How to Use a Blending Sponge for Foundation

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Applying foundation is a daily ritual for many of us — it becomes something that we do out of habit apart from necessity. We do not always do it because it’s a whole lot of fun, but because we enjoy looking good.

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There are several products made specifically to make applying your foundation a little easier. One such product is the blending sponge. It is one of the most important must-haves for any makeup kit.

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Blending sponges come with two very big promises: a more flawless application and less streakiness.

There are makeup users who have been applying foundation with brushes for years and excel at it.

Others, however, struggle to find the time to perfect their foundation with fingers or a brush. After all, it can be tricky.

Enter the blending sponge. These little makeup brush alternatives not only look adorable but can really make a difference in how your foundation looks on your face. Applying foundation with a sponge is actually easier than you think, with really great results.

They come in many shapes, with the teardrop sponge being its most iconic form.

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What should you use a blending sponge?

Let’s take a look at the benefits that you can expect from using a blending sponge.

No Streaks

When using a blending sponge, you won’t have to deal with streaks like you would with normal brushes.

Sure, if you practice, you can apply foundation really well with brushes — check our post on best brushes to use for liquid foundation.

However, with a foundation blending sponge it is so much easier.

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Works Great for Delicate Areas

Blending sponges are wonderful for those areas around your eyes that are so delicate. The skin in those areas are thinner, thus require more gentle handling.

With regular brushes, your skin can get irritated, but not with blending sponges.

Fills Pores

Because they don’t leave streaks like brushes, blending sponges give you a smoother finish. That’s due to the material of the sponge.

Also, because you dab it all over your face, it packs foundation much more effectively. It pushes the foundation to sit on top of your pores for a better appearance. This is great to use with foundations that cover large pores.

Works Great for All Formulations

When you use brushes, you need different types for contouring, blending, and working the foundation into your skin.

With blending sponges, you can do all that with just one product.

Unbelievable, right?

What are the disadvantages of using blending sponges?

Now, let’s take a look at the difficulties and cons of blending sponges.

Tough to Clean

It can be a lot harder to completely clean your blending sponges.

Once you’ve used it, it will never look the same again. This is because the sponge absorbs foundation and whatever else you like to apply with it.

beautyblender blendercleanser solid pro, 5.3 ounces: Pro Size Pro-Infused with Charcoal for Cleaning Makeup Sponges & Brushes

Soaks Like … a Sponge

As mentioned above, these brushes can soak up product like you won’t believe. This can lead to a lot of wasted product — a headache for a lady on a budget.

That’s why most people use them wet. Do you wet the sponge before applying foundation? Do you use a makeup sponge wet or dry?

Wetting them helps with more even application, and also makes the sponge less prone to absorb all the product.

Cheap Products Don’t Last

You will know when your blending sponge isn’t an upmarket item — it will flake and chip after just a few uses. No matter how good the brand is, it’s inevitable.

That makes these sponges, especially the disposable ones, very bad for the environment. They are thrown away within a few uses.

Not Very Hygienic

Because you mostly use a blending sponge wet, it becomes a breeding ground for germs and nasties.

You could consider disinfecting your sponge regularly to play it safe.

How to Apply Foundation With a Blending Sponge

Despite the cons, blending sponges remain a very popular makeup application option. Although using makeup sponges has been around for a long time, its performance just keeps getting better with newer technologies. More and more people are finding ways how to use makeup sponge applicators.

So, here’s simple steps how to apply foundation with a blending sponge:

  1. Always start with cleaning your canvas. Wash your face properly with a cleanser.
  2. Apply your favorite moisturizer. Never forget this step, even if you have oily skin. Have a look at our post on oily skin-friendly moisturizer.
  3. Put on your foundation primer and blend in with your fingers.
  4. Put enough foundation on the back of your hand to cover the areas you want coverage on.
  5. Wet your sponge, though you can also go without if you’re using a liquid or cream product (such as a cream to powder foundation). In fact, a dry sponge works best if you want a fuller coverage. Wetting your sponge helps apply the foundation smoother and more even regardless of foundation type. But don’t overdo it with the water. It is very recommended that you use your sponge only slightly wet!
  6. Take your sponge and dab it onto the product. If you’re using foundation in a pan, swirl it gently around to get enough on the sponge surface.
  7. Using your blending sponge in gentle motions, dab your foundation all over your face. With quick patting motions, spread the foundation as thinly as you can on your skin. You can always build it up later and it’s better to apply thin first to avoid cakey foundation application.
  8. Repeat until your desired coverage is achieved.

Check out this tutorial by Real Techniques, one of the best sponge brands out there:

What are Some of the Best Blending Sponges on the Market?

The Original BeautyBlender

BEAUTYBLENDER ORIGINAL Makeup Sponge for Foundations, Powders & Creams

beautyblender Classic in pink

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This is one of the most trusted sponges you can find. It can be pretty expensive to many, but it is very effective.

In fact, this sponge is so popular that it’s become synonymous to blending sponges in general, with people trying to find different types of beauty blenders instead of sponges.

You get a wonderfully smooth finish with this little item, and that’s why it’s loved by makeup professionals and gurus everywhere.

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If you’re having trouble cleaning your sponge, beautyblender also has a fantastic cleaner line available, called the blendercleanser. It is available in liquid and solid form.

beautyblender liquid blendercleanser, 3 ounces: for Cleaning Makeup Sponges & Brushes

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beautyblender blendercleanser solid pro, 5.3 ounces: Pro Size Pro-Infused with Charcoal for Cleaning Makeup Sponges & Brushes

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These also work with makeup brushes!

The Real Techniques Sponge

Real Techniques Cruelty Free Miracle Body Complexion Sponge, Ideal for Highlighters, Bronzers, & Body Makeup, for Streak Free, Precise Makeup Application
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A fan favorite and alternative to the more expensive Beauty Blender.

It also comes in smaller sizes that are great for reaching nooks and crannies you’d have difficulty getting to otherwise.

Real Techniques 6 Miracle Complexion Sponges Make Up Brush Set with Revolutionary Foam Technology Use Damp or Dry for a Smooth Finished Look Synthetic Materials
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The Nylea Silicone Makeup Sponge

2 Pack Silicone Makeup Sponge [Washable] Premium Quality - Gel Foundation Makeup and Puff BB - Best Silisponge Cosmetic Beauty Tools Blender [Clear]
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Apart from the typical material of makeup sponges, we also have the silicone type. This one is easy to clean, very affordable, and a great option to help save on using a lot of foundation.

Applying makeup with a silicone sponge may seem weird, but they are more hygienic and healthy for your face. Not to mention they’re better for the environment and your pocket, because you don’t have to dispose of them often.

Our Favorite Combo

For foundation to use, we had to pick Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Soft Matte Long Wear Foundation.

FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in 210 - 32 ml/1.08 fl oz
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This is a very good product, certainly one of the best you will find in the makeup world. You can choose from 40 different shades that will last all day.

When it comes to sponges, our pick is the original Beauty Blender.

It is made from high-quality material and will apply your foundation evenly and smoothly.

BEAUTYBLENDER ORIGINAL Makeup Sponge for Foundations, Powders & Creams
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How to use blender sponge for foundation: Final thoughts

Blending sponges are little miracles in the makeup world. If you want a smooth and evenly blended look from your foundation, you won’t regret using a blending sponge. These miraculous brushes are popular for a reason — they work.

What do you think about how to use foundation sponge for makeup application?

Follow our steps and you’re sure to have amazing coverage, no matter what foundation you use! If you have more questions about how to use beauty sponge products, let us know!

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What are your tips for how to use a blending sponge for foundation?

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  3. I love applying foundation with a blending sponge, but I actually think they’re not too hard to clean. I just use a plain bar soap and work the soap into into the sponge and massage it. The sponge looks like new afterwards!

  4. Used to love the real techniques sponge, but lately I’m back to applying foundation just by hand cause it’s faster 🙂
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