Travel Tips

  • Organize your pocketless tote - How to Organize a Purse Without Pockets by Ellis James Designs

    How to Organize a Purse Without Pockets

    No pockets? No problem. Here’ a quick guide on how to keep your pocket-free purse organized in no time, without any hassle.

  • What To Pack for a 3 Day Trip

    With this 3-day trip packing list, you’ll never forget to bring anything during your short term holiday or stay. Leave only your worries at home!

  • Packing Makeup for Air Travel

    With ever changing rules and regulations about air travel, how do you pack and travel with makeup? Before embarking on your trip, there are a few things you should know when it comes to traveling with your beauty kit. By being in the know, you’ll be able to save time and decrease the risk of being late for the flight. Or worse, having to dump beloved expensive products before even making it to the gate.

  • Traveling with Expensive Jewelry

    With the right combination of travel-savvy thinking, good packing and protection, and good awareness for safety and security, your jewelry can go anywhere you go. Follow these tips to travel in luxury and style. 

  • Mark and Graham Review - Ellis James Designs

    It’s in the Bag: Mark and Graham Tote Review

    A quick review of the bestselling and most-loved Mark and graham bags and totes.

  • Best Sunscreen for Acne-Prone Skin

    Even oily, acne-prone skin needs daily sun protection. There are a lot of great products that provide that protection without causing breakouts or irritating skin.

  • top products you shouldn't travel to Southeast Asia without - Ellis James Designs

    Top Products You Shouldn’t Travel To Southeast Asia Without

    These little, luggage-friendly lifesavers will keep you looking and feeling your best, and give you a natural, refreshed glow in every selfie, no matter where you are. 

  • How to Pack Makeup Brushes - Ellis James Designs

    How to Pack Makeup Brushes

    Your makeup brushes are your pride and joy. They’re the tools that help you create magic every day. But how well are you taking care of these little miracle wands? It may be tempting to toss used makeup brushes into a makeup case with the rest of your makeup… or maybe you hide them in a drawer until you need them again. They deserve better treatment, and so do you. Find out how to store your makeup brushes better and learn how to pack makeup brushes for easy storage and travel.

  • Best Toiletry Bag for Carry On - Ellis James Designs

    Best Toiletry Bag for Carry On

    A toiletry bag should always be kept on hand during any journey. After all, how else are you going to keep all your cosmetics on hand and ready in case of an emergency? Good skincare requires constant attention and this means that your products need to be accessible. We’ll be taking a look at what makes a good toiletry bag for a carry-on luggage, while showing you the best options available.

  • Savvy Traveler - How To Travel Light This Winter - Ellis James Designs

    Savvy Traveler: How To Travel Light This Winter

    Packing warm and packing light might sound like a contradiction in terms. How are you supposed to stock up on woolens and thermals when you only have a carry-on in your baggage allowance? Whether you’re embarking on an Arctic adventure or a cross-country jaunt to see the family, packing light always has its advantages – and the savvy traveler will know how to prepare for torturous temperatures without going overboard on the luggage. Here are a few top tips to point you in the right direction.

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