Travel Skin Care Tips – How to Take Care of Your Skin While on Vacation

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Vacations are considered the best time to relax and rejuvenate. But the stress of travel, the dryness of air transportation, and the consumption of new food you aren’t used to – all of these can disrupt the delicate balance of your skin. Before you know it, despite the initial purpose of your holiday, you might end up looking worse for wear.

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However, if you’ve struggled with maintaining a healthy glow when you’re on vacation, don’t fear. There are so many ways that you can revitalize your skin and give it the TLC that it needs while you’re on vacation.

Never let poor skin get you down.Instead, use this guide to help refresh your skin while traveling!

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1. Prep Your Skin Before and After Travel

Flying can be very stressful on the skin. The air in the plane itself can be very drying, which can result in oily outbreaks as your skin attempts to hydrate itself. You are also usually far more dehydrated than you’re used to.

Prep both your skin and your body before you travel, whether your destination is a city like Paris, or a beach state like Hawaii.

Here are things you can do::

  • Go through your full skincare routine before boarding the plane.
  • Focus on your most hydrating skincare products to help build up that skin barrier before you board.
  • Drink plenty of water and bring an extra bottle with you to stay hydrated (especially on a long flight).

As for when you land, here are some tips:

  • Redo your skincare routine once you check in to your resort.
  • Taking a full shower can help you reset, relax, and shake off any plane residue.
  • For best results, use a face mask to really help your skin reset.

2. Sun Care is Essential

Yes, you want to tan while you’re away. But never do it at the expense of your skin’s health.

UV can severely damage your skin and cause issues like premature aging, sun spots, wrinkles, and, at the worst, skin cancer.

Invest in quality sunscreen that feels great on your skin. Korean skincare brands are known for affordable, high-quality sunscreens that feel fresh and light, as opposed to the oily options typically available in the west. Having a sun stick ready for reapplication is a great compromise since it’s easier to put on blind when you’re on the go.

For best results, reapply sunscreen every 2 hours throughout the day.

3. Use the Sea and Sun

Though you do need to be careful of too much sun exposure, sunlight does come with benefits.

On top of being a great source of Vitamin D, those UV rays also work to kill any surface-level bacteria. So long as you reapply your sunscreen regularly, you’ll get the best of all worlds.

Another great, natural way to do right by your skin is to stay by the sea. Sea salt in the air and water is an excellent natural exfoliant.

4. Stay in Quality Hotels

This is a tip that people don’t realize contributes to your skin’s health and condition while on a vacation.

You need to know whether or not the sheets and cleaning supplies used in your hotel room are top-notch. Too often, sub-par sheets and incompatible detergents can result in redness, puffiness, and breakouts.

That’s why it’s so important to stay in a highly-rated hotel. This applies everywhere, including dream destinations like Hawaii. Splurging on a better stay at one of the top Oahu resorts will give you the stress-free, clean experience you need that will help soothe your skin from day one.

Travel Skin Care Tips – How To Take Care Of Your Skin While On Vacation

Incorporating these principles into your travel plans will help you to enjoy your trip while safeguarding the health and beauty of your skin.

Remember that taking care of your skin while traveling is not just about aesthetics but also about promoting your overall well-being. By prioritizing your skincare regimen, you can step on and off the plane looking and feeling refreshed, regardless of the miles you’ve covered!