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The DVF luggage range is available in more than 70 countries around the world. Today we’re gonna take a look at the this DVF travel bag line, so read on to see our DVF studio luggage review.

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DVF: A Brief Intro

Diane von Fürstenberg is the name of the designer who created this range of luxurious luggage in 1972.

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She previously worked as a designer for Ferretti and later became known after her marriage into the German royal house.

Diane von Furstenberg Women's InCharge Tote Bag, Black, one size

The DVF luggage line is quite popular for its fashionable and practical design. These luxury luggage designer products are handmade with a gorgeous vintage design.

It offers great value for your money.

It is simply a good set of luggage that will last a long time for your traveling convenience.

Review of DVF Luggage

The Four-Piece Signature Studio Luggage Set

Diane Von Furstenberg Hearts Jacquard 4 Piece Luggage Set, Canvas Olive
Available on Amazon

The signature four-piece is a functional luggage set that is very fashionably designed and provides great travel convenience. This luggage set comes with a 10-year warranty and a very decent price tag attached to it.

This luggage comes with a multi-pocket design and a telescopic handle that locks in place. It is very convenient, with smooth-rolling, inline twin wheels for easy passage over rough terrain.

Why People Love It

This product is popular for its sleek design and large compartments available for lots of storage space. The comfortable shoulder straps make it a convenient choice for comfortable carrying.


  • Has multi-pocket design
  • Has of a light design
  • Made from very durable materials


  • Is a little heavy compared to other products

The Signature Three-Piece

This very functional luggage comes in a three-piece set and has a fully lined double compartment organization. The spinning system attached with four wheels makes it very easy to maneuver the trolley luggage set. It also comes with a durable telescopic handle with a strong locking system. The three-piece luggage set features a large main compartment for a lot of storage space. It is very well-designed and well-built from high-quality materials.

Why People Love It

The 3-piece luggage is very popular among travelers for its large amount of storage space. The great features available on this product makes very well accepted.


  • A four-wheel spinner system included
  • A very fine quality product
  • A nice push-button mechanism for handle


  • A bit shallow in the compartments

The Wheeled City Bag

Diane Von Furstenberg DVF Women’s Saluti 19" Hardside Carry-OnJacquard Hearts 19
Available on Amazon

The wheeled city bag is well-designed, and it had a luggage bag that comes with lined zipper pockets. It features complete overall lining for the whole storage area for good durability.

The strong telescopic handle is recessed to complete the sleek design of this fashionable, wheeled city bag.

It is a smooth, practically-designed storage space on wheels, and it is very convenient. This bag on wheels is a great choice when it comes to getting great value for your money.

Why People Love It

The easy manageability of this great fashionable bag on wheels is a great choice for the weekend traveler. This luggage gives you great value for your money and ease of use.


  • Sports a very lightweight design
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • Large wheels make it easy to pull


  • Is a little shallow for its size

The Saluti Three-piece Hardside Set

Diane von Furstenberg Women's Saluti 20" Spinner Suitcase, Sunset/Vachetta, One Size
Available on Amazon

The very durable and maneuverable three-piece hardside luggage is a convenient product for the regular traveler. The four wheels spin 360 degrees and move in all directions for ease of use and high maneuverability.

The trunk design makes it a very convenient storage space and delivers lots of space for all your goods and clothing. The Saluti three-piece hardside set gives you good value and great travel convenience.

Why People Love It

The pulling handles are easy to use and allow for easy maneuvering of your luggage. That, along with the 360-degree turning wheels, have made this is a great value-added travel tool.


  • Can be easily stored inside each other
  • A very durable design
  • Has interior straps for better security


  • A little heavy compared to other products

The Weekender Signature Duffel Bag

Available on Amazon

This weekender signature duffel bag is a lightweight bag, and it is very easy to store when in use and when not in use. You just hang it out of the way in the closet or behind the door.

It comes with a decent price tag attached to it, and it offers great value for your money. It is a great duffel bag made from durable materials.

Why People Love It

The great and lightweight durable bag is among the favorite in-cabin travel bags for a great carry-on when traveling. This bag is easy to store and easy to carry.


  • Very lightweight design
  • Made from durable materials
  • Easy to use and very mobile


  • A bit small for a traveling bag

Our Top Pick

From our DVF studio luggage review, which luggage line is our favorite and why?

The Wheeled City Bag is the No. 1 favorite because it is easy to handle and quick to maneuver. Also, this bag provides great durability for the weekend traveler.

Diane Von Furstenberg DVF Women’s Saluti 19" Hardside Carry-OnJacquard Hearts 19
Available on Amazon

Why do we recommend it?

This city bag on wheels gives great value for the money. It also provides a good amount of storage space, as well as quick moving around features.

For whom do we recommend it?

The city bag on wheels from Diane von Furstenberg is very suitable for the weekend and quick traveler. This bag is ideal for the carry-on bag needed for quickly accessed goods.

For the regular traveler who needs a good set of luggage that will give you value for your money and ease of use, this Diane von Furstenberg series of available luggage is a great choice of traveling tool.

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We’ll be trying to get our hands on some of these gorgeous pieces soon!

Until next time…

Whether you are a weekend traveler or a holiday traveler, Great Tips on Packing for quick traveling, as well as Vacation Packing Tips, are always very welcome. A DVF bag is always handy when traveling globally or locally.

Don’t forget to pack your essentials in a large toiletry organizer to make sure everything you need fits!

Do you own any DVF luggage? What’s your DVF studio luggage review?

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