Can You Bring Powder Makeup on a Plane?

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Traveling is great fun and jetting off to a new, exotic destination comes with thrills that can’t be found with any other activity. That’s why so many people enjoy vacations in new places so much.

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However, with the strict rules imposed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), packing has lately become much more of a chore. You need to carefully consider what you pack, especially when it comes to cosmetics.

Powder makeup has become even trickier after powders have come under scrutiny, and you should know how the TSA feels about it.

The TSA has introduced strict regulations regarding the amount of bottled water, toothpaste, and other liquid and gel-based items you’re allowed to bring onto a plane, but you might find yourself asking several questions about the rules on powders, specifically makeup powders.

There are different ways that you can bring your belongings onto a plane, such as purses, carry-on luggage, and checked luggage. We will take a look at each option.

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Can You Take Powder on a Plane?

TSA makeup rules are strict, but in general, you shouldn’t have much to worry about.

Unless, of course, you’re planning on taking tons of powder on board, but who does that?

Are Powders Allowed in Hand Luggage?

You might consider taking all your makeup with you on the plane for those important touch-ups just before landing.

However, with the regulations around makeup and powders, you might be unsure if that would be okay.

According to the regulations that went into effect in June, if you’ve packed your powdered cosmetics in a carry-on bag, you should expect to undergo extra screening.

If the TSA officers aren’t able to identify the powder, it should be packed into checked baggage or completely discarded.

should you bring powders and powder makeup on the plane

Can You Bring Eyeshadow Palettes on a Plane?

There’s no difference between the different kinds of powdered makeup that you use (at least, not in the eyes of the TSA officials).

The same regulations apply to eyeshadow as to any other powders.

So, you can take eyeshadow palettes on a plane without worrying that you’ll get into serious trouble for it.

Can You Take Makeup on a Plane In Your Hand Luggage?

You certainly can.

Your liquid toiletries and makeup have to adhere to TSA requirements. Every makeup container has to be less than 3.4 ounces or 100ml, and it must all fit in a one-liter clear zip baggie.

When it comes to lipstick – yes, it’s allowed. Makeup brushes and eyeliners are allowed, as well.

Can You Bring Makeup on a Plane?

As long as you stick to the above-mentioned requirements, you will be allowed to take your makeup with you on your travels!

Can You Bring Makeup in Your Checked Luggage?

You will be allowed to pack your makeup in luggage that will be checked.

If you’re taking liquid makeup with you (which you would, of course), just be sure to keep them to a size of less than 100ml.

Also, the makeup containers must all be able to fit into one single quart-sized zip bag.

Where in Your Luggage do You Pack Your Powder Makeup?

Now that you know the TSA makeup regulations, you might be wondering where you should pack your powder makeup.

After all, you can’t just throw it in your luggage or carry on and forget about it.

Well, you could, but that might cause the powder to get damaged and ruin it for your next use.

You might also wonder if you can take your makeup on a plane in your purse, and the short answer is: yes, as long as it isn’t more than 12 ounces.

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In addition, the bag, which is made from quilted nylon, comes with brush holders, organizer pockets, and a discrete zipper pocket.

These features make packing your makeup an absolute breeze. Plus, it’s water-resistant, in case you were worried about protection against liquids.

Traveling With Powders in Your Luggage

If the latest TSA makeup regulations have you worried, you now know that you’ll be just fine. As long as you stick to the rules — which aren’t that strict, to be honest.

You have the answer to the question that has been bothering many women — is check-in or carry-on packing for powder makeup better?

Either is fine, but it depends on what you prefer.

If you’d like to apply makeup while on the plane, you’d pack your makeup, including your powders, in your carry-on bag. If you’re not worried about that, you can safely use your check-in luggage for storage.

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Happy travels!

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  1. Thanks for the insight, I don’t take all my make-up on board with me only my lipstick/lipgloss.


  2. This is very interesting – I didn’t know that TSA had additional rules that even powdered makeup have to go through more screening. I usually bring travel size touch ups and leave it in my 3-1-1 bag. The rest is usually in check in. Thanks for sharing this information!

    Nancy ♥

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