How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home

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Eyelash extensions can transform not only the look of your eyelashes but your entire face. If you’ve ever tried them, you know just how true this can be. However, while they last for a long time, eyelash extensions still need to be removed. If you’re having a hard time finding an opportunity to get back to the salon or are looking to save a few bucks, you may be considering removing your eyelash extension at home. We’ll share some tips on how to remove eyelash extensions at home as well as more information about whether trying to do so is a good idea.

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Is It Safe to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home?

You may have a lot of questions about eyelash extensions, especially if this is the first time you’ve had them.  One of these questions may be whether they can safely be removed at home or whether you’ll need to see a professional to have them removed.

While there are ways to safely remove your eyelash extension at home, the safest option is to go into the salon to have a professional remove them for you. 

Professionals are trained and experienced with carefully removing eyelash extensions without damaging your lashes or irritating your eyes.  When removing eyelash extensions, you can easily introduce bacteria into your eyes, which can cause irritation or an infection.  Letting a professional take care of the task for you is a much safer option since they know how to safely remove the lash extensions.

However, if you are set on removing your own eyelash extensions at home, there are some steps you can take to do so safely.  Professionals have shared some tips that should help you to safely remove your lashes without harming your eyes or eyelashes.

How Do I Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home?

If you want to remove your eyelash extensions at home, be sure to be careful.  Eyelash extensions are applied using a surgical-grade glue that is very strong and long-lasting.  Working carelessly or not following the proper steps could result in you damaging your eyes or eyelashes.

Try one of the following suggestions to remove your eyelash extensions on your own:

  • Take a hot shower:  The steam from a hot shower can help loosen the glue on the eyelashes.  This may not be enough to get all of your extensions off, but it can certainly start the process for you.
  • Use castor oil:  You may have heard that castor oil can help eyebrows grow back, but did you know it can also help remove eyelash extensions?  Gently rubbing some castor oil over your lashes before heading to bed can dissolve the bonds in the glue.  Take care not to get any castor oil in your eyes, though.
  • Try an oil-based makeup remover:  Oil-based makeup removers, such as the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, can also dissolve adhesives.  Using an oil-based makeup remover for a few days could be enough to remove your eyelash extensions.
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Whatever you do, as you’re trying to remove eyelash extensions, you don’t want to try to pull at the lash using your fingers or tweezers.  This can cause damage to your natural eyelashes and could pluck them off along with the extensions.

Can Vaseline Remove Eyelash Extension?

Yes, Vaseline may help remove eyelash extensions at home.

Wondering, “how do you remove eyelash extensions with Vaseline at home?”  Start by placing your head over a bowl of steaming hot water for about 15 minutes.  Then apply a little Vaseline to the eyelash glue using a Q-tip.  The Vaseline will work to dissolve the glue. 

You may need to swipe it over the glue a few times for it to work.  After the glue is loosened, wash your face to take off the Vaseline.

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Can You Remove Lashes With Hot Water?

The steam from hot water can loosen the glue on eyelash extensions.

You’ll need to heat up water so it is steaming and sit with your head over the bowl of hot water for at least 10 or 15 minutes.  Then, try using a cotton ball dipped in olive oil or coconut oil to finish loosening any glue that remains.

Can I Use Baby Oil to Remove Eyelash Extension?

Yes, you can also use baby oil to remove eyelash extensions.

Like the suggestions above, you’ll want to start by putting your face over a bowl of steaming hot water or taking a really hot shower.  Then, rub baby oil over your eyelashes, wait about three minutes for the glue to dissolve, and gently remove the lashes.

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Can I Use Coconut Oil to Remove Eyelash Extensions?

Coconut oil can help you natural eyelashes grow, and it can also help you remove eyelash extensions.

As with the above tips, soften the glue with hot steam, then gently rub coconut oil over the glue on the eyelash extensions to dissolve it.

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Does Olive Oil Work to Remove Eyelash Extensions?

Yes, olive oil can be another effective way to remove eyelash extensions.

After sitting with your face above hot, steaming water, rub olive oil over the lash glue and wait for it to dissolve.  Then, carefully remove the lashes or apply more olive oil if the glue hasn’t dissolved yet.

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Do eyelash extensions ruin your natural lashes?

Knowing what to expect before you get eyelash extensions is important.  Sometimes, they can damage natural lashes, while other times people can have lash extensions and not experience any damage to their natural eyelashes.  However, if your lash extensions are applied and removed properly, it is very unlikely that they’ll damage your lashes.

Will my eyelashes grow back after extensions?

Yes, in most cases your eyelashes will grow back after getting eyelash extensions.  However, it could take a few weeks to a few months for them to grow back fully to where they were before you got lash extensions.

What do professionals use to remove eyelash extensions?

Different professionals may use different methods to remove eyelash extensions.  Most use an oil-based product that will dissolve the strong eyelash glue.

What is the best eyelash extension remover?

The best eyelash extension remover can vary from person to person.  You may need to experiment a bit to find the right choice for you.  Some top options include using steam with coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, or Vaseline.

How do you dissolve eyelash glue?

To dissolve eyelash glue you will need to sit with your head above a bowl or pot of hot, steaming water for about 15 minutes.  Then apply an oil-based product, such as coconut oil, baby oil, or olive oil over the lash glue.  You’ll likely need to continue swiping the oil over the glue a few times for it to fully dissolve.

Does removing eyelash extensions hurt?

If it’s done correctly, removing eyelash extensions shouldn’t hurt.  You don’t want to try to yank or pull the extensions off of your lashes.  This will hurt and can also damage your natural lashes.  Rather use steam and oil to dissolve the lash glue and help the extensions fall off.

Is it better to get eyelash extensions removed or let them fall out?

Letting your lash extensions fall out on their own or having a professional remove them are much safer options than trying to remove them on your own.

When should you remove eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions can last for up to eight weeks, but you may find you need to remove them sooner than that.  If your lash extensions are bothering you or are starting to look uneven, it may be time to remove them.

Do fake lashes ruin real lashes?

While fake lashes can ruin real lashes, they shouldn’t.  If your lashes are applied and removed properly, they shouldn’t damage your natural lashes.  When you have your lash extensions on, you will want to take care not to pull on them as this could damage your natural lashes.

Removing Eyelash Extensions at Home: Doable!

Educating yourself about eyelash extensions, how they work, and how to remove them before you make an appointment is always a good idea. 

Once you have your eyelash extensions and you’re ready to remove them, hopefully one of the tips we’ve shared in this post will help you out! 

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