Can You Bring Spray Sunscreen on a Plane?

Can You Bring Spray Sunscreen on a Plane?
November 29, 2021 Ellis James
The rules of the Transportation Security Association (TSA) state that containers with liquids that go in the carry-on bag through the checkpoint are not allowed to be larger than 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters. These containers containing liquids must be placed in a quart-sized resealable bag. You are only allowed to take 1 such a bag in your carry-on. It is better to put aerosol cans in the checked baggage. So, can you bring spray sunscreen on a plane?

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Can You Bring Spray Sunscreen On A Plane Carry-On/Cabin Bag?

Can you take spray sunscreen in carry on?

Yes, you are allowed to bring spray sunscreen in a carry-on bag. That is, if it is less than 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters and enclosed inside a 1-quart resealable bag.

All types of sunscreens are allowed for hand carry, including aerosol sunscreen. As long as you stay within the rules for liquids, you should be safe.

If you are unsure about the rules and regulations regarding your spray-on sunscreen, leave it in your checked baggage. Or leave it at home, so you do not stress yourself out about it. You can always buy sunscreen at the airport or a nearby store on arrival.


Can You Bring Spray Sunscreen In Your Checked Bag?

The TSA determines that aerosols and liquids are safe to bring aboard airplanes. All containers that are larger than the allowed 3.4 ounces for carry-on bags must be stored in checked bags.

So, if you want to travel with your larger aerosol cans of spray-on sunscreen, you can put them in your check-in baggage in limited quantities.

Do not take a whole box of aerosol cans in your checked baggage. Only a limited amount is permitted.

According to the TSA rules, an unlimited number of any toiletry containers are allowed in your checked baggage. But as we said earlier, it’s not clear if they will allow lots of the same product in your checked baggage.


Best Travel-Friendly Sunscreens for Carry-On

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    2. Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion
    3. Coppertone Sunscreen Spray
    4. Sun Bum Premium Day Tripper
    5. Baby Bum Sunscreen
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Where Should You Pack Spray Sunscreen?

It’s best to put spray sunscreen in your checked baggage.

If you are traveling with only a carry-on bag with for a quick there-and-back trip, you may carry your spray sunscreen with you as long as you follow the TSA’s rules for liquids.

You are only allowed to carry a maximum of 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters of your favorite spray sunscreen in your hand luggage.

Pack all of your 3.4-ounce containers inside a 1-quart resealable see-through plastic bag. Each passenger is allowed just one of these 1-quart resealable plastic bags. So, it’s better to put your spray sunscreen in your checked baggage if possible.


Will Sunscreen Explode in the Plane

Will Sunscreen Explode In The Cabin?

Does spray sunscreen explode inside a plane? You can bring spray sunscreen in your carry-on. It’s safe to bring with you in the cabin.

It is also safe to bring toiletries aboard the plane with you in your carry-on luggage. The cabin is pressurized, and it is therefore safe to bring your sunscreen along. It won’t explode in the cabin.

Will Spray Sunscreen Explode In The Luggage?

Will aerosol cans explode in checked luggage? No, you can pack aerosol spray sunscreen in your checked baggage without fear of it exploding.

The reason why it won’t explode is that the whole airplane is pressurized, which helps prevent the aerosol spray from exploding. So, can you put aerosols in your suitcase on a plane?

Yes, it is safe to do that.


Why Bring Sunscreen With You When You Fly?

If you get on the plane for a quick weekend getaway, you will want to take your favorite sunscreen with you. You will need the necessary protection against the sun’s rays. You’re not excepted from UV rays when you’re up in the air. Also your skin is actually in a more vulnerable state since it’s less exposed to moisture it usually gets on the ground.

You may consider buying it where you land, but what if you can’t find your preferred spray sunscreen where you go?

Another question is, can you buy it at the airport at your destination?

It’s better to be prepared and be protected.


Can you Take Spray Sunscreen on a Plane – A Wrap Up

So, can I bring spray sunscreen on a plane? Can you pack spray sunscreen in carry-on or luggage?

Yes, you can pack it anywhere that is convenient for you. There are many sunscreens available in travel-friendly sizes. Feel free to add them into your big cosmetic bag when travelling!

If you need more advice, we have packing tips for a vacation or packing makeup for air travel!

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What are your packing tips for aerosols?

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  1. Sophie Wentworth 3 years ago

    Good to know, I’m not a fan of spray SPF as I find I get a more even application with regular creams but useful information for anyone who does prefer the spray varieties x


    • Ellis James Designs 3 years ago

      The spray variety is super convenient and keep your hands clean so it’s quite useful especially when in transit!

  2. The Newbury Girl 3 years ago

    I never realized you could bring aerosols on a plane if they met the ounce requirements! I really appreciate the list of travel-friendly sunscreens, too.

    • Ellis James Designs 3 years ago

      It seems we can! And these cabin-friendly sunscreens are great options, you’re very welcome!

  3. Simone 3 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this and answering questions probably a lot of people have about flying with sunscreen.

    xoxo Simone |

    • Ellis James Designs 3 years ago

      You’re very welcome, Simone!

  4. Ashley 3 years ago

    SPF when you fly is sooo key- those UV rays are so damaging!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    • Ellis James Designs 3 years ago

      You’re absolutely right! Mustn’t forget sunscreen and moisturizer for the plane!

  5. Pablo Parra (Fungi) 10 months ago

    Thanks for this interesting and important post!

    Actually even if I try to reduce the space in my luggage, I must not forget about cleanser and sunscreen (and many other beauty supplies but these are the most important for me). I have been traveling with spray sunscreen to many places and no big deal for now, but all of these tips are important to remember, specially if you’re planning to do an international trip.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    • Ellis James Designs 10 months ago

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Pablo! Hope your weekend was lovely, too!

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