Can I Bring Liquid Foundation in My Carry-On?

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In order to promote safety as we soar through the sky towards our dream vacations,  the TSA has enacted rules on what can be taken in your carry-on. This may have you asking a lot of questions, especially the ladies. What are the rules when it comes to packing your make-up? Can you take your favorite liquid makeup on the plane with you? Can I bring liquid foundation in my carry-on?

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There rules may change and get updated every year for safety reasons. But starting with the basic rules and tips for travel with liquids can be quite helpful.

So, we are going to look at the key rules and some suggestions on how best to pack your makeup so that you can touch up your look for that fresh-off-the-plane selfie.

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This knowledge may be just the thing that helps reduce the chance of missing that flight and ending up with a delayed vacation.

It can also save you money, as knowing how to pack and what you can bring will also decrease the chance of having to throw out some of your favorite cosmetics.

So, let’s get to the do’s and don’ts of flying with a liquid foundation in your carry-on. How must we pack liquid foundation or any liquid makeup and cosmetic product?

Can You Bring Liquid Foundation on a Plane? TSA Rules

TSA has very strict rules about liquids in your carry-on.

The easiest way to deal with them is to follow the 3-1-1 rule to the letter.

The first part of that is making sure that your foundation does not go over the allotted 3.4 oz. of liquid that is permitted.

Along with this, you also have to make sure that all your liquids, gels, and aerosols all fit in a clear, resealable bag that is 1 qt. size.

Make sure to pack that bag somewhere that it easy to reach, as you will have to remove it at the security checkpoint. This bag will have to go through the scanner or be checked separately, so this will make things move along much smoother.

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How to Pack Your Liquid Foundation for Travel Properly

Since all your liquids and liquid-like substances need to be placed in a quart bag, you may be thinking that all of your kit is not going to fit. That’s why it is best to just carry the basics on board, like your liquid foundation, lip gloss, and mascara. That way, you can freshen up when needed.

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Also, there are many makeup products that you may be confused if they are considered a liquid or not, such as gels or creams. When in doubt, count them as liquids and add them to your freezer bag.

When dealing with your liquid foundation, you may have a bottle or tube that does not meet the size requirements. In this case, a great option is to buy clear, disposable, travel-size containers to store it in while on your travels.

As for your liquid foundation, you may also want to pack it in its own individual freezer bag in case of breakage or leakage. This way, there is no chance of losing the precious little amount you have, or of it interfering with other liquids that will also be in your freezer bag. Liquid foundation brushes and tools are safe to bring as-is, but recommended you secure them so that your cute makeup case doesn’t get messy. Or better yet in makeup brush travel case made specifically to keep them safe.

If you are concerned with the number of products that you have to cram into that small baggie, you may want to choose a liquid foundation that does two jobs for the price of one. Products like BB cream that can be used as a foundation and moisturizer are perfect for this.

Packing Liquid Foundations for Travel

So, as you can see, with a little care and planning, it is quite easy to bring your liquid foundation on the plane stored neatly in your carry-on!

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What are your packing tips for liquids in carry-on?

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