Cream to Powder Foundation: What is Cream to Powder Foundation and How to Use It

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There are many options when it comes to foundation, and the final decision comes down to your preference, as well as your skin type or skin tone. One of your options is a cream-to-powder foundation. So, what is cream-to-powder foundation?

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Though not one of the typical foundations that are usually considered, it has its benefits. Who does it work for?

In this article, let’s have a look at all of that and explore the topic of cream foundations some.

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What is Cream to Powder Foundation?

Typically, you would want to stick to one kind of foundation, right?

If you use powder foundation, then powder formula foundation it is. If you use cream foundation, cream foundation it is.

But with cream-to-powder, you get the best of both worlds.

What does cream-to-powder mean? This foundation goes on like cream foundations but transforms into a powder after application.

But before you rush out to the drugstore and add this foundation in your large makeup organizer bag, there are a few things you should know before you buy this type of foundation.

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Things You Need to Know about Cream to Powder Foundation

Apart from your skin tone, you will want to know your skin type. That means understanding if you have dry or oily skin types. Either way, both of those skin types will benefit from the unique qualities of this foundation. (See the next section for more on that.)

The other thing you will want to consider before using cream to powder foundation is just how much coverage you are looking for. It goes on smooth and tends to leave a heavier presence. This means if you are more of a “natural look” kind of person, then this foundation may not work for you.

For a more concise explanation of the benefits and drawbacks of cream to powder foundation, look at these pros and cons:


  • The truth is that this foundation goes on so smooth and easy, no matter if you use a brush or a sponge. Plus, its sets with a matte finish or powdery finish that will round out your look
  • Another great thing about this type of foundation is that it offers a wide range of coverage. It provides buildable coverage. You can go sheer, or you can go full coverage, or medium coverage, or really anything in between to give you flawless coverage.
  • Lastly, when talking about great qualities to have in a foundation, you want something that can be touched up while you work your way through a hectic day. This foundation is perfect for that.


Now there are a few things that may make you reconsider making this your go-to foundation.

  • If you prefer the more natural look, this foundation tends to look quite heavy. It’s usually full coverage, so your natural skin won’t show through if you have a heavy hand, despite the buildable coverage.
  • When dealing with cream to powder foundation, it is not a one-foundation-fits-all product. There are specific skin types that it just does not work well with.

With that being said, one question always pops up when dealing with foundation or any cosmetics: what skin type works best with it?

What Skin Type is Cream to Powder Foundation Best For?

This cream to powder type of foundation works well with the in-between skin types.

Too oily and it won’t work well and too dry it doesn’t either.

With too oily, you will get an increased shine from the cream aspect of this foundation. And then the powder will not keep any excess oils in line. You may say goodbye to the full coverage aspect early.

For dehydrated skin, the result will be a bright light shined on those dry areas. When the finish is set, the powder will show every detail of that sensitive skin.

The women that will benefit the most from using this type of foundation are the ones who live in the middle. If you have slightly oily or dry skin, it will work wonders for you.

With the creamy aspect of the foundation, those with mildly dry skin will get a burst of hydration which, in turn, allows the powder enough time to absorb the oils produced by the skin. This will leave you with a nice finish that is not too dewy. It also won’t give a too matte finish.

So now you know if your skin type works with this type of foundation, you are probably thinking to yourself which one should I try? Well, check out our recommendations below and you will find several great cream to powder foundations that we know you will love.

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Try It Yourself

In the end, the only way to really tell if this option is the right one for you is to test it out. Make sure to find the one that best matches your skin tone and pick up one to test out. If you are down to try it, the next question is a good cream to powder foundation?

Many great options will range in price from budget-friendly to luxury. No matter what the price range you are looking at, you will find something for your tastes within this post.

Here are our suggestions that we think you should try:

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These are just a handful of the great options out there, and with just a little research, we’re sure if one of these doesn’t fit your needs, you will be able to find one that does.

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Cream to powder foundations: Totally not scary!

Opening your mind up to new experiences can be scary, especially when your face is involved. After all, it’s the first thing that people see. Being experimental with it can cause a lot of unwanted side effects. But we promise that if you genuinely want to test out any of these other creams to powder foundations, you will not be sorry.

Cream to powder foundations may not be for everyone but if you have the right skin type and are looking for something a little more than that natural finish you have been going with, then trying this type of foundation is a great choice. Just make sure it matches your skin tone to make it look as natural as possible!

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What are your feelings about cream-to-powder foundation?

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