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Makeup is an art form and your face is your canvas, but an artist is only as good as their tools. There are many types of brushes available on the market for every kind of makeup; what’s best for different types of foundation? With so many options, and many makeup brushes available, how do you know which is the best foundation brush to use to apply liquid foundation?

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The answer will depend on what kind of coverage you want, your skin type, budget, and personal preferences.

This guide will decode the buzzwords surrounding makeup brushes and help you decide what brushes to use for liquid foundation.

Do you know what kind of makeup brush for foundation should be used?

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What Is the Best Brush for Liquid Foundation?

Dense for Liquid Foundation, Loose for Mineral Foundation

Densely packed bristles means the bristles are firmer or packed closer together.

Think of the difference between a soft toothbrush and a firm toothbrush — a dense brush is like a firm toothbrush, while a loose brush is like a soft toothbrush.

Dense foundation brushes are better for liquid and compact foundations; a loose brush is better for mineral foundations or to blend a liquid foundation.

BBL Angled Makeup Brush Synthetic Contour Face Kabuki Foundation Brush for Blending Liquid Powder BB Cream Buffing Bronzer cosmetics tools applicator

A great type of dense brush is an oval foundation brush.

If you’re stumped how to use them check out our guide on how to use oval makeup brushes!

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Duo Fiber Brush

Many face brushes come with two types of fibers, which is great for layering and blurring.

Duo fiber means the brush has dense bristles at the base and loose bristles at the top, usually in two different colors. It can be used to blend liquid foundation or to apply powder on top of liquid foundation.

Duo fiber can also mean natural hair mixed with synthetic bristles. Natural fibers are usually animal-derived, and synthetic brush hairs are man-made and usually developed for a particular purpose.

Colourpop’s Duo Fiber Face Brush is a classic, affordable brush you can use for liquid and mineral foundations, blush, bronzer, and powder.

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Buffing Brush

Buffer foundation brushes come in different shapes and sizes, so for full face makeup, you will want a larger size. The smaller ones are for concealer, eye shadow, and other smaller surfaces.

Buffer brushes are a great choice if you are looking for quick and easy application with even coverage.

One shape of buffing brush that is great for liquid foundation is a flat-top buffing brush. Flat-top buffing brushes can have different head shapes; however, they all have bristles of even length and, of course, a flat brush top. These are best for thicker or compact liquid foundations, and offer the most coverage.

EcoTools Custom Coverage Buffing Brush - Soft Custom Cut Bristles Recycled Aluminum Ferrules; For Use with Cream or Powder Foundation Blush and Bronzer

Another type of buffer brush that is perfect for liquid foundation is a flat, tapered brush. These brushes are probably the most commonly used brushes as they are easy to use and create full coverage. Flat, tapered brushes are usually duo fiber and have an angled tip for more precise application.

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Stippling Brush

Stippling is the technique of using small dots to create layers of color. A lightweight stippling brush is a key foundation tool.

Most stippling brushes have a brush head that’s flat across the top, duo fiber, and two-toned, with dark, dense bristles on the bottom that turn into white, looser bristles on the top. The Real Techniques Dual-Fiber stippling brush is a great (and affordable) example.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush, Dual-Fiber, Uniquely Shaped and Color Coded, With Synthetic Custom Cut Bristles For an Even and Streak Free Makeup Application

To use a stippling brush, apply liquid foundation to the back of your hand, dip the flat top of the brush, and move it in small circular motions across the areas you want to cover.

Be sure not to press too hard and mash the bristles into your face, as this can leave brush lines and bend the bristles out of shape.

Here is a video on how to use a stippling brush by Wayne Goss, YouTube personality and makeup artist to the stars:

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Kabuki Brush for Liquid Foundation

A Kabuki brush is very similar to a stippling brush, except it has a much shorter handle that allows you to hold the brush closer to your face while applying foundation.

Kabuki brushes are often associated with powder brush application. Can you use a kabuki brush for liquid foundation? Absolutely! The best kabuki brush that you can find should have fibers that help in liquid application.

For some people, a shorter handle offers more control and precision, while others prefer a longer handle length.

Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush for Women

Kabuki brushes are great for your travel makeup bag since they are so compact, especially if you get one with a cover, like the retractable Kabuki brush by cruelty-free brand Too Faced.

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Makeup Sponge

These little foam eggs are great for everyday use on skin that has little to no texture, as they offer the lightest coverage.

They are also great for oily skin since the sponge helps absorb excess oil.

They are cute and compact. Since they are held closer to the face, they also offer more control over application.

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The most well-known brand of makeup sponges is, of course, Beauty Blender.

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Some FAQs About the Best Makeup Brushes to Apply Liquid Foundation

What is the best brush for liquid foundation?

Among the best makeup brushes for foundation in this post, we suggest a dense kabuki brush to buff that product in. A sponge is also a great option, just make sure to blend your foundation in as well as possible.

Can you use a powder brush for liquid foundation?

Yes you can! Dense brushes and kabuki brushes perform very well with both foundations. Buffing brushes also work!

What is the best tool to apply liquid foundation?

It really depends on your preference and skill. Sometimes it’s a combination of many tools, not just one.

Is a sponge or brush better for foundation?

Again, it really depends on what your needs are and what you have time for. You also have to factor in what kind of foundation you’re using. Generally, brushes are better for foundation application.
Apply foundation using a sponge this way.

Is it better to apply liquid foundation with a brush?

It depends on what kind of coverage or patience you have. Blending can take time, while brushes can create streaks. Generally it’s easier to use brushes, but sponges create a smoother finish. It’s up to you!

Should I wet my foundation brush?

It isn’t always necessary, so don’t worry if you don’t have a sink nearby. It’s more the blending sponge you have to wet than the foundation brush.

What is the best way to apply foundation?

The best way is to start with moisturized, hydrated skin. Always moisturize first. It also helps to prime your face to smoothen out your canvas.
There is no one way to best apply foundation. Depending on what type of foundation you have and what type of tool you’re using, there are many ways. There’s also what skin type you have.
Here are some posts you might find useful:
Check this out for a tutorial on oval brushes.
This is how you apply cream foundation using a sponge.
Here are tips for applying foundation on mature skin.
Learn more about cream to powder foundation, if that’s what your foundation preference is!
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How do you apply liquid foundation with a brush?

As for tips for how to apply liquid foundation with a brush, it depends on what type of brush you’re using.
If you’re using a kabuki or buffing or stippling brush, you apply it in circular motions. When you choose to use a tapered brush, you apply it in back and forth motions. If your choice is a blending sponge, you dab it until it’s well blended.

What’s the best type of brush for liquid foundation? Do you know what type of brush to use for liquid foundation?

You can’t actually choose just one best brush among many makeup brushes to use for liquid foundation because there are many factors, like personal preference for instance, that come into play when deciding on what kind of brush for foundation you should use.
Some great options for what makeup brush to use for liquid foundation are in this post. Any one of the brushes from this post would work well for your liquid foundation needs!

What is the best way to apply liquid foundation?

You can either use any of the brushes within this post, or learn how to apply foundation using a blending sponge.

What liquid foundation brush does a makeup artist need?

Makeup brushes are important if you’re a budding or professional makeup artist. But since you have a lot of clients, there is no one blueprint for any makeup artist to follow. It would help for you to try out what works best for your technique and clients’ needs!

Choose for You

Now that you have demystified the language of liquid foundation makeup brushes, you’re now well on your way to choosing the one that works best for your skin type and coverage needs! You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to know the language!

No longer will you be confused when you look into your makeup brush bag.

Don’t forget that removing makeup is just as important as putting it on! Here are tips for keeping makeup brushes pristine.

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What liquid foundation brush do you love to use? What’s your pick for best liquid foundation brush?

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