How to Organize a Purse Without Pockets

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Some purses (such as the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, Tory Burch totes, and even your everyday eco bag to name a few), come with no compartments at all. This can make a mess of all the items inside. Despite being more prone to messes, we all have at least one favorite pocketless purse. They are absolutely fashionable, and they are the perfect accessories for many outfits. However much we love these bags, do we have any idea how to organize a purse without pockets?

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How to Organize an Everyday Bag Without Pockets

The first step is to empty your bag – that’s right, take all of it right out.

Take this opportunity to also clean the inside of your bag properly and remove any debris you may have there.

Of the messy pile of products you took out, start putting them into piles: electronics (that includes cables, phone chargers, earphones), care products (such as moisturizers, makeup products, gum), all types of cards (ID and credit cards), medication (if applicable) and any rubbish you might have collected in there.

Throw away anything you don’t need anymore (yes those old receipts, expired cards, promotional flyers, wrappers).

Now, have a look at your pile of products and decide which ones are absolutely necessary.

For instance, you may do with only one lipstick, not five of them; the same goes for other products in your care pile. Discard or remove any items that you rarely use from your purse.

Now you need to start packing them back in. The first step is to include absolutely necessary items (such as home and car keys, wallet, and hand sanitizer).

You can store creams and other beauty products in standing makeup case or smaller containers. This will save space in your bag, along with significantly reducing the weight of your purse.

Place all your cards and ID documents together for easier location and handling. Keep all the documents you often use in one place, and consider storing all the loyalty cards you rarely use in a less accessible place.

Try as much as possible to keep your items segmented inside your purse. Keep electronics together, personal items together, and important documents together. Even without pockets to separate them, you’d still be able to make them look neat and organized this way!

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How to Organize an Evening Bag Without Pockets

Evening bags are, suffice to say, smaller in size and smaller in space than your regular bag. Therefore it’s wise that you keep only absolute essentials in your evening bag.

Here is a quick checklist to ensure that you only carry around the important stuff for your evening outing.

  • Firstly, make sure you take your ID and debit/credit cards, as they are critical. Double-check that you always have them before leaving the house.
  • Consider adding some cash, for emergencies.
  • Don’t forget your keys! Consider ridding your keys of bulky keychains for the evening.
  • Your phone is important! Make sure you’ve got that thing charged, because power banks can’t exactly fit in your purse.
  • A lipstick and a powder compact are usually all you need for a night out!

In case you’ve got more room:

  • A small tissue pack, because you never know.
  • A small pack of mints might also come in handy – for that after-meal talk at a small table, fresh breath is essential.
  • A thin comb might come in handy, to fix up your hairstyle.
  • Lastly, pop in a couple of painkillers for emergencies.

Due to the limited space, there isn’t really much to be done in terms of maneuvering your things around. The best tip is to keep everything in place and not just toss them into your evening bag. Fold up that receipt, tuck that card in, and keep your items only absolutely essential!

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Best options for Pocketless Bag Organization

While having only necessary items is an important part of being organized, they still sometimes get messed around your bag. Messes are unavoidable, especially in a hurry, but we shouldn’t let that deter us from using our favorite bags.

In this situation, here are a few extra tips on how to keep your pocketless bag organized:


Another way is to use pouches to keep your pocketless purse organized.

You can use pouches to keep other products separate. For instance, you can opt for a medication-only pouch to store all your pills.

Another use would be to go for an emergency pouch, which includes safety pins, tampons, bandages, tissues, and hand sanitizer.

Haircare products such as a small brush, hair elastics can also be included in your bag, along with a snacks pouch – for a quick bite.

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Bag Organizers

The best option for pocketless purses is a good bag organizer.

We previously mentioned that some bags, such as the Neverfull, come without any pockets. This situation can be easily fixed with a bag organizer. This is inserted in your bag, creating different compartments.

Using a bag organizer allows you to store different types of items (such as makeup, pills, wallet, documents, and chargers) in different sections, so they do not get mixed up.

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What’s your favorite pocketless tote or purse? Do you have tips to share on organizing them? We’d love to know!

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  1. These are great tips! I usually put a small bag inside my larger tote if it doesn’t have any pockets

  2. We’re glad you found the tips useful! And definitely a great idea to streamline when using different purses for many days or occasions!

  3. The hardest part it seems with organizing is really always that – clutter! Not only things we don’t need, but things we tend to hold on to even though we have no purpose for them, which eats up a lot of space. Getting rid of them (or perhaps setting items that can be used aside) not only gives you more room, it also improves your mood!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. These are great suggestions and reminders of things you shouldn’t leave home without. “Remove anything you don’t need” – LOL! For some reason I accrue things I don’t need every week and every month I go through my purse to try to get rid of this stuff. Great post!


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