Best Eyeliner for Oily Lids: Eyeliners that Stays on Oily Skin

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Oily lids can be a serious hurdle if you’re trying to make your makeup fierce. Part of many great looks is a good eyeliner. But when you’re dealing with oily lids, you will inevitably struggle with smudging, sliding, and slipping. However, even with these challenges, you shouldn’t be afraid to sport a serious cat eye or any other fabulous eye look. You just have to know what to look for to find the best eyeliner for oily lids.

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There are so many great options out there. With this post, we’ll help you find the right one for your eyeliner needs!

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Best Eyeliner for Oily Lids


When it comes to eyeliner for oily skin, you will want to look for smudge-proof or waterproof formulas.

Here’s the list we’ve put together a list of some of the best eyeliner for oily eyelids.

What is the best eyeliner for oily eyelids?

  1. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel EyelinerBest Eyeliner for Oily Lids Editor’s Pick
  2. Covergirl Perfect Blend Eyeliner PencilBest Pencil Eyeliner for Oily Lids
  3. Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye PencilBest Pencil Eyeliner for Oily Lids
  4. Eyeko Black Magic Liquid EyelinerBest Liquid Eyeliner for Oily Lids
  5. stila Stay All Day Liquid Eye LinerBest Liquid Eyeliner for Oily Lids
  6. L’Oréal Voluminous Superstar LinerDrugstore Eyeliner for Oily Eyelids
  7. NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner – Drugstore Eyeliner for Oily Eyelids
  8. Benefit Cosmetics BADgal LinerBest Waterproof Eyeliner for Oily Skin
  9. Pretty Vulgar The Ink Gel EyelinerBest Gel Eyeliner for Oily Lids
  10. Maybelline Eyestudio Gel LinerBest Gel Eyeliner for Oily Lids
  11. HEROINE MAKE Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Super Keep Best Eyeliner for Oily Monolids
  12. Tom Ford Beauty Emotionproof EyelinerBest Luxury Eyeliner for Oily Skin
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Best Eyeliner for Oily Lids – Editor’s Pick

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner - 1 Black Ink by Bobbi Brown for Women - 0.1 oz
Available on Amazon

There are just a few names in cosmetics that actually mean something. Bobbi Brown is one of those.

The beauty line is known for high-grade products, so this gel eyeliner for oily skin lives up to its reputation. It is intensely pigmented and offers long wear. The formula is water- and humidity-resistant, which is perfect for anyone with oily lids.

The Bobbi Brown Eyeliner won’t flake or fade, and that is why this is our top pick for an eyeliner that will help to line those oily lids.

Best Pencil Eyeliner for Oily Lids

Covergirl Perfect Blend Eyeliner Pencil

COVERGIRL Perfect Blend Eyeliner Pencil, Basic Black, Eyeliner Pencil with Blending Tip For Precise or Smudged Look, 1 Count
Available on Amazon

Though many suggest staying away from pencils when dealing with oily lids, with the Covergirl Eyeliner Pencil, you end up getting the best of both worlds. It gives you all the blending power you need in a smooth glide pencil.

This oily eyelids eyeliner is easy to apply and is also waterproof, so you are set no matter the weather. For a defined look, draw a precise line; for a smoky look, softly smudge with the plush blender tip.

Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye Pencil

For an even better performing pencil eyeliner for oily lids, try the Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye Pencil. This pencil eyeliner for oily eyes glides on smoothly, doesn’t smudge, and is also waterproof! So this is our recommended for best smudge proof eyeliner oily eyelids pick.

Best Liquid Eyeliner for Oily Lids

Eyeko Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner

Eyeko Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner, Carbon Black
Available on Amazon

This best liquid eyeliner for oily eyelids is simply a great eyeliner. The brush tip is just flexible enough without giving you too much flexibility, which will decrease your control. This will help you when you are trying to get that eye just right and all that is left is the flick.

The Eyeko Eyeliner is also a deeply pigmented eyeliner, which means you will not have to go over it again and again to get the depth you want. This eyeliner for oily eyes is smudge-proof and lasts a long time. This makes it one of the best eyeliners to use on oily lids.

stila Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner

Another liquid eyeliner for oily lids favorite of ours is the stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. With a liquid eyeliner for oily skin that doesn’t smudge or run, what more can you ask? So go ahead and choose to try this smudge proof eyeliner for oily skin.

Drugstore Eyeliner for Oily Eyelids

L’Oréal Voluminous Superstar Liner

L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Superstar Liquid Eyeliner Pen, Black [202] 0.056 oz
View Product on Amazon

Everybody loves a great deal, and drugstore products perform amazingly without breaking the bank

L’Oréal Voluminous Superstar Liner is one of the best for many reasons, but the biggest is its felt tip’s flexibility. It allows you optimal control over line thickness and helps you draw the perfect line. It’s formulated to not flake or smudge, which is perfect for anyone with oily lids.

NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner

And since drugstore eyeliners are so affordable, why not check NYX’s Vinyl Liquid Liner as well? This eyeliner can easily be used for thick or thin lines over your oily eyelids. This wonderful eyeliner for oily eyes won’t budge or burden your pocket!

Best Waterproof Eyeliner for Oily Skin

Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Liner

Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Liner Waterproof Black
View Product on Amazon

This creamy eyeliner may have you initially shying away from it, but don’t.

The formula is waterproof and, once applied, leaves a nice matte finish that is smudge-proof. It is crafted to last all day and also features a smudger tip so that you have even more versatility in your liner game.

The Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Liner rocks!

Best Gel Eyeliner for Oily Lids

Pretty Vulgar The Ink Gel Eyeliner

Pretty Vulgar The Ink Gel Eyeliner, Black List, Black
View Product on Amazon

Not only does this eyeliner look stunning, but it is also made with Vitamin C to help with your skin health. It dries fast and is water-resistant.

This means you won’t have to worry about slipping or sliding with those oily lids.

The Pretty Vulgar also glides on evenly and offers a stunning finished look.

Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner

Another great gel eyeliner for oily eyelids is from classic brand Maybelline. The Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner performs super well (as expected of Maybelline makeup) without breaking the bank!

Best Eyeliner for Oily Monolids

HEROINE MAKE Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Super Keep

Heroine Make is a popular and affordable brand for many. This Japanese brand knows what their customers need. and it shows in the formulation of this best eyeliner for oily hooded lids. The Heroine Make Liquid Eyeliner, “stands up to tears, sweat, water, and oily skin”; talk about a reliable eyeliner for monolids and hooded eyes!

Best Luxury Eyeliner for Oily Skin

Tom Ford Beauty Emotionproof Eyeliner

We aren’t going to wrap our list up without a luxury eyeliner for oily lids. After all, it’s great to treat yourself and splurge once in a while!

The Emotionproof eyeliner comes from one of the biggest luxury brands in the world, and it is absolutely a great choice for ladies that are trying to find an eyeliner for their oily lids.

The Tom Ford Eyeliner lasts a long time and is both smudge-proof and waterproof. It comes with a rich dark pigment and applies smoothly.

HEROINE MAKE Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Super Keep 01 Jet Black

About Oily Eye Lids and Oily Skin

What Causes Oily Lids?

In order to help control oil and allow yourself a little flexibility with eye product, you need to know why it’s happening to you.

There are many reasons why you may have oily lids.

  • One of the reasons is the shape of your eyes and the placement of your overactive glands that are producing the excess oil.
  • Oily lids can also be caused by hormonal changes.
  • If your skin is naturally oily, you may be dealing with seborrhea, and that will cause you to secrete excess oil from your forehead, which will lead to oily eyelids.
  • You can eat too many fatty or oily foods, and that can cause oily lids as well.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons that you may be dealing with frustrations from this skin type. But fret not, because there are always ways to manage oily eyelids!

How do I Keep My Eyelids From Getting Oily?

There is really nothing you can do to stop oily lids dead in their tracks. After all, your skin type is your skin type and you can’t change that.

However, what you can do is learn to work with it.

There are always ways to lessen the amount of oil you are dealing with.

Here are a few of those ways:

  • Try to use oil-free makeup
  • Help your skin by using sebum control cream for cleaning and moisturizing your face, especially over areas that are heavy oil areas
  • Washing your face regularly with cleansers that have formulas based on alpha hydroxy or salicylic acid can help as well (RELATED: Best Salicylic Acid Toners)
  • Try changing up your diet — eat more vegetables and fruits
  • Sometimes, relieving stress can help your skin greatly. Try meditation or yoga and see if that helps slow down the oil factory
  • Changing up your skincare. Are there oily skincare products you’re using? Try a toner to remove excess oil from your skin.

How do you get eyeliner to stay on oily eyelids?

  • Use a primer that works great on oily skin. A primer that won’t budge will help your eyeliner not move, too!
  • Set your eyelid with a setting powder or translucent loose finishing powder. Mattifying your oily lids helps prevent transfer. If using translucent powder, you can also set your eyeliner itself.
  • Blot your oily eyelids with blotting paper. Less oil on your lids means less chances of your eyeliner sliding about.
  • Check your eyeliner now and then to make sure everything’s still in place. Reapply when needed!

Don’t forget the importance of removing eye makeup properly!

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Best Eyeliner for Oily Lids: With eyeliner that stays on oily skin, rock that cat-eye!

We hope that you found something in our recommendations for oil proof eyeliner. You don’t have to fret when you’re looking for the best eyeliner for greasy eyelids since we made it much easier for you!

With these top eyeliner for oily lids picks, you’re on your way to rocking whatever fierce eye look you want!

Read more about oily skin on our blog:

What are your picks for the best eyeliner for oily skin?

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