The Most Beautiful Places to Add to Your UK Bucket List

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There are a lot of great things to do in the UK on your vacation, with many amazing places to visit. Often when you think of the UK, the first things (and potentially the only thing) that many think of is England. But there are many other beautiful places to add to your UK bucket list as well.

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In this article, we will walk you through some of the most visited sights as well as some of the unusual things and places you see and do.

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Top 5 Touristy Places to Visit in the UK

Many places in the UK that are listed as must-see on everyone’s list. Though they may be chock full of tourists, they are still well worth seeing. Here are the top 5 commonly-known places that you need to visit.

Visiting London

Everyone who is looking to check things off their European bucket list has this world capital on their list. There are so many great things to see and do while in London. There are tons of walking tours (both paid and free) that you can take that will lead you around the sights that make this European mecca so famous.

Take time to stroll through the Tower of London before having afternoon tea at Covent Garden. Or take in the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace and then pick up a picnic and head over to Hyde Park.

But whatever you do not forget to peruse the fantastic museums and the fabulous green spaces like St. James Park that dot this booming metropolis.

St. James Park London

Visit London

Visiting Edinburgh

The UK is not all about England, as you know, and that is never more evident than in the beautiful Scottish capital of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh has so much great history and is full of amazing architecture that will keep you going for days. Whether you stay in New Town Edinburgh or old town, you will find so many wonders and interesting sights.

Literature is the name of the game in Edinburgh, and if you are into that, there is the Writer’s Museum. You can take a Harry Potter walking tour and see the sights that inspired the books, as well as where J.K Rowling worked and wrote the original novel.

If you want nature, take a walk up to the top of Arthur’s Seat and get stunning views of the entire city. Looking for more unusual things you can stroll through the underground city below the cobblestoned streets.

Edinburgh City Scotland

This is Edinburgh

Discover Belfast

Though many people head straight to Dublin instead, taking a tour through the capital of Northern Ireland is highly suggested.

This city is a dichotomy of history surrounded by the beautiful lush green of the Irish countryside.

There are lovely restaurants and breweries as well as stunning architecture.

If you want a glimpse into the tumultuous past of this once war-torn city, take a black cab tour to see both sides of the peace wall.

If you are interested in nautical history, then you will want to take in the Titanic Museum, and the memorial to the souls lost on that fateful day that stands outside the city hall

Belfast City Hall

Visit Belfast

Explore The Cotswolds

If you want to walk through what many feel are the quintessential English Villages, then taking a tour of the very popular Cotswolds area of Western England may be just the ticket.

Stroll over stone bridges that span small brooks while you take in ivy coated buildings. Then drop into the local pubs and have a traditional English meal of Shepherd’s Pie and peas with a nice stout.

Bibury, Cotswold, UK


Discover Cardiff

Wales is a part of the UK that doesn’t get as much play as others. But one city that gets a little love is Cardiff. Whether you know Cardiff because you are into Dr. Who, or just because you have seen some of the fantastic architecture, it is well worth a visit.

You can spend the day roaming through Cardiff Castle or St. Fagans. Or take a walk around Cardiff Bay. Whatever you decide to do, this city should be placed on your UK bucket list.

Cardiff Bay UK

Visit Cardiff

Top 5 Non-Touristy Places to Visit

Though it is easy to take in the sights that everyone else takes in, there are tons of great areas that are less traveled. Take the road without tourists and see places that offer just as much history and beauty.

Visit Salisbury

Many cities come to mind when you think of England — places like London and Bath – but one of the most beautiful and oft-overlooked cities is Salisbury.

Spend the day wandering the streets of the old city center. Make sure to take in the Salisbury Cathedral for its majestic stained glass and astonishing architecture.

Just a short distance outside of Salisbury you can also spend the day at the Old Sarum — a group of Roman ruins amid fields of green.

A classic view of Salisbury

Visit Wiltshire

Explore Loch Awe

“Loch” is a term that you’ve heard of. Does “Loch Ness” ring any bells?

But there are so many beautiful loch’s to be seen in Scotland and one of the best is Loch Awe.

Take in the beauty of the Highlands as you stroll trails that are lined with lush wooded fields of green. Or take time to head out to Kilburn Castle and see the ruins of one of Scotland’s many amazing castles.

Reflection of clouds on Loch Awe, Scotland

Visit Scotland

Discover The Dark Hedges

Do you love Game of Thrones? Many locations in Ireland are filming sites of this awesome show.

The King’s Road (GoT)

Discover Northern Ireland

One of the most awe-inspiring and still not as touristy as other sites are the Dark Hedges, just a short drive from Belfast.

Visit The Isles of Scilly

Just off the coast of Cornwall, you will find the Isle of Scilly. Not to be confused with Sicily.

Take a boat out and take in all the beauty and peace of this marvelous island.

This is a nature lover’s paradise. If you want a little commune with nature, you can walk around St. Marys’ Beach or see the shipwreck and exotic plants of the Tresco Abbey Garden.

Visiting Avebury

Everyone clamors for Stonehenge, but if you want to see some incredible standing stones, the ones in Avebury are just as astounding.

In fact, these stone circles are better in some ways because you will be able to get right up to the stones and feel the history and majesty they posses.

Discover The Wonders of the UK

As you can see, there are a lot of amazing and beautiful places to add to your UK bucket list — places that are full of so much history and beauty that your Instagram feed will be the envy of every one of your friends and family.

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Happy travels!

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