want to avoid purchasing a concealer that contains high levels of oil. Research concealer types that match your skin type before purchasing to make sure you find a product suitable to your skin type.
  • How long the product lasts. Some concealers will last longer than others. Many makeup products feature long-lasting designs for all-day wear. If you intend to wear a full face of makeup regularly and throughout the day, you’ll want to ensure that your product is long-lasting. However, if you’re looking for short-term wear, you’ll likely have a wider selection of products to choose from.
  • The benefits of the product itself. Realistically, this is the last thing you should consider when you’re making your purchase. There are plenty of products that offer a variety of benefits. However, many concealers offer the additional benefit of hydration. Hydration – especially around the eyes and the eyebrows – can help reduce the effects of aging on the skin. If you’re concerned about wrinkles, dark spots and other skin conditions, you may want to consider a hydrating concealer instead of one that may potentially dry the skin further.

These are the primary aspects you should consider when determining what kind of concealer to purchase. Additionally, you’ll also want to consider your budget when setting out to find the perfect product for your needs. As with any makeup, concealers have different price points. Ultimately, the price depends upon the brand of concealer you buy, where you purchase it from and its overall quality and size.

You should also consider the ingredients when making your purchase. Typically speaking, most high-end concealers offer hydration in the form of natural oils that are good for the skin. Many concealers feature castor or coconut oil, for instance. These provide a layer of hydration and help keep the skin naturally healthy and moisturized.

Best Concealer for Eyebrows: Try It Yourself!

Ultimately, concealer is great for helping highlight your brows. There are dozens of different products to choose from, with varying price ranges. It makes it easy for you to find a product that makes your brows pop, without breaking the bank to make it happen.

Before you decide to make a purchase, you’ll want to keep in mind what you’re looking for before you buy yourself a concealer. You’ll also want to make sure you purchase the right shade to achieve the perfect highlighting effect. If you’re not sure of your shade, plenty of makeup stores offer color matches for free.

And, obviously, these are the best concealers for eyebrows, in our opinion. If you’ve got a better product, awesome tips or other suggestions for achieving the perfect brow, we would love to hear about it. Hopefully, these tips and product recommendations help you look good and feel good about yourself!

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What’s your pick for best concealer for eyebrows? Do you have tips for the perfect brow?

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  2. ooo the Anastasia eyebrow pencil is my favorite! I use it all the time! Thanks for the great tips!

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