Can You Take a Hair Straightener on a Plane – 2023 Luggage Update

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Can you take a hair straightener on a plane? That’s a good question! No matter what you carry on a plane, it is important that you know the rules and regulations surrounding it. Especially for electronic or gas-operated equipment! So, can you take a hard straightener on a plane? Let’s find out now!

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Can You Take A Hair Straightener On A Plane – 2022 Luggage Update

Can You Carry a Hair Straightener on a Plane?

Yes, you can take a hair straightener on a plane. There is nothing about ordinary hair straighteners that would prohibit you from bringing them aboard. This is true for both U.K. and U.S. airlines.

However, there are certain types of hair styling tools and hair straighteners that may not be permitted for luggage holds and carry on bags.

Difference Between Carry On and Hold Luggage

In case you aren’t already aware, there are often different rules and regulations tied to what you can bring on a plane in a carry on bag versus luggage holds bag.

Carry On Bags and Hair Straighteners

Carry on bags are bags that will go with you on a plane. They are usually placed under your seat or can be stored in the overhead storage compartments over your head. Hair gels, creams, aerosols, and yes, electric hair straighteners are typically allowed in carry ons.

The following are examples of items you cannot bring in a carry on bag (this list is NOT exhaustive):

  • Liquids, pastes, or gels that are in bottles more than 100 ml
  • Ammunition
  • Guns
  • Stun guns  
  • Tasers
  • Sharp objects
  • Explosives 
  • Fuels like butane and propane
  • Electronic lighters, e-lighters, and other types of lighters
  • Tools more than seven inches long
  • Potentially dangerous chemicals (such as bleach)

Note: While butane hair straighteners may seem to be in violation of the above guidelines for what you can bring on a plane, TSA rules condone butane hair straighteners in a carry on bag. However, the butane straightener (or other butane fueled hair styling tools) must have a specialty safety cover fitted over the heating element. It must also be free from the possibility of turning on by accident.

Can You Take a Hair Straightener on a Plane

Luggage Holds and Hair Straighteners

Luggage holds, otherwise known as “checked baggage” or “checked bag”, is luggage that is inaccessible to the owner during the flight. This also includes during stopovers. There are quite a few things that are unable to be held in checked baggage, so we won’t bother listing each thing here.

Still, it is important to know that though you may be able to keep your regular hair straighteners and other hair styling tools in checked luggage, you cannot take your butane hair straightener this way. Unfortunately, you’ll either have to carry your butane hair straightener with you onboard or you’ll have to leave it at home.

The reason for this is likely due to the risk of accidental explosion. Though annoying, it’s really for the safety of everyone. So, if you can, simply carry your butane fueled hair styling tools in your hand baggage with a protective cover.

Can I Use a Battery-Powered Flat Iron/ HairDryer on an Airplane?

There are, of course, some flat irons that may have batteries instead of being operated by butane or electric. In this case, you’ll want to bring the straightener with you as carry on luggage.

This is because lithium ion batteries are a prohibited item and thus can only be carried in checked bags rather than the other way around. Therefore, only bring hair straighteners requiring lithium batteries if you have room to carry them aboard with you.

Can You Take a Hair Straightener on a Plane

Can You Bring a Hair Straightener on a Plane Carry On?

Remember that it is perfectly fine to bring tools to straighten hair and other hair styling products in your carry on bag. No further action needs to be taken if the styling tools are fully electric.

Recall, however, that if these expensive tools require lithium ion batteries or butane, adherence to specific rules will need to be followed.

Can You Take Hair Straighteners in Hand Luggage?

Always keep your battery operated straightening tools with you in your hand luggage. Also, keep your butane fueled styling tools wrapped in a protective cover.

Electric straighteners that don’t use butane or lithium ion batteries are fair game for both hand luggage as well as checked baggage.

Butane Fueled Hair Straighteners

Though the answer to can you take a hair straightener on a plane is usually yes, the answer differs when it comes to butane fueled hair straighteners.

Can You Take a Butane Hair Straightener or a Butane Curling Iron on Airplanes?

As we’ve already mentioned, you must use a protective covering for both your butane fueled curling iron, hair straighteners, or other hair styling tools if you plan to bring them as a carry on. The protective cover must cover the entirety of the heating element.

If you wish to bring these items with you as checked bags, you won’t be able to. Remember that a checked bag cannot have butane fueled items in them.

Considerations When Packing a Hair Straightener

When packing hair straighteners either for carry on luggage or your checked bag, consider the following packing hacks:

  • Double check the type of flat irons that you are carrying. Know whether or not they are battery operated, butane fueled, or electrical as this will matter when boarding your flight.
  • If butane fueled, ensure you have a suitable protective covering for your styling tools before placing them in your carry on luggage. Ensure there is no chance that the hair straightener could be accidentally switched on.
  • If your hair straightener is battery operated, plan to have it with you in your carry on bag. Remember that a flat iron that is powered this way cannot be placed in checked luggage.
  • If you find your flat iron to still be hot before placing it either in your carry on bags or checked luggage, try wrapping them in a pot holder before placing them in your suitcase. This will prevent them from burning or melting adjacent items in the bag.
  • Know that if you’ve got an electrical hair straightener on a plane, it should be fine. Assuming that it doesn’t also take lithium ion batteries, you should be able to keep it in both checked luggage and also hand luggage.

Can You Bring a Hair Straightener on a Plane in Checked Luggage?

Yes, you can bring a hair straightener on a plane in checked luggage, assuming that it isn’t butane fueled or battery operated.

Can You Take Hair Straighteners on a Plane Ryanair?

Yes, you can take hair straighteners on a plane for Ryanair. But be sure to follow the guidelines outlined here in the post to ensure that your hair straightener is indeed compliant.

Can I Bring a Hair Straightener on a Plane American Airlines?

American Airlines has very specific regulations on the types of batteries they allow when flying with them. Check out their website or give them a ring for any specific questions relating to battery operated hair straighteners.

A normal electric hair straightener should be fine both for hand luggage and also checked bags.

Can I Bring a Hair Straightener in My Carry-On Delta?

Follow the guidelines as detailed in this post for carrying a hair straightener on a Delta airlines plane.

Can I Bring a Hair Straightener in My Carry On Southwest?

Your typical flat iron with a cord should be allowed on Southwest Airlines planes. If you have any questions, be sure to give them a call. Usually, however, your standard hair straightener will be allowed on flights with no problems.

Best Travel Hair Straighteners

When traveling with a flat iron, do your best to select those with a cord as these are the ones with the least amount of regulations concerning them. You may also wish to choose a “miniature” flat iron. These will be easier to carry with you in hand luggage, but will also fit sleekly in your checked bags. They are less clunky when taking them in and out of bags while you’re traveling abroad.

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Can You Take a Hair Straightener on a Plane? In Most Cases, Yes…

In most cases, it is perfectly acceptable to take a hair straightener with you on a plane. Know that bringing a straightener with you that contains batteries or is butane fueled will require you to do some planning and adjusting. 

Remember that butane fueled and battery operated hair straighteners will not be allowed in checked luggage. Instead, you’ll be required to carry them with you as hand luggage.

We hope this helps answer the question, “Can you take a hair straightener on a plane?” See you next time!

Can You Take a Hair Straightener on a Plane – FAQs

Can you bring a hair dryer on a plane?

Yes. A hair dryer can be taken on a plane in terms of both hand luggage and checked luggage.

Can you take a curling iron on a plane?

Yes, but you’ll need to follow the same guidelines you would with butane hair straighteners if your curling iron is fueled by butane. Otherwise, you should be able to easily board a plane with your electric curling iron with no problem.

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