Moxielash vs Glamnetic – Which Eyelash Brand Is Better (a Comparison Review)

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If you’re looking to buy magnetic lashes, you may be wondering about Moxielash vs Glamnetic. Which magnetic liners and false eyelashes are best? Are they worth checking out? If that’s you, take a seat. In this post, we’ll be going over the details of how Moxielash vs Glamnetic stack up and which is best in terms of performance, sustainability, and more.

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Moxielash Vs Glamnetic – Which Eyelash Brand Is Better (a Comparison Review)

Which Is Better Glamnetic vs Moxielash?

Which is better between Glamnetic lashes and Moxielash will depend on what you need. Both brands offer luscious fluffy lashes that easily adhere to your lashline using magnetic eyeliner with no lash glue. But although the two brands are similar they aren’t the same. In this post, we’ll be going into detail about the different aspects of these two magnetic liner and magnetic lashes brands, and giving you our honest opinions about which brand wins out.

But before we do this, allow us to offer you a little information about each brand.

What Is Moxielash Lash Kit?

Moxielash was founded in 2017 by Val Yakovchik in San Diego, California. Moxielash is known for its natural-looking and fluffy fake lashes that stick to the eye using their coveted Vitamin-E-infused magnetic eyeliner.

Moxielash features 40 lashes many of which vary in style and design. They advertise the lashes as being waterproof and reusable for up to 60 wears. This is quite an assertion! Thus, Moxielash has grown wildly in popularity and still remains a strong contender in the world of magnetic lashes.

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What Is Glamnetic? (Lashes)

Though Moxielash made glue lashes a thing of the past in 2017, Glamnetic lashes came not long after and practically stole the show. Similar to Moxielash, Glamnetic lashes offer lash kits that can be applied to the eye through magnetic liner without the use of lash glue.

They come with six magnets that adhere to magnetic liner with this number of lashes being unique to their brand. What’s even more notable about Glamnetic lashes is their assortment. Glamnetic lashes come in synthetic fibers, mink fibers, half lash kits, and more. They offer colorful, cat eye, round, and wispy lashes as well. In total there are over 50 different styles of lashes offered!

These factors alone have really caused Glamnetics to stand out amongst its competitors. In addition, Glamnetic offers other products, such as fake nails. All in all, Glamnetics has a lot to offer.

But how do these two brands stack up in terms of sustainability and performance? Stay tuned to find out!

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Does Glamnetic Really Work?

For the most part, yes! Many love wearing Glamnetic lashes and claim they work better than any other magnetic lash out there. But of course not every user’s experience will be the same as another’s.

When using Glamnetic, Moxielash, or another brand of magnetic lashes, be sure to use best practices when applying them. 

Moxielash vs Glamnetic – How They Compare

Ready to find out how Moxielash vs Glamnetic lashes kit compare with one another? Let’s dive in.

Glamnetic vs Moxielash, Which One Is Better?

Moxielash vs Glamnetic: Performance

In terms of performance, Glamnetic lashes really shine. As long as you follow the directions given by the manufacturer, Glamnetic lashes tend to stay in place virtually all day. The trick? Be sure to apply the lashes when the liner is 80% dry. Applying Glamneitic lashes over liner that is completely dry may not perform as well.

Moxielash, on the other hand, tends to offer a mixed bag performance-wise. While it is true that Moxielash products are designed to adhere magnetic lashes to the magnetic liner, it doesn’t always work out this way. Some Moxielash lashes pop loose at the slightest watering of your eye or may lift at the corners. While this may not be a dealbreaker for everyone, it is definitely worth mentioning when comparing them to Glamnetic lashes.

Moxielash vs Glamnetic: Sustainability and Ingredients

Both Moxielash and Glamnetic have quite a bit to offer in terms of sustainability and ingredients. Beginning with the former, Glamnetic makes specific efforts to encourage users to reuse their lash kit boxes and boxes from other Glamnetic products for other purposes. In addition, Glamnetic offers half lash options for the many customers who may not want the full gamut of lashes on their lovely lids.

By comparison, Moxielash does not offer half lash options nor do they seem to specifically target topics relating to sustainability. Nevertheless, the two brands share the fact that both sell magnetic liners that contain iron oxide and are in compliance with EWG and FDA guidelines. Also, both brands feature vegan and cruelty-free lashes, which we think is pretty amazing!

Moxielash vs Glamnetic: Options

As previously mentioned, Moxielash and Glamnetic differ slightly in the products they offer.

Glamnetic products offer 50 different lashes. And trust us, these lashes stand out! Coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, you’re bound to find something you love when it comes to Glamnetic products.

Having said that, Moxielash also carries a wide range of lashes, albeit only 40. The main benefit of Moxielash options over Glamnetic magnetic lashes is that they are more natural. They feature a more natural curve than Glamnetic and also a thinner lash band. Many also note that Moxielash is awesome for people who want something thin along their lash line. Also, if you consider yourself to have short lashes and a wide eye shape, you may really love Moxielash for their voluminous fluff and realism.

Number of Styles4050
Vitamin-E Infused Magnetic Liner?yesno- regular magnetic liner
Longevity?60+ uses50+ uses
Six-Magnet Lashes?noyes
Requires Glue to Use?nono

Glamnetic vs Moxielash Review Outlook

To be honest, the differences in reviews when comparing Moxielash vs Glamnetic are quite startling. According to what we’ve seen on Amazon, most people swoon over the lashes featured by Glamnetic. Meanwhile, Moxielash receives not-so-hot reviews by comparison. So, what gives?

First and foremost, it’s important to keep in mind that both Glamnetic and Moxielash each feature different products within their own brand. Some of these products undoubtedly perform better than others. It’s a well-known fact that Moxielash lovers adore the magnetic lashes featured in the Honey and Wedding Kits. They also go gah-gah for Moxielash Sassy Lash and Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner in Cocoa. So, why such harsh reviews?

From what it seems, those who aren’t content with Moxielash’s offerings state that the magnetic lashes lift in the corners and don’t stay on as long as they’d like. Some also claim the liner to be clumpy upon use, difficult to draw on manually, and red eyelids after using the product.

As expected, Moxielash magnetic eyeliner is difficult to get off. But so are most magnetic liners. Just be sure to use oil rather than makeup remover to get the job done, and you should be good to go!

In light of the above Moxielash review, you may be wondering what Glamnetic lash users have to say. Honestly, they give mostly positive reviews. Apart from your typical “this liner is hard to get off” most people say the lashes are easy to apply and stay on the majority of the day.

Still, there are a few people who state that even the Glamnetic lashes don’t stay on well. This may be contributed to the fact that you must wait until the eyeliner is 80% dry before applying the magnetic eyelashes.

Either way, there are some buyers out there that still don’t think Glamnetic is worthy of your time. But most of them do!

So, are there any real cons to purchasing Glamnetic lashes? Though their products are awesome, many proclaim their customer service to be lacking. On top of this, many balk at the Glamnetic expedited shipping costs which are said to be much too high.

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Is It Safe to Use Magnetic Eyelashes?

Most magnetic lashes are FDA-approved and safe for your lashes. That isn’t to say, however, that you won’t experience a negative reaction on your skin.

As we’ve mentioned before, some people find that using magnetic lash liners can irritate their eyes and lids. Moreover, some find that after wearing magnetic eyelashes that their own eyelashes begin to feel quite heavy.

How Safe Is MoxieLash?

Moxielash is very safe. The ingredients used in the eyeliner are approved by EWG and the FDA as safe. Still, as with anything else, some people may experience irritation due to their skin’s sensitivity. What’s more, is that some users have reported that the liner sometimes comes off with the magnet which can cause minor irritation to the eye for some time.

All in all, Moxielash is a safe product, however, you need to be sure to apply and remove the lashes according to the directions.

Is Glamnetic Safe if Used on the Eyes?

Glamnetic, like Moxielash, is safe for the eyes when used correctly. Still, some people may experience minor irritation from using the liner, or they may find the lashes to be uncomfortable on their lash line. As always, use magnetic lashes with discretion and discontinue use at the sign of irritation or discomfort.

Moxielash vs Glamnetic Liner

When it comes to magnetic liners in general, know that you’re bound to experience a few problems. For both Moxielash and Glamnetic users, most exclaim that the application can be difficult and even downright frustrating. Also, it is important to note that most magnetic liners will be difficult to remove with just soap, water, or even makeup remover. Instead, you will need to use a gentle oil (such as olive oil or grapeseed) to remove your magnetic liner.

Our best advice? No matter if you’re trying Moxielash eyeliner or Glamnetic, you will need a steady hand and good technique to get a good application. Be sure also to read the packaging ahead of time to ensure you’re using the liners to their full potential.

How Do You Put On Magnetic Lashes?

There are a number of strategies and techniques you can use to apply magnetic lashes. Rather than get into all the nitty gritty details here, we’d encourage you to check out the following video that details exactly how to apply your magnetic lashes the right way. Sometimes a visual is all you need!

What Are the Finest Brands of Magnetic Eyelashes?

If you’re interested in learning more about magnetic lashes, how long they last, and their varying styles, check out the following brands:

  • Luxillia
  • Eylure
  • Glamnetic
  • Moxielash
  • Opulence MD Beauty
  • One Two Cosmetics

Moxielash vs Glamnetic: Which Is Best?

Ultimately, Glamnetic lashes wins out as the best magnetic lash option in our opinion. Still, Moxielash offers plenty of benefits that we believe make them worth checking out as well. Whether you’re new to magnetic lashes or are simply trying to explore your options, we hope this post has been helpful in helping you decide if Moxielash or Glamnetic lashes are best for you. 

Which of the two will you try? See you next time!


How do you put on magnetic lashes?

How you apply magnetic lashes will depend on the type. In most cases, you’ll apply the magnetic liner first before attaching the lashes to the eyeliner along your lash line. For best results, follow the directions on the package, or check out the video in our above post for a demo.

Is it safe to use magnetic eyelashes?

Yes, it is. However, if you notice discomfort or irritation, you should stop your use of magnetic lashes immediately.

Is Glamnetic really good?

Yes. Glamnetic is a great magnetic lashes brand as they have many options to choose from and great performance ratings.

How long does Moxie Lash last?

Typically, Moxielash lashes are said to last about 10 hours. They are good for 60 uses when applied as directed.

Are magnetic lashes reusable?

Yes. In most cases, magnetic lashes are reusable. How often they can be reused will vary by brand. Glamnetic guarantees up to 50 uses while Moxielash guarantees 60 or more.

Are there magnetic lashes with no liner?

Yes, actually there are. However, most experts agree that they aren’t typically the best for your natural lash health. Magnetic lashes placed on the lid without liner to help hold them in place may be too heavy. This can cause damage to your lid and your natural lashes if you aren’t careful.