Power of Every Color: Beginner’s Guide To Color Magick

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Color has always meant a big deal for humans. The ways that these shades and tones exist in nature has guided our conceptions of life itself. From our feelings, moods, and the associations we make, color is important. With that being said, the realm of the spiritual and magical has also used color as a way to convey meaning.

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Color magic, as it is called, is a way to use the spectrum of color to help navigate this realm of the spiritual to better understand the different forms of energies that permeate throughout our world, physical and otherwise. So, what colors mean what? Take a look.

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Power of Every Color Beginner’s Guide To Color Magick

White Magic

Starting with two of the most common forms of magick, we will start with the good side. Having good intentions and having a positive and clear attitude has a big impact on an individual’s life.

According to white magic by MagickalSpot, through asking for help from any angelic forms, everyone can solve earthly difficulties thus, finding serenity and positivity could be a result of divinity in the goodness of the world. It’s good practice to create positive life changes and improve yourself without hurting others. White magick uses this energy of the divine and can be manifested in ways to help those in your life, and spread goodness through love, among other forms.

Black Magic

As for the second of the two most well known, black magic is the opposite of white magic. It does not mean that it is only used for evil, or intended to harm, but the harnessing of negative energies is difficult to maintain for a novice. Thus, it is with caution that this practice should be approached. Those who practice black magic do so with the knowledge that their manifesting of these energies can be used to control nature in ways that are unnatural or circumvent the rules of morality.

Yellow Magic

Moving away from the feelings of negativity is yellow. As far back as we can remember, yellow is a color that inspires joy and warmth. The color is widely associated with the summer, and the sun, and thus it is magic that inspires the warmth of life to conjure up the feelings of happiness.

Red Magic

The seduction of the color red is evident in how we view it as an intense shade. Red is associated with love as well. This color in magic inspires these deep feelings of the spiritual associated between such an intense color, and such intense passion for others, romantically and sexually.

Purple Magic

Purple is associated with royalty in society, but it is also known as something that is akin to the intellectual side of our spiritual selves. Intelligence is a major aspect of spiritual intuition, and purple represents that. It can inspire creativity as well, because the color purple is a form of power.

Colors We Can See, Colors We Can’t…

Colors have and always will mean more than just our appreciation of their tones. They can be meaningful in ways that extend beyond our grasp of the physical world, and enter into the realm of the spiritual. As you can tell, the importance of color in color magic is evident in the ways that these colors influence our lives, and influence or connection to the spectrum of the visible, and what that means for the manifestation of the feelings we associate with these colors.

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