Is Pantene Bad For Hair – The Good and the Bad of Using Pantene

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The world of hair care products is a vast and confusing place, with many myths and rumors about what is good and what is bad, which only makes it all that more difficult to understand how best we can care for our hair.

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We all desire that healthy, shiny, full head of flowing hair. But getting to that point can be a tricky one. Putting aside all of the extra products we have to use to detangle our knots, protect our hair from heat, and create the perfect waves and then hold them in place, we all still need the basics – shampoo and conditioner.

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When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, my household alone has at least four different brands sitting on the shower shelf. Knowing which one is best is a question I still could not answer.

However, one brand that has been around for longer than I, or my grandparents, have been on this planet, is Pantene.

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Reliable brands that have successfully continued to grow for as long as Pantene are ones that many people remain loyal to. But are also the ones that face the most scrutiny. Recently, Pantene has been the talking point for not only many hairdressers, but also many buyers.

Is Pantene bad for your hair? A question that has been filling our beauty blogs, and even more so, filling our social media pages.

Well, answering this question takes a lot of research. I have done this for you and will summarize it all in this short article.

Maybe Pantene is a brand that you once loved, but now doubt. Or perhaps it’s a brand you wish to try but are hesitant because of the rumors. Look no further. Today I am going to tell you all of the pros and cons of using Pantene shampoo and conditioner. Is this the shampoo brand for you?

What is Pantene?

Before we get started, it would be useful to know a little bit about the brand and the products that are under so much debate.

Pantene, also known as Pantene Pro V, is the name of a brand that owns a line of hair care products. They were first produced in 1945 by Hoffman-La Roche, and were later bought over by P&G (Procter & Gamble) in 1985.

After this handover of business, Pantene products have skyrocketed. They’ve become one of the world’s leading brands when it comes to shampoos. They now not only have a broad range of shampoos and conditioners aimed at many different hair types, but they produce haircare products as well.

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Why Should I Use a Good Shampoo?

Deciding whether or not Pantene falls into the category of a ‘good shampoo’ is a topic I will get onto, don’t worry. But first it is important to highlight some of the main reasons it is crucial to use a good shampoo on your har in order to keep it in good condition.

Cleans Your Hair

Using water and soap on your hair will not remove the dirt and oils necessary to ensure your hair has been properly washed. The purpose of shampoo is to get rid of all of the dirt, sweat, dust, and excess oil that builds up in day to day life.

Shampoo contains special ingredients that help to break down and dissolve the dirt, helping to leave your hair clean and fresh once the shampoo has all been rinsed out.

Scalp Treatment

Many people have various scalp conditions, and even if you do not, maintaining a healthy scalp is key to maintaining healthy hair. Afterall, the scalp is the home of which your hair begins its journey.

Most shampoos are full of ingredients that help to not only nourish your scalp, but keep it moisturized and healthy. This is then reflected onto the hair as it begins to grow.

Hair Loss

Not only can improving your scalp and hair condition help to improve the health of your hair, but it can also be a great way to prevent hair loss.

Using the right shampoo can help to strengthen your hair follicles and can stop your hair from not only breaking at the ends, but from thinning from the top and potentially falling out.

Oily Hair

Finally, using the right shampoo for you can be crucial to tackling those with oily hair. As mentioned, shampoo helps to break down the oil and dirt in your hair, so if you suffer from particularly oily hair, then choosing the correct shampoo can be the best, and potentially only way to tackle this.

Is Pantene Bad for Your Hair?

So, why is Pantene the worst shampoo? Or at least, why is Pantene said to be bad for your hair?

These rumors came about when people started to look more at the ingredients of their shampoos and conditioners.

The Pantene shampoo ingredients contain water, sodium lauryl sulfate, Glycol Distearate, Dimethicone, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Citrate, and many higher sounding ingredients.

The main ingredient listed that causes the most concern for buyers is Dimethicone. This is a silicone-based polymer, meaning that although it makes the hair smooth and shine, it can cause a wax build-up if used on the wrong hair.

Having a wax build-up can cause your hair to be left dry, sticky, and brittle. This is where the key issue lies when people discuss the disadvantages of Pantene shampoo.

Does Pantene Ruin Your Hair?

In short, no. Pantene will not ruin your hair! Pantene is in fact considered one of the best shampoo formulas available.

However, this is entirely dependent on your hair type. Any shampoo or conditioner out there has the ability to damage your hair if it is not the right formula for your specific hair.

Your hair color, texture, type, length, and condition can all determine whether it is a good or a bad shampoo for you.

Many people have extremely positive results when it comes to using Pantene, whereas many do not. It is the people who do not that are typically creating the caution around whether or not Pantene shampoo is good.

On top of this, many salon stylists stand against your high street brands, such as Pantene. While we put a lot of trust into our stylists, it is also often the case that they are pushing certain products related to their salon and so we should not always listen to everything they have to say.

However, what they can help you with is determining your hair type and the kinds of ingredients and products you should be using to get best results. If not, there are a number of ways of finding this out.

You can attempt various products. Many shampoos come available in mini bottles, including Pantene, which can allow you to try them out without having to invest in large bottles.

Alternatively, you can simply spend some time researching online and you should be able to find something suited to your specific hair type.

Is Pantene Shampoo Good for Your Hair?

Whilst it is easy to say that Pantene definitely is not bad for your hair, depending on you as an individual, the same goes for whether or not Pantene is good for your hair.

Pantene Pro V ingredients vary depending on the type of Pantene you are buying. For example, Pantene essential oils shampoo ingredients are not the same as Pantene conditioner ingredients.

This is because all Pantene products have their own purpose and aim. Essential oils are typically good for those who suffer from dry hair and a dry scalp, as the oils help to soothe and moisturize. In comparison, Pantene conditioner ingredients will have moisturizing factors that help to bond and cure dry or damaged hair at the ends as opposed to the root.

As said before, Pantene shampoo and conditioner has been clinically proven to be one of the best formulas out there. However, this will vary depending on you.

Your hair type changes all the time. This also means your shampoos and conditioners may need to. If you have had your hair bleached, or if it has had lots of UV exposure, your hair may be more dry and damaged. You will need more moisture in whatever you are using to wash it.

Alternatively, if your hair tends to build up a lot of natural oils, or if you typically have quite greasy hair, you should steer clear of any products that also contain oils.

Pantene itself does not contain any ingredients that will leave product, wax, oil, or chemicals on your hair. But it can react differently with different hair, meaning you may develop more oils or dryness if using it.

Pantene Shampoo Ingredients

Whilst the ingredients of Pantene have already been discussed, the key thing to realize behind the formula design for all shampoo and conditioner is to not only make it versatile, but many shampoos and conditioners include alcohol content.

Not only do shampoos and conditioners contain alcohol, but many of your beauty products do. The idea of putting alcohol into our hair or on our skin can seem daunting and off-putting for many people.

Because of this, brands often try to disguise the alcohol. They also balance it out with other chemicals, such as those listed in the ingredients of Pantene shampoo and conditioner. Whilst this does not seem appealing, it is simply part of the process.

These other chemicals help to add more moisture and nutrients to the product, where alcohol alone may cause damage. They are there for beneficial purposes only. But when seen on their own in a list of ingredients people can be hesitant of them.

Does Pantene Cause Hair Loss?

Finally, not only is Pantene said to be damaging to hair, but there are many stories saying that Pantene causes hair loss.

Hair loss can come from many things. It typically will not be from any specific brand of shampoo or conditioner. Many shampoos and conditioners actually have extremely similar ingredients. This means that if they are on the shelf, it is not likely they cause hair loss.

However, hair loss can come from using the wrong formulas on your hair – much like everything else mentioned in this article.

Hair primarily comes from problems with the scalp. Making sure you keep a healthy scalp is the best way to prevent hair loss. This can be done a number of ways:

  • Hydrating the scalp using specific conditioners and oils
  • Hydrating yourself by drinking lots of water
  • Avoiding stress can help prevent hair loss
  • Avoiding using heat on your scalp can help prevent hair loss

Of course, many other factors can contribute to hair loss. If this is something you are experiencing after using Pantene, it would be a good idea to try out different shampoos. If you continue to experience hair loss, there may be a deeper cause to this that is not related to the brand at all.

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Final Thoughts

So, to keep things simple, Pantene is a good shampoo, for the majority of people. Pantene does not include any wax and it has technologically produced proprietary ingredients.

It stands as one of the most reliable and well-formulated products on the market. For many people it is a brand they will remain loyal to for many years.

However, all hair care products can potentially cause harm to the wrong hair type. To avoid this, it is important to establish the type of hair you have and the kinds of hair products that best suit your needs.

Is Pantene good for curly hair, or is Pantene bad for curly hair are both irrelevant questions. Is pantene good for thick hair, or straight hair, or bad for thin hair or wavy hair? – All irrelevant! The brand itself is good for many hair types, but it is an entirely individual answer.

So, if Pantene has been working for you, don’t let the rumors stop you using it. If Pantene is a brand you want to try – go grab yourself a mini bottle and give it a go!

If your stylist recommends against it, take this with a pinch of salt. Make sure they are not just trying to promote their own salon’s products. On the other hand, if they can suggest products that may help with your hair type and can explain why this would not be Pantene, it is worth listening to what they have to say.

Whatever you do, know your hair type, check the ingredients, and find what is best for YOU, not your friends on Facebook!

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