Coconut Oil In Eyes – Is Coconut Oil Safe For Eyes?

Coconut Oil In Eyes – Is Coconut Oil Safe For Eyes?
February 27, 2022 Ellis James
Whether you are into all of the latest trends or prefer to avoid them like the plague, there’s no doubt you’ve heard how great coconut oil can be for your health. From hair to skin, and even your diet, coconut oil boasts of a multitude of benefits that can keep your body healthy and strong. But is it safe to put coconut oil in eyes? We’ve set out to answer that question here.

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What happens if you get coconut oil in your eyes?

Is it OK if coconut oil gets in your eyes?

If you happen to be putting coconut oil on your face and get coconut oil in your eyes by accident, it is likely safe to say that there runs very little risk.

This, however, depends on the condition of the type of coconut oil it was, the cleanliness of the oil and the temperature of the oil.

If, for example, scorching hot coconut oil were to splash into your eye, it could cause tremendous pain and possibly an injury to your eye.

Room temperature coconut oil that has been infected with bacteria from frequent use or has been soiled with another substance will undoubtedly yield risks associated with infection when making contact with your bare eye.

Virgin, or extra virgin, coconut oil that remains clean and in pure condition will likely do little more than to make your eyes blurry for a short amount of time and may also cause a burning sensation for some people.


Is it bad if coconut oil gets in your eyes?

It can be.

Again, it really just depends on the condition and type of coconut oil you are using. To be clear, coconut oil has amazing benefits, and some have even found these benefits to work well for dry eyes.

Coconut oil in general is known to be antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. But you should still take caution when getting coconut oil in your eyes, especially if you are doing so intentionally to improve your ocular health.


Is coconut oil safe for eyes?

Coconut oil has a wide range of benefits for all parts of the body and, according to some research, the eyes are no different.

Many use coconut oil under their eyes as a means to defeat dark circles. But did you know that many people use eye droppers to place coconut oil directly in their eyes?

Though we wouldn’t necessarily recommend it, there are many people that have found coconut oil to be moisturizing to their eyes. This is especially true when suffering from dry eyes in cold climates.

In some studies, results showed extra virgin coconut oil to be just as effective, if not more effective, than both rewetting drops and saline at moisturizing the eyes in rabbits. There have been no harmful effects recorded in these experiments.

As such, many have taken to putting coconut oil directly in their eyes when dry eye relief is needed. It seems that many note great results.


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Can coconut oil damage your eyes?

Coconut oil in eyes burning?

Despite many great success stories associated with coconut oil in the eyes, the truth is that putting anything in your eyes that wasn’t specifically made for the eyes comes with risks.

And those risks can be dire.

Indeed, placing coconut oil that isn’t virgin, extra virgin or is contaminated in any way can put your eyes at risk for infection.

If you attempt to put coconut oil in your eyes and experience burning, you should discontinue use of coconut oil in the eye. Rinse your eyes with water immediately.

Bear in mind that putting an oil of any kind in your eye will likely cause blurriness of vision initially. But this should clear up in a matter of a few minutes.

If you are a contact lens wearer, you should always remove contacts before putting the oil in your eyes. Applying anything while wearing lenses may affect the integrity of your contacts and limit your vision.


How to use Coconut Oil for Dry Eyes

If you decide that you would like to take the plunge and try coconut oil for dry eyes, we would like to stress safety first.

Always make sure to use a coconut oil that is virgin or extra virgin that is free of any external impurities.

Using Coconut Oil for Dry Eyes

  • Take a bit of coconut oil and apply it around your eye area. Focus application on your lower lid, preferably at night.
  • Be careful not to apply too much.
  • If your vision becomes blurry, blink a few times and the problem should resolve itself. But this is provided that you are not wearing contacts and have not used an excessive amount of oil.
  • Eventually the oil you applied around your eyes will make its way gently into your eye for itchy eye relief.

Please note that some have gone the route of putting liquid coconut oil in their eye using a sterile eye dropper. If you choose to do this, you must make sure the eye dropper and the coconut oil are pure. Also, that the coconut oil isn’t hot, when you have warmed it enough to get it to liquid consistency.

To properly warm your coconut oil without making it too hot, you may consider placing your coconut oil into a bowl. Then, you can place that bowl into a larger bowl filled with warm water to gently liquify the coconut oil.

This method of adding coconut oil to the eye is generally successful for many people. However, we recommend applying the oil to the general area around your eye rather than dropping the oil directly into your eye. This will help to avoid the risk of eye infection.


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Coconut Oil in Eyes: Is It Safe?

We don’t recommend placing coconut oil directly into your eyes for safety reasons. But we are can recommend that coconut oil, especially when it is the virgin or extra virgin type, is likely to have great benefits for the health of your eye.

In order to get coconut oil benefits for your eye safely, we recommend applying the oil only around your eye area, including your lower lids and inner corners. This will give you the best results.

Please note that none of our suggestions are meant to be taken in place of professional medical advice. As always, speak to your doctor before trying at home methods for relieving eye ailments.

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