Does Permanent Hair Color Fade – Is Permanent Hair Color Really Permanent?

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Are you looking to color your hair using permanent hair dye, but unsure about what to expect? You may have some questions about whether permanent hair dye is really permanent or if the color will start to fade out, as can happen with semi-permanent hair dye. So, does permanent hair color fade? Let’s explore this question in the next few sections!

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Does Permanent Hair Color Fade?

Permanent hair color is called permanent for a reason.  It is designed to last and will not fade.  In fact, one of the key differences between permanent and semi-permanent hair color is that while semi-permanent hair color may fade after just a few weeks, permanent hair color will continue looking great for much longer.

However, while permanent hair color doesn’t fade, you will still need to schedule maintenance appointments to keep your hair looking its best.  As your roots grow in, the color difference between your natural hair and the dyed color will become more noticeable.  So, you’ll want to head over to the salon for a root touch up.  You probably won’t want to go longer than eight weeks without a root touch up.  You may also find that you need to go more frequently, or about every four weeks.

Does Permanent Hair Dye Fade Eventually?

No, permanent hair dye won’t fade.  If you look in the mirror and it appears that your color has faded, it probably means you have a different problem to deal with.  While permanent hair color won’t fade, it can lose its luster, which can look similar to fading.  Hair that has lost its luster won’t appear as shiny as it first did after getting it colored.

Now, don’t fret if you notice that your hair color has lost its luster.  You can take steps to make the color last longer and bring that shine back to your hair.  Typically, a loss of luster means that you need to take better care of your hair and choose the best products to use with color-treated hair.

Choosing a sulfate-free shampoo and a sulfate-free color maintenance conditioner is a good place to start.  You can also look for a leave-in conditioner to add to your routine.  A leave-in conditioner will help provide extra protection for your hair against the sun and other potentially harmful elements outside.

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Does Permanent Hair Color Fade Completely?

Overtime, your permanent hair color may start to change shades a bit, which can make it look like it is fading.  This is different from semi-permanent hair color that will slowly fade and wash out after a few weeks.  Using heated styling tools can make your hair lose its shine, which will result in hair that looks dull and faded.  Likewise, too much exposure to the sun, salt water, and other outdoor elements can also result in duller-looking hair.

As we mentioned above, taking care of your hair using products designed for use with color-treated hair is key.  Check the ‘safety’ of the hair care products you currently use and look for substitutions where necessary.

Does Permanent Hair Dye Lighten?

Yes, your permanent hair dye may lighten or begin to look duller over time.  Look for sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and other color-safe products to keep your hair looking its best.

How Long Does Permanent Hair Color Take To Fade?

How long will it take permanent hair color to fade?

While permanent hair color may begin to look duller and change some in color, it won’t fade in the same way that semi-permanent hair dye does.  However, you will still want to schedule touch up appointments at least every eight weeks as your roots grow in and become more noticeable.

How Many Washes Does Permanent Dye Last?

If you’re worried about permanent hair color washing out, remember that it is called permanent for a reason.

While the color may change slightly, permanent hair color should stay in your hair until you cut it off.


Why is my hair color fading so quickly?

While sometimes you may purposefully wish to fade out your hair dye, other times you dye your hair hoping the color will last a long time.  In these instances, it can be really frustrating if the color is fading too quickly.  There are a few different reasons why your color may be fading too quickly. 
These include:
Not allowing enough color processing time
Coloring hair that is lacking in moisture or protein without first repairing it
Rinsing the hair dye out using hot water
Not waiting at least 24 hours after coloring your hair to shampoo it
Not using color-safe hair products

Which hair colors fade the fastest? 

In most cases, red hair dye will fade the fastest.  Conversely, brown hair dye tends to last the longest.

How long does hair dye last?

The length of time hair dye will last will vary based on whether you choose semi-permanent dye, permanent-dye, or bleach.  Most semi-permanent hair dyes last around six weeks, while permanent dye can last longer.  Bleached hair doesn’t fade and will last forever; you will need to wait for new hair to grow back long enough to cut off the bleached hair if you want to get rid of it.

How long does box dye last?

Generally speaking, most box dyes will last for about four to six weeks.  However, bear in mind that everyone’s hair is different, so the exact results you see may vary.

Does permanent hair dye fade eventually?

No, permanent hair dye won’t fade. While permanent hair color won’t fade, it can lose its luster, which can look similar to fading.

Does permanent hair color fade completely?

Overtime, your permanent hair color may start to change shades a bit, which can make it look like it is fading.

Does permanent hair dye lighten?

Yes, your permanent hair dye may lighten or begin to look duller over time.

Final Thoughts: Does Permanent Hair Color Fade?

Hopefully now you know that one of the biggest differences between permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes is that permanent hair color won’t fade.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting color, choosing a permanent hair dye is certainly the way to go.  When you take proper care of your hair after getting it colored and use shampoo and conditioner specifically designed to help maintain color, you’ll be impressed with how long-lasting the color will stick around!

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