How Long Can You Leave Fake Lashes On – Until When Is It Safe to Wear Falsies?

How Long Can You Leave Fake Lashes On – Until When Is It Safe to Wear Falsies?
November 1, 2021 Ellis James
If you’re into all things beauty, then there’s no doubt that you’ve worn, or at least have pondered the idea of wearing, false lashes. This might be especially if you’re lagging a bit in the lash department. We hear you! Nearly every woman wants beautiful, long and fluffy eyelashes. But how long can you leave fake lashes on? We’ll answer that and more in this post that sets out to give you the details on how to apply false lashes so that they’ll last!

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How long can you leave fake lashes on?

How long will false eyelashes stay on?

So, how long do most glues/adhesives let you wear false eyelashes? And how long does eyelash glue last? Well, the answer to this depends on how you apply your lashes.

In general, typical lashes with typical glue application should last a few hours with no problem. This is ideal for a quick date, photo-op  or other temporal event that you want to flaunt your falsies for.

And the nice thing is, no matter what lash glue you apply, you can pretty much expect for your lashes to stay put for around this amount of time, provided that you’ve applied them correctly and used a quality glue.

How long can false eyelashes stay on?

On the flip side, there are a few ways that you can extend the life of your lashes so that you can wear them overnight, or (gasp) maybe even a few days. But, more on that later.

How long do false eyelashes stay on ?

Looking to have false lash extensions applied at the salon? Just know that this method will be expensive, although these lashes tend to stay put for at least a week. In some cases, salon-applied lash extensions can last up to six weeks! Impressive!

How long SHOULD you wear false eyelashes

So, what’s the healthy amount of time to have fake lashes (not extensions) on? Well, your best bet is to take your false lashes off at the end of the night. Why? Because leaving your false lashes on will not only be very uncomfortable, but may also damage your own lashes.

Which brings us to our next point. Why should or shouldn’t you wear falsies for long periods of time? Do fake lashes ruin your real ones?

The answers to these questions are important and worth noting. Though wearing false lashes on occasion can add beautiful drama to your face and highlight your eyes, the truth is that wearing lashes too often may cause infection and irritation, may ruin your own lashes, and in extreme cases, may even cause blindness!


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Can you leave fake eyelashes on overnight ?

Many people sleep with false lashes on all night. But can you sleep in fake lashes?

Yes, you technically can.

But should you?

Apart from being uncomfortable, the build up of germs and bacteria overnight puts you at an even greater risk for those scary threats to your eye health that we mentioned earlier. So, we wouldn’t recommend sleeping in falsies.

Is it bad to sleep with fake lashes on?

As far as we are concerned, sleeping with false lashes on is a bad idea because of the risks it poses to your ocular health. Just as you would take off your heels and party dress to go to bed at night, we recommend giving your lids a rest as well.


Is it OK to wear false eyelashes everyday?

Remember, wearing false lashes is a perfectly appropriate, and fun, way to play up your look for special occasions.

But we don’t recommend you wear falsies daily.

Because of the sundry risks to ocular health that ongoing wear of falsies yields, we recommend finding a mascara that adds a lift, volume, length and drama that you can commit to daily rather than weighing down your lids with falsies on a daily basis.

And if you’ve already got gorgeously long lashes, then adding an extra coat of a particularly awesome mascara will have you looking stunning…naturally!


How long do false eyelashes last?

How many times can you wear fake lashes?

In case you didn’t already know, false lashes are totally reusable! Just be sure not to drench them with mascara if you plan to reuse them.

Instead, keep them mascara-free and use tweezers to gently remove the lash glue from the lash band after you’re done wearing them. And that’s it! Store them in a safe, cool and dry place.

What’s the typical lifespan of a pair of fake lashes?

Fake lashes can typically be worn around 3-4 times before you should switch them out. However, this will depend on the type of lashes you buy. Some higher quality lashes, like these mink fur lashes, lashes can be reused many times. To know for sure, always read the package instructions and only use your lashes for the recommended amount of reuse times.

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How do you keep fake eyelashes on for days?

Tips for wearing fake lashes for long periods of time

Although we don’t recommend wearing false lashes for days on end, if you’re going to anyway, you might as well do it right.

Here are a few pro tips and tricks for getting your most beloved lashes to stay put:

  • A tried and true method of getting your lashes to last is to apply eye glue to the lash band AND the skin just above your lash. Simply apply the eye glue just as you would an eyeliner to your top lid.
  • Always wait until your eye glue gets tacky before applying your lashes to your eye. This will take patience..but will be worth the wait!
  • Always use quality eye glue. Our favorites are KISS Strip Eyelash Adhesive and Stacy Lash Extra Strong Lash Glue.
  • Are you a beginner prone to making mistakes? Avoid using eye makeup remover with oil at all costs! Instead, try this gentle for the eyes oil-free makeup remover instead.


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How to make fake eyelashes stay

Wondering how to keep false eyelashes from lifting? Apply additional lash glue to the ends of your false lashes as these are the most common areas for lashes to lift.

We hope you love our tips for keeping falsies on!


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How Long Can You Leave False Lashes On? Actually, It Depends

Once you’ve learned the art of applying fake lashes, you’ll likely want them to stick around a bit (no pun intended)!

Just remember that, generally speaking, your false lashes are likely to last you only a few hours before you notice lifting.

However with the right lash glue and using the right method, you may be pleasantly surprised at how long you can actually get your lashes to stay put.

But be careful… the risk of eye infection and loss of lashes can occur if you wear your lashes for too long.

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