Tinted Moisturizer vs BB Cream: Which Is a Good Fit for You?

Tinted Moisturizer vs BB Cream: Which Is a Good Fit for You?
November 17, 2019 Ellis James

Which is better BB cream or tinted moisturizer?

Primers, concealers, bronzers, highlighters, foundations, and what not, the makeup industry keeps making better products every day. Included amongst these are BB creams and tinted moisturizers, which are often confused by many as one. If you really want to know what all this hype surrounding the tinted moisturizer vs BB cream debate is, we have you covered.

With so many products springing up every day, it has become convenient for you to look presentable, but this doesn’t come without effort. Firstly, you have to do good researched on what each product is providing for you.

Not only that but you also have to know what’s particular about the product you want to use. Besides this, you even have to know if it suits you or not. For example, is it good for your skin type? For your skin tone? Does it go well with your daily makeup routine?

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Tinted Moisturizer vs BB Cream: The Ultimate Debate

Both tinted moisturizers and BB creams vary a lot from each other.

We will now delve into the two, checking out the differences between them that are worth noting.

1. Formula

The ingredients of a tinted moisturizer do not have anti-aging properties. They just typically include everything you would expect from any regular moisturizer to have.

On the other hand, BB cream proves to be an all-rounder in this regard. This product packs SPF, anti-aging ingredients, and a primer, all in one.

Since BB creams help you skip the step of applying a primer, it is a good makeup to minimize your pores and give you a fresher look.

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2. Coverage

If you are looking for minimal coverage, let’s say a no-makeup look, then a tinted moisturizer should be your go-to product. This helps give you younger-looking skin and leaves a dewy finish.

Tinted moisturizers are super lightweight and barely have any coverage. Thus, they are great to apply on if you want to achieve an even skin tone while carrying a casual look.

On the contrary, BB creams offer better coverage than tinted moisturizers. These spread out evenly on the skin and help to tone down your blemishes. It’s effortless to do so because BB cream can prime as well as conceal your skin, all at the same time.

Beauty Balms or BB creams offer lesser coverage than foundation and also seem to appear lighter in weight. This makes them more preferable to use if you have to attend an important meeting or go out on a lunch date.

3. Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

Before getting together a makeup routine, it is essential for you to set a proper skincare procedure.

Do note that if your skincare practice does not start with non comedogenic sunscreen, then let’s stop right there.

As the environment around us continues to worsen, it becomes essential to take specific safety measures against it. Using sunscreen is one of them.

This is where the tinted moisturizer has a drawback. Most of them do not come with SPF or tend to have lower SPF values than what BB creams offer.

That being said, although your BB cream might have SPF, it is still vital to apply sunscreen before you start with your daily makeup routine.

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4. Consistency

Since tinted moisturizers give minimal to no coverage, they tend to be less consistent as compared to BB creams. All you just have to do is rub it into your skin gently as you would do with any moisturizer.

BB creams have a thinner consistency than foundation products. They blend in well with a blender or just by using your fingertips in circular motion.

While putting on BB cream, you have to be careful to make sure that there is no excessive product. Any product that is left on the skin or creases will give the face a cakey makeup appearance instead of a flawless finish.

5. Hydration

What is the sole purpose of a moisturizer? To hydrate! This is where the tinted moisturizer gains extra points in the tinted moisturizer vs BB cream face-off.

Tinted moisturizers do not only give you a fresh look, but they also lock in moisture, which adds dewiness to the skin.

On the other hand, when using BB creams, it is a must to apply moisturizer before you put it on.

Failure to moisturize beforehand results in dry, patchy skin. BB creams take in moisture from the skin while setting in, so applying a moisturizer is a step you can never miss.

6. Concealing Powers

BB, sometimes called the “blemish balm”, has amazing concealing powers. As its name suggests, BB creams work wonders to hide dark spots and cover blemishes. Definitely not as good as a concealer, but surely well enough for you to look presentable for any lunch or meeting.

On the other end of the spectrum, when using a tinted moisturizer, you have to follow it up with concealers and color correctors. This will help hide your spots, acne scars, blemishes, pigmentation, and dark circles.

7. Price

The best part about both the products is that they come in a wide range regarding pricing.

Both are available in drugstore brands or even in high-end brands.

This makes it easier for you to invest in a product while staying within a budget and getting the desired results.

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Final Showdown of Tinted Moisturizer vs BB Cream: Which One Is Better?

Several products spring up every day that help you make your skin not only look better but also feel better. Tinted moisturizers and BB creams are two such favorite products.

Both of them come in a variety of shades that makes it easier for you to choose for your skin tone. They have varying options for skin type as well including oily, combination, and dry.

So, you can choose whatever suits you, which further helps you narrow down your choices.

At the end of the day, you make a selection of the product that suits your skin and your lifestyle. That means the product should be in accordance with how and where you are going to use it.

To achieve a very natural and light look, tinted moisturizers work well. However, if you want to go a little over the top and make your look a bit fancy, then BB creams are a better choice.

FAQ: BB Cream vs CC Cream vs Tinted Moisturizer

What is the difference between BB Cream CC Cream and tinted moisturizer?

BB cream stands for “beauty/blemish balm” cream and has skincare properties. CC cream stands for “color correcting” cream, which makes skin tone more even. Tinted moisturizers are moisturizers with a hint of color, but a moisturizer nonetheless.

For the ultimate guide on best CC creams, click the link.

Can I use BB cream instead of moisturizer?

The answer is generally no. Moisturizer has a specific purpose: moisturizing your skin. It’s not necessarily a makeup product, unless you go for a tinted moisturizer. BB Cream is a makeup base that has skincare capabilities, but skincare isn’t its primary focus: it is to act as a smoothening base. Still, BB cream is different from foundation, so don’t confuse the two.

Can you use tinted moisturizer instead of foundation? Is it better to use tinted moisturizer or foundation?

If you only want a sheer base that looks more natural, you can. Foundation is used for coverage. Tinted moisturizers are if you want just a hint of color.

There is no better option strictly, it depends on what you need from the product!

Can I wear tinted moisturizer alone?

Yes, but be aware that it is a thin layer! Don’t expect it to behave like foundation.

How do you apply tinted moisturizer?

If you think you need to apply this with a sponge or brushes, worry not! Apply the product directly using your fingertips. Use the warmth of your hands to warm up the product and blend until you can’t see streaks!

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If you’re a visual learner, check out this tutorial:

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  1. Sophie Wentworth 1 year ago

    I can’t wear any SPF in my makeup without getting a rash and rarely fins any tinted moisturisers or BB creams that don’t contain any. It’s so annoying because I find tinted moisturisers are exactly the kind of thing I like for daily wear x


    • Oh no, do you get the same results when you wear just plain SPF or is it always makeup with SPF?

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