Can a Woman Buy Her Own Engagement Ring?

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We all know that the traditional or the ideal way to propose to a loved one is on the knee down with a diamond ring box in your pocket. Feeling anxious the whole day while waiting for the perfect moment to pop the question, hoping for the answer to be a yes.

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However, couples are now very realistic, they often first live together and are more mindful of how they are spending their money. You won’t be surprised that some of us ladies are definitely okay with the idea of picking and buying our own engagement ring. More often, ladies are now getting much involved in shopping for their rings, some are even willing to top up in raising prices to get a bigger stone. Many believe that financial decisions should be focused on the facts of your relationship, rather than the concept of a surprise proposal.

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Can a Woman Buy Her Own Engagement Ring

This trend will grow for women who’d like to spend more money on a ring because it is said to be a forever purchase. You should certainly bear in mind a few things before you buy an engagement ring.

First of all, shape matters

The shape reflects the actual structure of the stone as opposed to the cut, which corresponds to the facet angles of the stone. The most common type of diamond is round, by far. However, there are other forms known as the fancy shapes including oval, cube or square, triangle, emerald, marquise, pear and heart. Moreover, the quality of cut also has an effect on how well the facets of a diamond interact with light. Within the same shape and design, diamonds cut will differ within table size, girdle thickness, color, and symmetry. Such variations affect their face-up looks and will influence the consistency of their cut.

Know the 4 C’s

The cut, color, clarity and carat are another important guide for purchasing a diamond engagement ring. These are the universal standard for evaluating diamond quality and being used as a comparison of one diamond to another. Here are the fundamentals of the 4 C’s.

  • Carat weight – this is what the diamond weighs, carat determines the apparent size of a diamond.
  • Color – a range of color from nearly perfectly white to faint yellow. Few colored diamonds are rare to find.
  • Clarity – this measures the natural markings of the diamond, clarity of diamonds refers to the lack of blemish.
  • Cut – this is how the diamond is cut to perfectly show the sparkles. The efficiency of cutting a diamond determines how well the light unleashes.

However, just looking at the 4C’s specs does not tell you how beautiful a diamond really is. And that is why looking at online websites are helpful to also see a wide range of criteria and designs. Experts from Finer Jewelry have shared the process of how they custom design jewelry and even shared their personal favorites. They are happy to hear about the ideas and fascinating stories while showing you how they can design and bring it to life!

It is also recommended to look at a diamond in various lighting conditions like daylight, fluorescent lighting, and others. Diamond’s reflection under various lighting conditions are different. The reason is because the facets of a diamond serve as tiny mirrors that reflect their surroundings. Any movement causes the facets to reflect light on each other, creating bursts of light and color that are mesmerizing. Be sure to look at it under different lighting conditions when buying a diamond engagement ring, to see how it sparkles.

Choose the band

When selecting an engagement ring band, the type of metal also influences the ring’s overall appearance. The most popular ones that give a modern look are white gold and platinum, these are great choices. Some say that when diamonds are used in yellow prongs it will result in the diamond becoming more yellowish. Note that white metal prongs or bezels are also incorporated into yellow gold bands to create contrast with the diamond, if you love the gold color. Rose gold is trendy, it looks classy and pleasant and is also now a common option for engagement rings too. You may want to see palladium with a grayer hue than platinum. Pick a shadow band that will contour your engagement ring. Select a wedding band which matches both the metal and the thickness of the engagement ring for a beautifully coordinated pairing.

Other couples’ arrangements are that the guy takes care of the necessities and the woman for any extra like a bigger piece of diamond. Some women believe that if you truly want it and you are going to wear it for the rest of your life, then it should not be a problem buying it for yourself. Whether you decide to buy your own or contribute to your ring, remember that a diamond engagement ring is also a sign of your improvement as a couple. It means you have hit the next stage of your relationship and you are going on together with your lives.

Can a Woman Buy Her Own Engagement Ring

We read and hear a lot of different stories about engagements and everyone of us has our own beliefs and preferences. Whilst others believe that diamond rings should be given by your partners and not purchased from your own pocket, there is also nothing wrong if you are not on the conventional side and opted to buy it for yourself. We currently live in a world where people criticize and blatantly judge other’s decisions. In the end, we have to respect each other’s take in the matter.

A ring is only a symbol of your commitment to each other and please note that not every woman wants the same things. Some do not even want a bling on their finger as they are not really fond of jewelries but they are happily engaged or married. So you see it does not define you or your relationship regardless who bought the ring. If you really want that beautiful diamond engagement ring and you have the means, then you go girl!

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