Can You Bring Dry Shampoo on a Plane? Updated 2022 Rules

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Dry shampoo can be a true lifesaver.  You don’t always have time for a shower or want to be able to freshen up your hair after getting too hot or sweaty.  If you’ll be flying for work or vacation soon, dry shampoo may be at the top of your packing list to make sure you’re able to keep your hair clean and looking its best.

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However, with all the different restrictions for what is and isn’t allowed in your luggage, what are the rules about dry shampoo?  Can you bring dry shampoo on a plane?  Let’s explore this question in the next few sections!

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Dry Shampoo: Consistency is Key

Before we start looking into whether you can bring dry shampoo on a plane, it is important to discuss the different types/forms of dry shampoo.  This is because the type of dry shampoo you’re looking to bring on a plane will make a difference regarding permissibility and the amount you’re allowed to take for your trip.

There are a few main types of dry shampoo.  They include aerosol sprays, powders, foams, texturizing sprays, and mists.

Aerosols are treated a bit differently when flying, so we’ll start by discussing the other types of dry shampoo first, then we’ll go into more details about any restrictions that apply when traveling with aerosols.

Can You Bring Dry Shampoo in a Carry-on Bag?

So, can you bring dry shampoo in a carry-on bag?

As we shared above, we’ll discuss aerosols in a bit, but for now, let’s take a look at the rules regarding other forms of dry shampoo.

If you want to pack powdered dry shampoo in your carry-on, you should be able to do so without issue.  The TSA doesn’t limit powdered substances for carry-on bags.  However, if you carry-on more than 12 ounces, just be prepared for TSA to conduct extra testing on the powder at security.

Other types of dry shampoo—including sprays, foams, and mists—are also considered liquids by the TSA.  As such, you will need to adhere to the 3-1-1 liquids rule for packing these items in your carry-on bag.  All liquids must be packed in a 3.4-ounce or smaller container, such as a travel size dry shampoo.  All of the individual liquids you bring with you must fit in a quart-size Ziploc bag.

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Can You Bring Dry Shampoo in Checked Luggage?

There are no restrictions regarding the quantity of non-aerosol dry shampoo allowed in checked luggage.

You will want to make sure that each container is securely closed, placed inside a plastic bag, and kept away from clothing or other items that could be ruined if the bottle were to open and leak mid-flight.

Can I Bring Aerosol Dry Shampoo on a Plane?

As we mentioned above, the rules for traveling with aerosols often differ from standard liquids.

While many types of aerosols are prohibited from being carried on a plane, the TSA has made exceptions for personal toiletries.  Passengers are allowed to bring aerosol dry shampoos on the plane with them, but as with other liquids, they cannot be in containers larger than 3.4 ounces.

This means that a travel-size aerosol dry shampoo will be allowed in your carry-on bag, but it will also need to fit in the quart-size Ziploc bag with your other liquids.

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If you’re wondering about packing aerosol dry shampoo in your checked bag, unless you’re thinking about packing a ton, there is nothing to worry about.  The TSA does limit each passenger to a maximum of 68 fluid ounces of aerosol toiletries, such as dry shampoo and hairspray.  Additionally, each container of dry shampoo cannot have a capacity larger than 17 fluid ounces.

Make sure that any aerosol containers of dry shampoo that are packed in your checked luggage are securely covered with their lid to prevent them from spraying during the flight.  As mentioned above, you may also want to pack your aerosol containers in Ziploc bags to make sure that they don’t leak on anything else in your suitcase.

Bringing Dry Shampoo on a Plane: Closing Words

When bringing dry shampoo on a plane, it is important to remember that most dry shampoos are considered a liquid by the TSA.  This means that you need to make sure you adhere to the TSA 3-1-1 liquid rule when packing dry shampoo in your carry-on.  Your dry shampoo must be in a container that is no larger than 3.4 ounces, and it must fit in the quart-size bag with all of the other liquid products you plan to bring on the plane with you.  When you remember this simple rule, you should have no worries about bringing dry shampoo on a plane with you.

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Can You Bring Dry Shampoo on a Plane – FAQs

Does dry shampoo count as a liquid?

Is dry shampoo a liquid TSA?  Most dry shampoos are foamy or mousy in consistency, so it is understandable that you may be wondering whether they are considered liquids by the TSA.  However, they do qualify as liquids according to the TSA definition of liquids.  TSA considers anything that is free flowing or viscous, such as creams, gels, or foams, to be liquids.

Will dry shampoo explode on a plane?

There is little danger of dry shampoo exploding on a plane.  While aerosolized dry shampoos can explode if they’re exposed to heat or fire, when they’re left closed in your luggage they shouldn’t pose a risk of exploding.  The TSA does limit the total amount of aerosolized cans of dry shampoo or other beauty products that you’re able to pack, even in your checked luggage.  According to their regulations, you cannot pack any dry shampoo canisters that are larger than 18 ounces each.  You also cannot bring more than 70 ounces of dry shampoo total in your checked bag.

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