Tips for Applying Eye Makeup Like a Pro

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Trends in eyeshadows change as often as other fashion aspects do. As difficult as it might seem to keep up with all the changes, we should also be aware that celebrities have makeup artists and professionals that handle the faces they present to the world. 

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But how do these professionals start? They start by experimenting, copying, trying things out for themselves.

So, why don’t we have a go at it?

Let’s dive into the world of professional eyeshadow application, teaching you step by step how to achieve the top five trends that are all the rage right now in the eyeshadow world.

In this post we’re learning how to apply eye makeup like a professional.

Smoky Eye

If you want to go for a bold, expressive look, a smoky eye is the first one to go for.

For an everyday look or a more dramatic one, we recommend trying this highly affordable Matte and Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette (with already includes brushes!). 

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For a more doable casual smoky look

For the daytime (or maybe for a coffee date?), follow these steps:

  1. Cover your upper lid in a neutral (depend this shade on your skin tone) base shadow.
  2. Apply very light-colored shadow on your brow bone to highlight it. You can also use a toned-down highlighter for this!
  3. Choose a brown or another slightly darker shade for the outer lid, brush it and gently sweep over the eyelid crease.
  4. Use a designated brush to blend the edges of the outer lid and then slowly brush the brown shade onto the lower lid, focusing on the outer side (fading the color towards the inside part of the eyelid). 
  5. Use thin eyeliner following the line of your lashes, use a lash curler and mascara to complete.
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For a more dramatic look

Best for a special event or any occasion where you wanna make a statement) follow the next steps.

We also need some additional makeup products, such as eyeshadow primer, a dark eyeliner pencil, and glitter eye pigment (our choice is gold glitter). 

  1. Apply primer to ensure that the makeup sticks better to your lid, does not fade, and lasts longer. (Learn more about eye shadow primers!)
  2. A dark creamy pencil should be applied all around the lid and the crease. Buff it out to diffuse the lines.
  3. Apply black eyeshadow on your lid. Careful with this step, as black eyeshadow can be a bit hard to control and clean.
  4. Apply dark bronze color on the crease and use a brush to blend in the two colors, slightly over the eyelid crease. 
  5. Choose a light beige to apply on your brow bone, and blend down (towards the crease) to smooth the look and get rid of any lines. 
  6. Optional: Use gold glittery on the lower lash line for a more dramatic look. You can also put the glitter on the inner corner of your eye for more dimension.
  7. Use eyeliner (black or dark brown) to make the shape of your eyes more pronounced.
  8. Finish off the look with mascara or false eyelashes. 

Cut Crease

If you want your eyes to be the star of the night, the cut crease method is a great option for a stunning evening look.

You can use any colors you like — just make sure to match the eyeshadow on your brow bone with the glitter on your eyelid. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get a stunning cut crease with gold glitter:

  1. Apply eye or under eye primer all over your eye area.
  2. Use foundation/concealer to cut the crease. 
  3. Use different (but complementing!) eyeshadows for your lids. For instance, you can use darker brown and lighter brown. Make sure the difference is noticeable. 
  4. When applying the eyeshadow to the upper eyelid, blend the eyeshadow upwards and outwards toward your brow. 
  5. Optionally, apply gold glitter on your lower lid. 
  6. Finish off with eyeliner if desired and apply mascara. 

For some complementing color ideas, we recommend this Elegant 36 eyeshadow makeup kit.

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Halo Eye

This eyeshadow trend is more and more popular nowadays. This helps you create the illusion of round eyes, and is achieved by combining light and dark colors on the upper/lower lid.

This will help you focus the attention on the center of your eye, making it seem larger and rounder. 

Here’s how you do this look:

  1. Use the primer all around the eye zone. 
  2. Choose a light, transition eyeshadow and apply it on the eyelid crease. 
  3. Choose a medium shade of your eye makeup – if you decide to go with brown makeup, choose not too light, not too dark; whatever color scheme you want, go for a medium shade and apply it on the inner and outer thirds of your lids. Do not touch the center of the lid or the crease!
  4. Choose a slightly darker shade of your previously chosen color and work it on the same area – the outer and inner thirds of your lids, staying clear of the center of the lid and the crease. You can either choose black or a darker tone of the same color – make sure you blend it in until there is no harsh line. For easier blending, after applying the darker color, come back on it with the lighter tone brush an blend them flawlessly.
  5. Use a light shade from the same color in the center of the lid. You can choose white, metallics or shimmers. After you apply it, blend seamlessly in with the inner and outer areas. 
  6. Repeat the steps on the lower lash line.
  7. If you want a more smoky, dramatic look, you can apply a black eyeliner – for a more casual look making your eyes look wider, go for a nude color. 
  8. Use the same light shade from the center of your lid to highlight the inner corner of your eye – this will further brighten your eyes. 
  9. Avoid winged eyeliner – this goes against the round shape of the eye you try to achieve with this look. 

For the shimmery effect, we recommend the ultra-pigmented Beauty Glazed Palette.

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Glossy Makeup

Glossy lids – you probably have already seen this on a few celebrities. It is a huge trend right now, where your lids have that “wet look” to play with light and emphasize the glowy-ness of your complexion.

This is how you can achieve a professional glossy look:

  1. Use primer on the entire eye zone.
  2. Apply eyeshadow as desired – whatever colors you prefer. For extra-glossy eye makeup, consider using a gel or cream eyeshadow instead of powder. Make sure the eyeshadow you choose is not very dark – once it is glossy, it will seem even darker. 
  3. Go for an lip gloss (make sure it’s eye safe!) and apply it on top of the eyeshadow using an eyeshadow brush with high density. Put only a little dab of gloss!

For an eye-safe liquid gloss, we recommend 3INA Vegan Gloss.

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Neon Eye

A true beauty fanatic cannot do it all without rocking a neon eyeshadow. This is definitely a very popular trend and something you ought to try if you’re gonna learn how to apply eye makeup like a professional.

But how to make it stand out? Neon eyeshadows are also one of the biggest trends among beauty artists. 

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This is how to achieve it:

  1. Use eyeshadow primer. 
  2. Use a super-thin and small, pointed eyeliner brush to apply a super bright eyeshadow on your crease – across the crease and down, following the outer corner of the eye. 
  3. Blend the neon color 
  4. Use black eyeshadow under the neon glow to the crease line. Blend the black eyeshadow on the top of the light shadow. 
  5. Use a liquid eyeliner to draw a straight, extremely thin white line through the glowing one. 
  6. Finish the look off with mascara.  

Try this neon palette for a gorgeously vibrant look!

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How to Apply Eye Makeup like a Professional

These are the best trends of eyeshadow makeup this year.

As extra tips, make sure to reach for your good quality under eye primer in your designer train case, which will make your eye makeup last longer and avoid fading or creasing eyeshadow.

For the best makeup, make sure that bold, strong eye makeup needs to be sustained by equally strongly defined eyebrows. Fill them in with a natural, yet bold color to complete your perfect eye makeup.

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What are some of your tips for how to apply eye makeup like a professional?

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