Do You Clean Your Makeup Brush Case?

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How often do you clean out your makeup products? As suggested by their use-by dates, right? Now, how about your makeup bag and your makeup brush case? How often do you take the time to clean them?

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Many of us may think that cleaning your makeup brush bag is just a nuisance. The occasional dust-out is probably enough to keep things hygienic — but that actually, it really isn’t enough. Keeping your makeup bags nice and clean can prevent serious skin problems and infections.

Here are some tips on how to clean your makeup brush case, makeup train case, and other makeup bags.

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Why is Hygiene Important in Makeup?

It is imperative to keep your makeup, bags, brushes, and other accessories you may have clean at all times.

Brushes, especially, can trap oil and dirt in their fibers, leading to skin issues such as blackheads and pimples. Worst case scenario is developing some kind of skin disease that you’ll have to go to the doctor to have treated.

If you’re investing money in good quality brushes, you should maintain them properly.

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Why Clean Your Makeup Brush Case?

As mentioned above, your beloved lovely brushes can trap impurities such as dust, dirt, and resulting bacteria.

These will also collect in your brush case, where they will stay and accumulate…until you clean the case. Did you notice your beauty blender has black spots? Storage can be a large contributor to moldy growth.

Taking the time to clean your makeup brush case is something that every makeup wearer should do, and it’s not something you will regret.

A hygienic makeup routine makes for happier skin!

What Can Happen if You Don’t Clean Your Makeup Brush Case?

A dirty makeup brush case will lead to an overload of bacteria — all of which will find its way onto your skin. All the gunk that gets collected in your brushes and in your brush case will settle themselves into your face, your pores, your body.

You can’t see it, but you will certainly see the effects.

You can end up with irritated skin and see many breakouts — something no makeup user wants.

And not just in your makeup brush case either; an unclean toiletries organizer can lead to skin problems.

How to Clean Your Makeup Brush Case

  1. Start with your makeup brushes. Take them out of the case, shake off any products clinging to the bristles. You can also comb thru the bristles with your fingers to dislodge bigger debris.
  2. Use a cleaning product (shampoo, mild soap, dish soap, and detergent) and apply it to your case with the use of a clean cloth.
  3. Start scrubbing! If you can throw your makeup case into the laundry you should, but most you cannot due to its structure or material. So spot cleaning is best.
  4. Rinse thoroughly.

Let’s get into more detail on how you should clean your makeup brush case.

Shake it Off

You should take out all your brushes and give them a thorough clean.

Be careful, though, when you do this. You don’t want to rush things and blowdry your brushes. Doing so will damage their fibers and ruin their shape, or melt the glue holding it together. You don’t want any of this happening to your brushes.

After getting all your brushes out, you should turn it upside down and shake it to get all the accumulated dust and powders out.

Run your fingers lightly through the bristles to dislodge anything stuck between them.

Give it a Good Scrub

You have a few cleaning products to choose from when it comes to cleaning your makeup brush case.

You will use the cleaning product and apply it to your case with the use of a clean cloth. Then, start scrubbing.

If you choose to do so, you can use a nail brush that you do not use for any other purpose to prevent the spread of any germs and bacteria.

  • Unscented Soap

If you’re worried about using normal soap ruining the design of your case, go for the unscented kind.

It is still very good at cleaning.

  • Baby Shampoo

Gentle shampoo or baby soap like this is very good for cleaning out your makeup brush case. They’re effective and usually smell really nice, too.

You can work up a foamy lather for that extra-clean feel.

  • Dishwashing Liquid

Although this option is a little harsh compared to the others, it’s still a good way to get rid of all the nasties lurking in your makeup case.

  • Clarifying Shampoo

This is also a great way to get a nice and foamy clean.

Apply a dollop of the shampoo with lukewarm water and get washing.

  • Detergent

If you’re able to wash your makeup brush case, this would be one of the best ways to do it.

Detergents or laundry soaps are formulated to take out even the toughest stains, so you can bet this will do its job cleaning your bag!


Deep Cleaning

For deep cleaning, do the scrubbing mentioned earlier. Get in the case with a decent cloth and brush and get everything that doesn’t belong out.

Another way to deep clean is to throw it in the wash and have the water temperature set to warm (if your bag or case is washable that is!).

Spot Cleaning

If you find particularly difficult spots, apply some more cleaning products and use warmer water to target these spots.

Use a cloth or tissue to rub at the spot until it’s gone.

Outside Cleaning

Don’t neglect the outside of your case — it needs a good cleaning, as well, to make sure that all the impurities have been removed from the entire case.


Once you’re done with all the cleaning, make sure that you give your makeup brush case a good rinse and ensure that all the soapiness is gone.

Then, let it dry, and voila — you’ve got a nice, clean makeup brush case.

After you’re done cleaning, you will have to pack away your brushes, and you need to make sure that you do it properly. You may feel like simply tossing them in the bag is good enough, but you couldn’t be more wrong. How you treat your brushes will determine how long they last and how good they work. Check out our tips on just how you’re supposed to store makeup brushes.

Best Way to Clean a Makeup Brush Case

It really depends on personal opinion as far as what really works the best. You’ll find what works for you and stick with that.

As long as you clean your case well, that’s all that really matters.

What’s Our Pick for the Best Method?

We prefer the unscented soap method — it’s great for people with allergies because whatever is in your makeup brush case will come in contact with your skin. Despite being so gentle, it is still effective, so it’s a win-win cleaning product.

If your makeup case or bag is simply old, you should consider getting a new one. You cannot go wrong with the Black Makeup Brush Bag — it comes with 16 brush holders and a detachable cosmetic pouch!

Final Thoughts

It is a bad idea to neglect the cleaning of your makeup brush case — you’ll end up with more bacteria and germs than your skin can handle. Soon, you’ll start asking why you’re having issues with your skin — pimples, outbreaks, and blackheads are only a few of the issues you will be facing.

Make it a habit to clean your makeup brush case, as well as your brushes, to prevent any future issues. It may start out as a chore, but, eventually, it will become a routine that you won’t skip.

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  1. Hygiene is important, and that definitely extends to makeup cases! Thanks for sharing your tips, Nancy!

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  3. It is so important to clean your makeup brushes on a very regular basis!! I try to clean it with the brush bar and dry it with a paper towel after. I like to make sure that each squeeze doesn’t have any more of my foundation residue. Thanks for sharing this piece!

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