What To Pack For A Beach Resort Vacation

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Whether you’re going alone or with family, preparing for a vacation can be exciting. At times, perhaps a little stressful. Everyone is so hyped about the trip, so excited to see the beach and anxious about the flight, and no one is thinking straight. It would be bothersome to have forgotten an essential item that you would now have to enjoy the vacation without. Do you know what to pack for a beach resort vacation?

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Tips for What To Pack For A Beach Resort Vacation

It is important to plan. Make a clear checklist of what has to be packed and, on the day of departure, you’ll ensure that everything is ready to go. Overpacking can become a problem, especially if you have to haul your own luggage, but there is a simple way of avoiding this habit!

Keep your checklist focused on essential items and items that have multi-purpose use and could save space. Keep in mind that you would want to keep space in your bags for those souvenirs you might want to bring back. If you may need to stock up on a few new travel bags and cases, then feel free to check out these beauties, ideal for storing makeup and keeping it sand-free on the beach.

No two checklists will be exactly the same, but it should at least contain most of these essential items that you should bring on any vacation, regardless of the location.

here's what to pack for the beach

Traveling documents

If you’re leaving the country, you should take along your passport, which you can keep safe in a passport holder, and other identification documents, as well as your driver’s license.

Sanitary and toiletry products

You don’t want to spend your pocket money on a toothbrush while enjoying your vacation, but items like that are essential. Make sure that you pack toiletries and have back up sanitary products in case your hotel room doesn’t have any that are suitable for your skin.


Plan your wardrobe ahead of time to save the trouble of last-minute overpacking. That can happen easily with a well-organized closet. Consider how long you will be staying, what places you’re going to visit, and whether or not you’d want to spend time and money on laundry while still on vacation.

Making use of laundry services can save a lot of space by limiting the number of clean clothes that would be necessary to pack. Here is how to take care of your clothes so you can always be prepared with fresh and goo looking outfits. Different types of shoes for all the different activities and locations should also be included, but don’t overpack. Consider the many uses offered by each item.

Sandals are good footwear for visiting the beach, park, zoo, or any casual activity, but, if you plan on hiking, you would need to bring along hiking shoes, which should suit every other activity, too.


If you suffer from any allergies or illnesses that may require you to take medication, then you should keep these among the essentials. Keep painkillers, bug spray, and insect bite treatment, as well as antiseptic cleansers, handy to treat unexpected ailments and injuries.


If you bring along any needed electronics, like tablets, phones, and music players, you should not neglect to bring along extra batteries or power banks.

Also, include any adapters that will be required if you visit a foreign country.

What to pack for a beach vacation for females

Nothing is worse than walking on a foreign beach and seeing another woman in the same swimsuit as you. There is no true prevention for such a problem, but, if you included a beach cover-up on your checklist, no one should be able to notice the embarrassment.

Here is a common guide to beach packing that women will perhaps want to consider. Amazon is a wonderful place to find any of the items you may be missing, or if you want to spend a little for new accessories to wear on your beach resort getaway.

For the sanitary bag

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For the luggage:

  • Underwear, at least one set per day of stay and length of the trip
  • Socks, as many as necessary
  • Sleepwear
  • Casual everyday shirts, dresses, and pants
  • Light jacket/Sweater
  • Swimsuits and beach cover-up dress
  • Hats and accessories (sunglasses, jewelry, etc.)
  • Water shoes. A pair of VIFUUR would be ideal
  • Leisure shoes
  • Athletic shoes

For the beach bag

  • Beach umbrella
  • Towels
  • Beach blanket
  • Foldable chairs (optional). Try the Travel Chair Slacker.
  • Snorkel gear
  • Beach toys
  • Waterproof phone casing
  • Any other entertainment you find necessary

Beach packing list for teenage girls

For young girls, the list would mostly appear the same as for women, but it would include a few must-have items for teenagers and younger women.

  • I-Pod/ portable music player
  • Power bank
  • Headphones, the AILIHEN MS300 is a stylish option
  • Camera and memory cards
  • Makeup kit
  • Extra towels
  • Personal entertainment items, like magazines, etc.
  • Chapstick with SPF
  • Feminine hygiene products. Preferably use tampons when you go to the beach or swimming, as other products will absorb moisture

What to take to the beach for a baby or toddler

Beach packing for the family would usually be an all-inclusive list, but, if you have a toddler or younger baby, space would have to be made for all the supplies needed by a younger child. If you have to, pack an extra bag for the baby supplies so you can be sure that everything is neatly packed and not left behind.

For the baby bag

  • Sanitizing products that contain moisture, like wet wipes
  • Diapers and disposable nappies and, if needed, bring extras for all emergencies
  • Sunscreen, an essential requirement for younger children who would be spending more time in the sun than adults
  • Umbrellas dedicated for the children, a good option to protect them from the sun
  • Wide-brimmed hats, another method that works best together with all the other options
  • Hooded beach towels, such as the Mini Boo bamboo towels
  • Collapsible beach stroller or wagon
  • Beach toys like sandcastle molds, shovels, beach balls, etc.
  • Swim armbands or vests
  • Inflatables and safety swimwear for little children
  • Baby powder, which is very useful for removing sand that gets stuck on children’s feet and shoes, and it fights the irritation sand may cause

Beach packing list for the family

Your family beach packing list will not change much when it comes to the essentials, but, to ensure that everything is packed, organize your list to include every person’s needs. Every family out there is different and varies in size, so there is no blueprint that you could follow to any exact specifications without leaving personal necessities behind.

Off to the Beach!

Of all the important things to take along, there are only two things you should never neglect to bring along to the beach. Good spirits and kind manners.

No trip or vacation will ever be fully enjoyed without these. The most important thing is to always have fun!

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What’s your packing list for a beach vacation like? Did we miss any?

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