Beauty Concepts Brushes Review

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BC Beauty Concepts is a trademark of Enchante Accessories, and they cover a wide range of beauty products, including brushes, eyeshadows, lipstick, and mascara.

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Brushes are a significant part of a smooth makeup routine. Having professional-quality ones is a nice thought – but look at many makeup artists using fingers to apply makeup.

However this does not mean that a brush is not useful – it is, is it necessarily worth it to break the bank to purchase a set?

Here’s a detailed review of Beauty Concepts – a brand of makeup brushes and other beauty products. Are they are worth the buck?

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Beauty Concepts Brushes Review

Beauty Concepts Mythical Eye Collection

Beauty Concepts Mythical Eye Collection Professional, Colorful Unicorn Blending Cosmetic Eye Makeup Brush Set for Powder and Liquid Eye Liner, Shadow and Mascara - 7 Pc Set
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One of the best things about BC products is how they come in full sets – perfect for any occasion and any makeup.

This great set comes with a spoolie – the little spiral brush which helps you to neaten your brow hairs in their direction of growth, allowing you to fill them in easily.

The eyeliner brush is great for applying liner along the lash line, from the inner to outer corners, without trouble. It is perfectly completed by the eyeshadow brush which allows you to blend in your powder expertly.

The set also comes with an eyeshadow smudge brush to soften eyeshadow lines, and an angled brush to follow the curve of the eyelid. Even better, there is also an eyelash curler for the perfect finish to your eye makeup.

This 7-piece set is great for your makeup collection. The main advantage is that you can use it for both liquid and powder makeup. The brushes are dense, yet soft enough to allow you to comfortably apply your desired makeup and blend in without any imperfections. They are highly versatile – great for smoky eyes, bold lines, defined makeup, or smooth blends or makeup – whatever it is, you name it!

Bonus, they come in a colorful design!


  • Seven pieces set – six brushes + eyelash curler
  • Dense and soft brushes
  • Colorful design
  • Suitable for both liquid and powder makeup
  • Affordable
  • Highly versatile


  • Includes eyelashes curler – might be a waste if you already own one

Beauty Concepts Eyebrow Designer Set

This BC set comes with an eyeshadow applicator and brush, eyelash curler, scissors, lash and brow comb, magnifying mirror, and two tweezers, one with slant tip and a pointy tweezer. This set is excellent for eyebrow maintenance. The two types of tweezers help you maintain beautiful eyebrows, avoiding hair breakage.

The lash and brow comb allows you to brush your hair in the growth direction for a neat look or comb your lashes to remove clumps of mascara. The eyeshadow brush is great to cover the lower lid, cover and shade the creases of your eyelid or even highlight the brow bone.

This exceptional, affordable set also includes scissors – carefully comb your brows up and trim the uneven hairs.


  • Complete set for eye makeup and eyebrows
  • Both slant tip and point tip tweezers included for more precision
  • 15x magnifying glass for everyday use
  • Grooming scissors for eyebrows
  • Eyeshadow application and brush for a perfect eye makeup


  • Brushes handles are quite short
  • Currently out of stock on Amazon

Beauty Concepts Majestic Dream Unicorn Collection

Beauty Concepts Majestic Dream Unicorn Collection Professional, Colorful, Blending Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set for Powder, Blush, Contour and Eye Makeup - 5 Pc Set
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This great BC set immediately catches your attention – with a beautiful and colorful design, it includes a complete set of makeup brushes at an affordable price.

The metallic gold rose brush set is perfect if you’re looking for a brush set ideal for liquid and powder makeup.

They are ideally created to pick up the correct amount of makeup, either foundation, concealer, blush, or eyeshadow.

The five types of brushes allow you to create anything you desire, from defined contours, smoky shadows, smooth blends, or contour your natural bone structure.


  • Complete brush-only set for an elaborate makeup
  • Different sizes of brushes and wands
  • Can be used for foundation, toners, shadows, and bronzers
  • Easy to use and define
  • Perfect design for ideal makeup
  • Colorful appearance with rose gold tones
  • Suitable for cream, liquid or powder makeup


  • Does not include any eyebrow accessories

Beauty Concepts Ultimate Travel Clutch

Beauty Concepts Ultimate Travel Clutch, 11pc Beauty Essentials
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If brush sets alone do not satisfy you, check out this complete travel clutch.

The clutch has dimensions of 5’x 3’x 2’ and it comes with a magnetic closure. The compact size is perfect for traveling and includes four mini brushes, and both slant and point tweezers.

Additionally, it comes with nail and cuticle clippers and a set of makeup products: mascara, eyeliner pencil, and an eyeshadow palette.

This is great if you are looking for an affordable ready-to-go set for all needs.

The four mini brushes are useful for quick basic makeup, allowing you to define your contours or create a beautifully blended look.


  • Affordable price
  • Four mini-size brushes for quick makeup on the go
  • Could be great as a gift
  • Includes traveling essentials


  • Makeup items are not best quality

Beauty Concepts Brushes Review: Are they worth it?

Comparing the different Beauty Concepts options on the market, one might state that they are definitely worth a try. The low range of prices might raise brows for some customers – however, the price/quality ratio makes it worth checking them out. Especially if you’re looking to start your collection, or wanting to give the set to a budding makeup enthusiast.

Beauty Concepts is a great budget brand if you are looking for good-quality brushes to add in your makeup brush bag. They might not be professional quality, though.

If you are a brush enthusiast and do not wish to break the bank on your makeup brushes, BC is a good place to start!

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What are your thoughts on these brushes? What are some affordable brushes you’ve tried out?

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