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Beauty Tips

  • when does moisturizer expire

    How Long is Face Moisturizer Good For?

    Almost all skin care products sold today contain some form of preservative to help them have a shelf life of longer periods. Even products with natural ingredients still contain some form of preservative, and some of these preservatives may be naturally sourced too.

    So, how long are face moisturizers good for?

  • exfoliating dry skin at home

    How to Exfoliate Dry Skin on Your Face at Home

    As you might know, skin is our largest organ. Taking good care of it is essential to our well-being. One of the most popular methods of improving the appearance and condition of skin on our face is through exfoliation. This is a process that involves either a natural method or a chemical agent that works on your skin and removes dead cells.

    So then; do you know how to exfoliate dry skin on your face at home? Do you need professional care to exfoliate?

  • choose best moisturizer

    How to Choose the Best Moisturizer for Your Face

    To keep your skin hydrated, nourished, and protected, you should regularly incorporate moisturizers into your daily beauty routine. Generally speaking, moisturizers are highly beneficial for all skin types, but there are also different moisturizers that cater to specific skin types.

    So, what is the best moisturizer for your face and skin type?

  • do people scars fade with time

    Do Pimple Scars Go Away Naturally?

    Most people don’t know the difference between acne and pimples, which sometimes leads to confusion. Basically, acne is a skin disease, and pimples are the symptoms of acne. 

  • How to Use Tinted Moisturizers the Right Way by Ellis James Designs

    How to Use Tinted Moisturizers the Right Way

    There are days when we absolutely love a full-coverage foundation, but there are also times when we want to embrace the no-makeup makeup look. If not that, then at least something that is a little lighter and also a bit more casual. For such days, knowing how to use tinted moisturizers the right way will make absolute sense. So, what’s the best way to apply tinted moisturizers?

  • How Often Should You Moisturize Your Face by Ellis James Designs

    How Often Should You Moisturize Your Face?

    How often should you moisturize your face? You might be asking yourself this when doing your skincare. Read this to find out how to do this important step right.

  • bb cream or tinted moisturizer?

    Tinted Moisturizer vs BB Cream: Which Is a Good Fit for You?

    Several products spring up every day that help you make your skin not only look better but also feel better. Tinted moisturizers and BB creams are two such favorite products.

  • are they the same thing?

    Is Lotion a Moisturizer or Not?

    Is lotion a moisturizer or are they one and the same?

    A large number of people think that lotions and moisturizers are the same things. While in certain ways they are quite alike, these two are not exactly the same. They have subtle differences that set them apart.

  • Dewy Skin is In - Best Dewy Foundation in the UK by ellis James Designs

    Best Dewy Foundation in the UK

    There are many types of foundation to choose from, but when you’re looking for a nice, dewy foundation that helps make your skin glow, you need to weigh your options. Availability can also be extremely tricky. Imagine finding your perfect shade and finish, only to find out they’re not even available in your local shops.

    In this article, we’re going to look at some of the best dewy foundations in the UK.

  • Vibrant Eyeshadow - What Does Eyeshadow Primer Do by Ellis James Designs

    What Does Eyeshadow Primer Do?

    Many makeup products pepper the market today, but are they vital or are they optional? What does eyeshadow primer do and are they really important?

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