How to Apply Powder Foundation for Oily Skin

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It can be pretty challenging when you’re dealing with oily skin. In fact, the whole routine you go through is changed when dealing with this skin type. There are many makeup tips out there for oily skin, and you may find yourself having tons of questions after reading through them. Things like: Is powder foundation suitable for oily skin? Is there a trick to how to apply powder foundation for oily skin?

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Makeup reacts differently to different skin types. That’s why it’s important to have a clear understanding when it comes to whether liquid foundation or powder foundation is right for you when purchasing your makeup.

We’ll take a more in-depth look at this matter in this post.

Hopefully, by the time we’re done, you’ll have all the answers and be better able to deal with this particular skin type.

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Benefits of Powder Foundation for Oily Skin

What's best for oily skin? Powder foundation has many benefits.

There are many liquid foundations out there designed for oily skin (mattifying, semi-matte, you name it!), so let’s put some focus on the benefits of a powder foundation this time.

There are several reasons why using a powder foundation can be advantageous to oily skin.

Understanding why and how the use of a powder foundation can be great for this skin type will help you narrow down your search for that next perfect foundation.

Don’t they say opposites attract?

You wouldn’t want to use a product that dries skin more on already dry skin, right? You will want to use something that helps moisturize it. Therefore, a liquid foundation is perfect for dry skin.

On the other hand, if you already have an oily face, it seems counterintuitive to add more liquid. So, finding a product that helps absorb or take away some of that oil is highly beneficial to your look as well as your skin health.

Most powder foundations are designed to absorb excess oil

On top of their ability to absorb oil, they also help maintain the shine you may get over time.

That’s why using a foundation that by its very nature has a matte finish is a great option for those that deal with oily skin

Who doesn’t want fewer clogged pores?

With oily skin, there may be a lot of issues with clogged pores.

Using a liquid foundation will only serve to make it worse.

That’s why using a lightweight, and less-invasive foundation like powder is excellent for ladies with oily skin.

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What Products Should be Used

In order to get yourself ready for the process of applying powder foundation, you will need a few things.

Here is a quick list of products and tools that’ll help you out:

How to Apply Powder Foundation for Oily Skin

Before you get to any step in the process below, you need to make sure you choose the right foundation for your skin type and tone.

Do this by either taking a bit of the powder and dab it into areas like your nose or cheek to find the one that will be closest to your actual skin tone.

Once you settle on a foundation, you will want to pay close attention to the product’s claims and make sure they meet your needs as well. You will want a long-lasting product and something that is designed for whatever you and your skin throws at it.

Now that you have that all done, and your tools have been gathered, you can start the process of applying powder foundation to your oily skin.

Start by prepping your skin

You will want to start with the least amount of oil you can before the actual application takes place. This means using a cleaning brush and a cleanser that is created for maximum exfoliation.

You will also want to use a water-based moisturizer so you can put a little good moisture back into your skin. Some of these have sunscreen mixed in, which is an extra level of protection to keep your skin looking healthy.

Even with all that cleaning, you may still find oily spots, and that is when you use those blotters. Many people who deal with oily skin suggest carrying those with you. With these in your pocket, you’ll be able to manage unwelcome sebum and oil throughout the day as well.

Apply primer

The prep part isn’t actually over. Now we move on to the primer situation.

Using a face primer is a great idea for oily skin as it gets your skin ready to accept the foundation.

You will need to make sure the primer you choose is specifically designed for your skin type. This may be labeled as “shine control” or something along those lines.

Make sure you are using a clean brush (or hands) and begin applying the primer.

The primer is going to help make sure that your skin tone is one color so that the foundation is more even when applied. It also aids in even application of whatever product sits on top of it.

Now it’s time to start applying the foundation

You’re ready to apply powder foundation!

Using another clean brush to dip it into the foundation and begin to apply gently with dabs or stipples, making sure to cover and blend it over your entire face.

Use a smaller brush for areas that are hard to get to, like the sides of your nose.

Don’t forget to blend down to your neck and sideways towards the ears and upwards towards your hairline!

Set it!

If you want to take the process one step further, you may want to use a setting powder. This will help cover those oily areas just a bit more.

You will want to look for one that is translucent. This is the best for oily skin.

If you do end up with just a little too much powder, you can always use your blotting paper to remove some so that you will end up with the perfect foundation base for the rest of your makeup routine.

Heres how you apply foundation on Oily Skin

So, which is better?

So, is powder or liquid foundation better for oily skin?

The answer is almost emphatically powder.

Though some creams and liquids claim to work on oily skin, they certainly do not have all the benefits of powder foundation on oily skin.

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It’s different depending on our preferences, though, so it’s really up to you! Reach into your black makeup bag for whatever suits your preference!

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