Best Destinations for Coffee Lovers

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Within a coffee-oriented society, and with more than 400 billion cups of coffee consumed per year around the world, how else can you not be taken up in this worldwide craze of coffee drinking?

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If you’re a coffee enthusiast like many in today’s society, you’d most probably want to know where your next fix of a cup of coffee will come from at all times. Whether you are on holiday or business, or whatever trip you take anywhere in the world, if you’re a coffee addict, you should know your coffee layout by heart.

For coffee lovers, this is a map of some of the countries and cities that are famous destinations for coffee lovers around the globe.

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London, England

Across the city of London, there is a wealth of coffee culture.

When you’re in London, there is the smell and atmosphere of a coffee culture hanging in the air, creating a picture of a cup of golden-brown coffee and a traditional English muffin on the side. The center of this impression in your mind will always be that cup of rich aromatic coffee, though.

Ozone Coffee Roasters, Leonard Street, London, UK

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Highlights of Ozone Coffee Roasters

Since the beans are freshly roasted in the shop, Ozone is the coffee shop where you can get it fresh all the time. This shop is definitely a part of the coffee lover’s picture of London.

Why This Place is for Coffee Lovers

With an atmosphere of diversity and a variety of mood zones in this shop, you can fit in wherever it suits your mood. Within this abode, coffee lovers from around the globe come together to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Where Else to Visit While in the Area

Grabthai is a nice little canteen for salads and curries. It is also an ideal place for a speedy take away of stir fry and noodles.

Rome, Italy

Rome, the capital of Italy, is one of the best destinations for coffee lovers around the globe.

Sant Eustacchio IL Caffee

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Highlights of Sant Eustacchio IL Caffee

Sant Eustacchio IL Caffee is a very traditional place for coffee lovers from around the world. At this coffee shop, you can get the most traditional and authentic coffees of Italian originality.

Why This Place is for Coffee Lovers

The atmosphere in this place is unique to the Italian inheritance. In this capital city of Italy, the coffee community can make themselves at home in this home of the coffee lover.

Where Else to Visit While in the Area

One of the best and well-preserved buildings of ancient Rome, the Pantheon is a nice place to visit while in the area. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Rome.

Madrid, Spain

Of all the coffees in Madrid, Spain, the most popular way of preparing coffee is espresso. Spanish coffees are a little more bitter than normal due to the torrefacto way of roasting the beans.

Ojala Café

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Highlights of Ojala Café

Ojala Café, in the neighborhood of Malasana on San Andres Street, has a unique atmosphere, and the Spanish way of preparing coffee is for the true coffee lovers of the world.

Why This Place is for Coffee Lovers

If you have never had a cup of Spanish Espresso, you haven’t tasted the coffees of the world. With a basement that has a beach party feel to it, this place attracts lots of world-traveling coffee lovers.

What Else to Visit While on San Andres Street in Madrid

In the center of the Latina district is the legendary church of San Andres. As one of the oldest churches in Spain, this tourist attraction is rich in historical value.

Paris, France

In Paris, cafés are abundant for coffee lovers who come to visit Paris year-round. One of the best is:

Cullier in Paris, France

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Highlights of Cullier in Paris, France

On a small street in Montmartre, there is a café called Cullier. It is only a few minutes’ walk from some of Paris’s great tourist attractions.

Why This Place is for Coffee Lovers

With a delectable display of fantastic pastries and high-quality selections of coffee, this is a must for coffee lovers.

Where Else to Visit While in Montmartre 

Just a few minutes away from Cullier is the Sacre Coeur, a Catholic basilica which is a political and cultural monument serving as penance for France’s defeat in the 1871 Franco-Prussian War. It is conveniently close to the coffee center of Paris.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the main center of the rich traditional German coffees. In the center of the coffee community of Berlin is this café that offers one of the best coffees available.

The Barn Café and Roastery

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Highlights of The Barn Roastery

In this café, you will experience exceptional roasting of fresh beans. This place is definitely for the true coffee lovers of the world.

Why This Place is for Coffee Lovers

This café is the ideal gathering place for the coffee experts and tasters from around the world.

Where Else to Visit While in Berlin

Black Dog Comics has a surprising stock of comic books from around the world. With a friendly staff that is eager to help, this place is a must just 4 minutes away from The Barn.

Best Destinations for Coffee Lovers: Our Pick

The favorite for us is Ozone Coffee Roasters in London. Call us biased, but actually we aren’t!

We love it for the diversity and multicultural atmosphere it creates in the different mood zones for all visitors.

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Which places would you add to our list of best destinations for coffee lovers?

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