The Best Colored Beaches of the World

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When thinking about a vacation at the beach, most of us imagine the dark blue-green sea rolling in and out of the bay, the hot flaring sun kissing our skin. Not to mention the usual pristine white sand, A few might be thinking of gray or brown sand beaches. Who, though, would ever think of purple, pink, orange, green, or red beaches?

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It sounds unreal as if such locations could only be found in fairy tales. Well, think again! If you’re thinking of visiting one of the world’s most exotic beaches for a getaway anytime soon, you might want to consider any of the locations mentioned here.

Just for you, we’ve chosen the best five beaches with exotic scenery and colors here. Marvel at these beautiful places as you dream of that red sand between your toes, and tour the world’s most colorful beaches.

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Black Sand Beaches of the world

Black beaches are perhaps not that uncommon, as several locations across the globe can boast having beautiful black beach sand that decorates their coasts. Nonetheless, it is an exciting experience to visit these locations.

Among the top considered places with black sands are Vik Beach in Iceland.


There is no need for a sun hat when visiting one of the coldest beaches in the world. What better place to marvel at nature’s beauty than one of the greenest places on the globe?

If you want to visit a black sand beach with warmer conditions, you could also consider the many black beaches of Hawaii like the Pololu Valley Beach, Bali’s southeast and east coast beaches or the popular Alaskan coast of Prince William Sound’s Black Sand Beach.

Due to the presence of the black sand in contrast to the blue of the water and white of clouds in a clear blue sky, black sand beaches are especially a favorite to visit by photographers.

If you’re looking for a different experience from the usual beach break away, you should consider these beaches.

Black sands, like the ones found in Alaska, Bali, Iceland, and Hawaii, are most often caused by historical volcanic activity. Elements abundant in volcanic ash and rock (like basalt, titanium, or iron) washed into the coastal sand over long periods of time. They colored the sand darker than what is normal.

Red Sand Beaches to visit

If it’s red beach sand that you would like to experience, then make your way to Santorini in Greece. Sink your feet into the blood-colored sands of Red Beach.

Red sand beaches are a bit less common to find than black, but there are several places in the world that have beautiful red sand beaches. If Greece is not the place you want to visit, then Kaihululu, Maui in Hawaii is an option that you can try.

In most cases, the discrimination of volcanic activity that was richer in iron, or specially produced red lava rocks that eroded into the sand by years of exposure to the elements result in red sand beaches.

Green Sand Beaches to check out

Papakolea Beach in Hawaii is one of very few green sand beaches in the world.

This is an ideal location to visit if you want to dream of emerald sand between your toes.

There are only four known locations where one would find green sand beaches that include the Galapagos Islands, Norway, and Guam.

Green sand beaches are caused by olivine crystals that eroded onto the beach sand from nearby volcano cones, as seen in Hawaii.

Pink Sand Beaches to behold

Although one of the oddest colors to consider a beach to be, it sounds nonetheless exotic and beautiful to experience. Pink beaches, like the one found in Bermuda, are surprisingly common to find.

Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda is perhaps the most popular known location to find pink beach sand. But places like Indonesia, Greece, Barbados, and the Bahamas all have pink sands for your pleasure.

Pink sand on beaches is most often caused by pink quartz washed into the sand from nearby deposits.

Purple Sand Beaches to see

Of all the rarest beach sand colors, purple is considered probably the most infrequent.

Known, as of yet, to only be found in California , Big Sur is a secret hidden on the Pfeiffer Beach.

The presence of quartz and garnet in the sand colors the shore violet.

It sounds like a mythical tale where the heroes walked on sands of purple. A must-visit location if you want to marvel at nature’s beauty.

Best colored beaches in the world: Packing reminder before you go!

The beach is probably one of the best travel destinations ever. What could make it better than a visit to one of the world’s most colorful beach resorts?

Here’s a packing list for a beach resort vacation, to make sure you bring everything you need. Wouldn’t want to leave anything vital out of your large cosmetics organizer! Don’t forget to pack your accessories in a travel jewelry organizer.

Don’t forget to pack that reef-friendly sunscreen, like Sun Bum, if you are visiting a warmer location where you can swim. For other sun protection options, heck out the best sunscreens to use for acne-prone skin.

Bring warm clothes if you’re headed to the cold, black sands of Iceland, though!

Remember to leave some space for souvenirs. Or else who’ll believe that you sank your feet into purple sands?

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What do you think of these destinations? Where would you like to go in this list of best colored beaches in the world?

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