Is Salt Water Good for Your Hair?

Is Salt Water Good for Your Hair?
January 22, 2022 Ellis James
Relaxing by the ocean is good for the soul. But, is the salt water good or bad for your hair? Next time you plan a trip to the beach, should you try to avoid getting your hair wet in the ocean? Or, should you be looking for ways to use salt water with your hair when you’re home and far away from the beach. Let’s dive in and answer the question: is salt water good for your hair?

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Is salt water good for your hair?

Yes and no.  There are many ways salt water can benefit your hair, but there are also some downsides to getting salt water on your hair and scalp.  We’ll lay out the pros and cons for salt water for you in the next few sections so you can make an informed decision and find the right balance for yourself.


Salt Water Benefits for Hair

As we alluded to above, salt water can deliver numerous benefits to hair.  These include:

  • Removing excess oil and sebum from the hair to leave hair feeling less greasy
  • Exfoliating the scalp to reduce flakiness
  • Clearing up dandruff with its antifungal properties
  • Volumizing hair
  • Stimulating hair growth
  • Improving your hair quality with the potassium, magnesium, and other vitamins and minerals found in it
  • Removing product buildup from hair


Is it good to put salt water on your hair?

You may already know that there are a number of healthy uses for salt ranging from treating canker sores to decreasing itching or swelling from a bug bite to soothing a sore throat.  But, is putting salt water on your hair good?  It can be.

There are many different benefits salt water can deliver for hair, which we’ll explore in greater depth in a moment.  Some of these include making hair lighter and smoother, removing excess oils, exfoliating the scalp, clearing up dandruff, stimulating hair growth, and adding volume to hair.


Is salt water good for black hair?

Salt water offers all the benefits listed above for black hair as well.  It can help stimulate hair growth, exfoliate the scalp, help hair feel smoother, get rid of dandruff and more.

However, it is also important to note that salt water also poses some risks for black hair, as well as other hair types.  It can dry hair out, cause it to get discolored, and damage the hair or cause split ends.  Balancing the time you spend in the ocean with hair care products to rejuvenate and protect your hair can help maximize the benefits of salt water and minimize the risks of it.


Why does salt water make my hair look good?

Ever taken a beach vacation and looked at your hair when you came back and wondered why it looks so amazing?  There are a few reasons why salt water may improve the look of your hair.

First, since it absorbs excess oils from your hair, it can help improve the texture of your hair and clear up greasier looks.  Salt water can also help moisturize hair, which can increase its shine.  Plus, as we shared above, there are many vitamins and minerals found in salt water that work to improve the overall quality of hair, which can certainly impact how your hair looks (and feels).


Does salt water clean your hair?

Yes, salt water can work similarly to a clarifying shampoo.  It can remove oil and sebum from the hair that leave your hair feeling greasy.  If you have product buildup on your hair, you may also notice that taking a few dips in the ocean helps remove this buildup, leaving you with renewed hair.


Does salt water stimulate hair growth?

Yes, salt water can stimulate hair growth.  This is because it is a natural exfoliant.  When you give your scalp a sea salt massage, it can help increase blood circulation and get rid of excess product build up on the scalp.  Both of these are necessary to allow new, healthy hairs to grow in.

Additionally, salt water can also add volume to your hair.  This can help make the hairs you already have look fuller and more radiant.


Does salt water make hair curly

Does salt water give your curls?

Yes, salt water can help make your hair curly or wavy.  This is because the salt and hydrogen from salt water make their way to your cuticle layer when your hair dries.  This creates tiny fibers between your cells, which can make it more likely that your hair will turn wavy or curly.  If your hair already has some curl to it, you may notice that your locks are even curlier after a few dips in the ocean.


Does salt cause grey hair?

Consuming too much salt with your foods may lead to grey hair.  However, swimming in the ocean or applying salt water on your hair should not cause it to turn grey.


Is salt water damaging to hair?

Despite its many benefits, salt water can also damage hair.  The biggest threat salt water poses is making your hair too dry.  The salt crystals found in salt water pull moisture away from hair, which can make it overly dry. When hair gets too dry, it can also become fragile, which can lead to hair breakage or split ends.

Dry hair is also more likely to get tangled.  You may have noticed that your hair is more difficult to brush or comb after you’ve spent some time at the beach.  This is why.

Salt water is also really not good for bleached or colored hair.  Bleaches and dyes damage the hair’s structure, and adding salt water to the mix is only going to exacerbate these damages.  If you have bleached or colored hair and you spend too much time in salt water, you may notice that your color begins to fade.  You may also notice that your hair feels more rough or see more split ends.

After spending a day at the beach, it is important to wash your hair to remove the salt water and keep it from drying out your hair.  If you plan to use any sea salt texturizing sprays, you should also avoid using these every day.

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How do I use salt on my hair?

So, how do you protect your hair with salt water?  There are a number of ways you can enjoy the benefits that salt water has to offer.

  • Swim in the ocean:  When you’re looking for “how do you treat your hair with salt water,” plan a trip to the beach and spend some time swimming in the ocean and dipping under the waves to get your hair wet.  You’ll just want to make sure that you wash your hair using your normal shampoo after splashing around to prevent the salt water from making your hair too dry.
  • Clean your hair:  You can mix sea salt with Castile soap (in a 3:2 ratio) and use it as a shampoo to cleanse your hair.  If you’ve been asking, “can I add sea salt to my shampoo,” the answer is also yes.  Adding some sea salt to your shampoo can also help you enjoy the benefits of salt water when you wash your hair at home.
  • Treat itchy scalp:  Spraying your scalp with a mixture of salt water, leave-in-conditioner, and coconut oil can make itchy scalps feel better and clear up dandruff or other causes behind the itchiness.



Is salt water good for hair and skin?

Yes, salt water can be quite beneficial for the hair and skin.  Salt water can remove excess oils from hair, add moisture and volume to hair, and deliver beneficial minerals to improve the overall quality and appearance of hair.  Salt water is also a natural exfoliant, which can improve the health of the scalp and skin.

Can salt remove dandruff?

Yes, salt water can help remove dandruff.  Dandruff is caused by a fungus that salt water can help treat.  This can help clear up the dandruff problem you may be experiencing.

Does sea salt spray damage hair?

While salt water can bring some wonderful benefits to hair, it can also make your tresses dry and brittle.  Limit how frequently you use a sea salt hair spray to maximize the benefits of the salt water without causing your hair to get too dried out.

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Salt Water and Your Hair

As you can see, in addition to all the other health benefits provided by salt water, it can also help your hair.  Using salt water in moderation and alongside your other hair care products can clear up dandruff, moisturize your locks, remove excess oils, and exfoliate your scalp.  There truly is nothing like beach therapy, for the mind, soul, skin, and hair!

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