Can You Wear Jewelry Through Airport Security – Avoid Accessory Trouble!

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Traveling can be a lot of fun. However, preparing for your upcoming trip, especially if you’ll be flying, can also be stressful. In addition to thinking about all the things you need to pack for the trip, you also have to worry about getting through airport security.

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If you like to wear jewelry, you may be worried about your jewelry pieces setting off the metal detectors and delaying your trip. So, can you wear jewelry through airport security? Does real jewelry go off in metal detectors?

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Can You Wear Jewelry Through Airport Security?

Some of the most common questions about traveling through airport security relate to wearing jewelry through the checkpoint:

  • Do you have to take earrings out when going through airport security?
  • Can you wear gold jewelry through airport security?
  • Can I wear a necklace through airport security?
  • Can I wear my ring through airport security?

Fortunately, there are no TSA regulations that state that you are not allowed to wear jewelry through airport security.  Many jewelry pieces will not even be picked up by the metal detectors, but even if you do set off the detectors, a simple pat down should be sufficient to get you back on your way without incident.  We’ll discuss more about how airport metal detectors work and which types of metals they are most likely to detect in the next section.

What Metals Do Airport Metal Detectors Detect?

Airport metal detectors are magnetic fields.  Metals that are more magnetic are more likely to be detected and set off the alarm.

So, can airport security metal detector detect gold? No, because gold (and silver) are not very magnetic, they are not likely to cause a disruption to the magnetic field and set off the alarm.

Other metals, particularly those used to make costume jewelry, are more likely to set off the metal detector because they are more magnetic.  Examples of more magnetic metals include iron and nickel.  However, you can still travel through airport security wearing jewelry made from these metals, but be prepared to go through additional screening by TSA.

Can Airport Scanner Detect Diamond?

Because diamonds are not magnetic, an airport metal detector will not go off when a diamond passes through (unless the diamond is set in a very magnetic metal).

Closing Thoughts: Wearing Jewelry Through Airport Security

Wearing jewelry through airport security doesn’t need to be a major concern.  The TSA does not prohibit travelers from wearing rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry items.  In many cases, especially with real gold and silver, your jewelry won’t even set off the metal detectors.  In the event it does, you may just need a little additional screening before you’ll be able to head to your gate to catch your flight.

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Can I take an engagement ring through airport security?

How do airport security get rings?  Can engagement ring go through airport security?  Yes, you can bring your engagement ring through airport security.  Real metals, such as gold and silver, are not very magnetic.  This means that they are less likely to cause the metal detector to go off.

Do piercings set off metal detectors?

Some piercings may set off metal detectors, though not all will.  If you have gold or silver piercings, you shouldn’t be too worried, as these metals are not very magnetic.  Nickel piercings could set off a detector, but if so, you’ll just need a little additional screening by airport security.

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