Are Dove Products Tested on Animals: Is Dove Cruelty Free in 2022

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Are Dove products tested on animals? That’s a tricky question to answer. While some reading this post may give a resounding yes, others may not be so sure. In this post, we’ll explore whether or not Dove and its parent-company, Unilever, can actually be considered cruelty-free in 2022, as well as provide a few alternative hygiene products to use, instead.

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Are Dove products tested on animals?

Yes, Dove products CAN be tested on animals in some locations.

The question, “Does Dove test on animals?” is really a conundrum. After all, Dove was certified by PETA in 2018 as being cruelty-free  and is considered as such in both the United States and the U.K.

So, what makes the question of “Does Dove soap test on animals?” so difficult to answer?

The difficulty comes when you look at restrictions and mandatory obligations set on Dove and other products in other countries. Dove China, for example, may be subject to animal-testing, even if it isn’t as routine as it used to be.

In China, the law states that any products manufactured outside of their country is subject to pre-market testing. To curb this, Dove has restricted sales to China but has instead begun manufacturing Dove within the borders of China to circumvent this foreign testing regulation. This way, products manufactured within the country aren’t subject to pre-market testing.

But wait, there’s more.

Despite manufacturing Dove soap products in China, Dove cruelty free is still in question. Dove test on animals may still be possible because of China’s continued ability to pull items off of shelves at random for post-market testing. In this way, China can still technically perform Dove soap animal testing even if Dove itself claims to be cruelty-free.

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Historically, has Dove tested on animals?

According to the Dove cruelty-free commitment statement on their website, Dove has been committed to forgoing testing their products on animals since the mid-80’s.

As far as ingredients are concerned, Dove test on animals up until 2010 when they forsook that, too.

Nevertheless, because of controversial sales in China, the question of, “Is Dove cruelty free?” remains a grey area for many people.

Does Dove still test on animals?

So, does Dove test their products on animals?

Today, Dove does not test on animals, themselves. If you are purchasing Dove in the United States or Europe, these products are, indeed, cruelty-free.

Dove has issued a statement saying that they will not internally approve any projects where testing may be done on animals, although they are still selling in China despite China’s laws about post-market testing.

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Is it safe to use Dove products if you’re practicing cruelty-free living?

For many that have taken on a cruelty-free lifestyle, the fact that they can’t get a straight answer about “Is Dove soap cruelty free?” will be enough to deter them. Dove animal testing will remain a controversial and even confusing matter for many, so if this is you, you may wish to find substitutions for Dove to ease your conscience.

Check out our recommendations below for good replacements for common Dove products if Dove’s willingness to continue manufacturing their products in China bothers you.

Is Dove cruelty-free and vegan?

All in all, Dove can be considered cruelty-free in America, Europe and other locations, but the fact that Dove is still being sold in China remains questionable. Some may even wonder if Dove aluminum free deodorant cruelty free. To this, the answer remains the same… If the deodorant is produced in China, which it likely is, then it will be subject to post-market animal testing, jsut as their other producs sold and manufactured in China.

As for questions like “Does Dove soap use animal fat?” and “Is Dove soap vegan?” the answer is that Dove soap cannot be considered vegan. Some of their products do, indeed, contain substances such as gelatin, beeswax and animal fat, making them less than savory options for someone practicing a strict vegan lifestyle.

Is Dove Vegan

Is Dove body wash vegan?

No it is not. Dove body wash often contains ingredients like animal fat (tallow), beeswax and gelatin.

Is Dove deodorant vegan?

Dove does not certify any of their products as vegan. So, no, Dove deodorant is not vegan either.

Is Dove soap vegan?

Dove soap isn’t vegan as it often contains animal byproducts like honey, tallow, beeswax and gelatin.

Is Dove natural?

Believe it or not, “natural” is an unregulated term that is extremely subjective. Nevertheless, Dove does claim to use naturally-derived ingredients, when they are able, that are gentle enough to nourish the body’s natural biome.

Dove Vegan Products List

There are currently no products that are certified as vegan offered by Dove.

What is Dove?

Dove is a beauty and hygiene company founded by the Levers brothers. When did Dove soap come out?  Dove soap made its first debut in 1957. This brand took off and remains a top pick in households all over the world. Gentle in nature and good for the skin, Dove is a top competitor and a world-recognized brand in beauty.

In the early 90’s, Dove began to branch out and release other products such as hair care. Their products serve to quench and retain moisture in the hair and skin providing smooth, supple and soft results.

Dove Soap Parent Company

Is Dove Unilever? Yes!

Is Unilever cruelty free? No.

Though Unilever has been acknowledged by PETA as working towards the reduction of testing done on animals, the fact is that Unilever tested on animals long before now and continues to do so with certain products manufactured under its label.

There are, however, some brands made by Unilever that are cruelty-free like Dove. Bear in mind, though, that some of these brands may still be sold in China, making them less desirable to those committed to cruelty-free living.

Other Unilever products that are certified cruelty-free include:

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Vegan and Cruelty Free Options Instead of Dove

Cruelty Free Body Soap

Those using Dove may be looking for vegetarian soap brands and cruelty free soap brands, as well as a soap that does well to make their skin soft and moisturized.

There are several types of cruelty free soap available, including soaps from Kiss My Face, Shea Moisture, Dr. Bronner’s and more.

Just be sure to check each soap scent-by-scent…not all soaps by these brands may be deemed vegan.

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Cruelty Free Bar Soap – Kiss My Face Bar Soaps

Chances are, you’ve probably seen the “Kiss My Face” bar soaps lining store shelves. These popular yet inexpensive bars of soap are gluten-free, vegan, paraben free and cruelty free. They do well for locking moisture in the skin while nourishing skin with healthy and natural ingredients.

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Cruelty Free Body Wash – The Right to Shower Dignity Body Wash

Looking for a body wash not tested on animals, that is a cruelty free body wash, a vegan body wash, smells great and was created to support a great cause? We thought so.

Out of all of the vegan body wash brands, this one really stands out. Check out The Right to Shower Dignity Body Wash which aims to support people living on the streets by donating profits to bringing mobile showers to the homeless. Additionally, this body wash is said to have a great fragrance and is great at sealing moisture, all of which are major bonuses in the category of cruelty free body washes in our book.

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Animal Testing Free Shampoo – Sulfate-Free Rehab Shampoo

Use this animal-friendly and cruelty free shampoo to replace your old Dove stash. Packed with vegan proteins like quinoa and hemp and a slew of other wholesome and natural ingredients, this shampoo will satisfy even the choosiest of beauty enthusiasts, while leaving the hair silky, smooth and frizz-free.

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This great smelling lotion is a great vegan and cruelty free option to use a a dupe for Dove. Buyers can’t get enough of how good this one smells due to its infusion of shea butter and sandalwood fragrances.

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Dove is Making Strides But Doesn’t Quite Hit the Mark…

Although Dove and it’s parent company Unilever seem to be making strides in the right direction, the truth is that those wishing to live a truly cruelty free lifestyle may wish to steer clear of this brand.

Instead, consider opting for the aforementioned cruelty free and vegan dupes as a replacement until Dove and Unilever are permanently declared cruelty-free… everywhere.

Want to know even more about popular brands and their – free status? Check out our blog post entitled Is Too Faced Gluten Free for more information about this popular makeup brand.

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  1. Oh wow thanks so much for this post! I was so sure that dove is cruelty-free. I use them a lot and really like that (in Germany) they have been one of the first ones lots of years ago to changed their marketing campaigns into being more natural and supporting all body shapes. I thought they would be cruelty-free too, but if they sell in China they can´t be.
    have an awesome weekend,

  2. Happy to have helped you shed some light on a company’s practices and see if they’re aligned with your principles!

  3. It can be confusing figuring out if a company is cruelty-free because they will claim on their website that they do not test on animals especially since animal testing has been banned in Europe & other places, but then the company will sell their products in mainland China, which requires animal testing by law.
    Thank you for sharing this informative post & for me personally, I will not buy from any brands that sell in China because there is the possibility that it will be tested on animals like as you mentioned, Dove manufacturers their products in China, but post-market testing can still be done.

  4. The title of this had me concerned for a minute! I knew Dove were now CF here in the UK, them not testing on animals themselves would be enough for me to purchase but the rules in China seem so dumb. Hopefully, that changes sometime soon x

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