Which Urban Decay Palette is Best for Brown Eyes?

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Cosmetics legend Urban Decay became popular almost 20 years ago, at the time when red, beige, and pink were the most popular colors not only for makeup but for everything from nails to shoes to even furniture. If you wanted green nail polish, you’d have to rummage through a back alley drugstore to find some − and nobody wanted to do that.

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Urban Decay was founded in ‘96 and started out with a line of 12 nail enamels and 10 lipsticks. Since then, they have been pushing the boundaries of makeup and setting the standards that many popular makeup brands now follow.

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Urban Decay’s Best Palette for Brown Eyes

While there are a wide variety of eyeshadow palettes from Urban Decay, many of them are more complementary to particular eye colors than others.

We’ve put together a list of the best UD palettes for brown eyes to make it a little easier for you to decide on your next palette purchase.

NAKED Palette

Naked Eyeshadow Palette "100% genuine product

It would be wrong of us to leave this one off the list, even though it is not really suited for brown eyes only. As we mentioned previously, this palette suits just about every eye color and skin tone out there, so it will most likely flatter your eyes.

This palette − which has now become Urban Decay’s signature palette − provides you with a little bit of everything. It was released back in 2010. It comprises of 12 versatile chocolate brown shades that flatter every eye color.

Neutrals are notorious for being the go-to tones that every makeup enthusiast puts on their eyes. Getting ready for a night out or just putting on their everyday makeup? This palette can do it all.

Most brands tend to play it safe when it comes to this color palette, which is precisely why Urban Decay decided to reimagine these basic colors by adding different finishes to certain shades.

Some colors are a matte finish, some are shimmers, and some are a fun texture known as satin-matte. This finish is a matte shade with a little bit of shine, which makes this palette perfect for those who want to spruce up their everyday look.

Why We Love It

This palette gives you everything you need from neutral eyeshadows and so much more. It’s a perfect going-out palette to create fun, but straightforward eye looks. It also makes a great everyday palette for when you want something more subtle and natural.

Unfortunately this palette has been discontinued. But if you’re one of the lucky ones who got their hands on this, you can’t go wrong with this one!

You can always try the Naked 2 Palette as well!

Naked2 Has 12 Pigment-rich, Taupe and Greige Neutral Eyeshadows, Including Five New Shades.
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Naked Smoky Palette

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As the name suggests, this palette is perfect for when you want to get smoky and dramatic. This palette was the talk of the year back in 2015. It has been the brand’s most-wanted palette since then, second only to the NAKED palette, of course.

Technically, it has been discontinued, but some retailers have been known to still stock it.

Smoky eyes can be quite tricky to execute correctly. But you can rid yourself of any smoky-stress you may have when it comes to this palette − Urban Decay has you covered.

This palette actually came with a handy pamphlet. It explained the basics of getting the perfect smoky eye using four different techniques.

Why We Love It

While there are hundreds upon hundreds of palettes out there that are supposed to give you the power to create any smoky eye you please, none do so as well as the Naked Smoky palette does. There’s something about the unique combination of mattes and shimmers. The shimmery black shade also just compliments brown eyes in a way that other palettes can’t.

Reach for this one if you want to add some drama to your eye looks.

Naked Heat Palette

UD Naked Heat Palette Eyeshadow
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This is the latest release in Urban Decay’s Naked range of palettes and is one of their best sellers to date. The Naked Heat palette provides you with a fabulous array of amber-toned neutrals that are hard to find in other palettes.

This palette is quite similar to the original NAKED palette. But it offers more warm red and brown tones, as well as some deeper browns and burgundies. As with all Urban Decay palettes, this one features a variety of finishes. From the classic matte, to satin-matte, to the brilliant shimmer that the brand is known for.

Why We Love It

This palette gives you the ability to create some striking red-neutral eye looks that complement deep brown eyes in a way that other palettes simply cannot. The combination of warm red tones with brown and hazel eyes brings the eyes out and draws more attention to them.

Which urban decay palette is best for brown eyes: Our Favorite Palette

While an easy favorite would be the original NAKED palette, we found that the Naked Smoky brought out brown eyes in a way that is unmatched. Something about the deep dark browns and black, and the metallic silver and black shimmers makes brown eyes much richer in tone. They also give the face an overall dramatic look, especially when paired with a striking lip color.

If dramatic is not really your thing, the Naked Heat palette also brings out the warmth in brown eyes without being super intense.

Urban Decay has built up such a positive reputation. They have developed some seriously die-hard fans that collect every single one of their products. They collect every palette, lipstick, and mascara they can before they go out of stock − which they inevitably do.

Urban Decay is known for making their customers feel like family. They never tell them to change any features of theirs. The brand focuses on enhancing the natural features of your face, as well as bringing out the inner freak in everyone.

The brand is made for makeup junkies by makeup junkies. They make sure that their customers know. Their most popular palette by far is their NAKED palette. So named because “it looks like the shade of your butt,” according to the brand’s creative director.

This simple, 12-pan eyeshadow palette became one of the bestselling eyeshadow pans of the last century. Thanks to the wear-ability − every shade suits every eye color and skin tone. There is genuinely no other palette like it.

Best Urban Decay Palette for Brown Eyes: A Summary

We do hope that this guide has made it a little bit easier for you to choose your next Urban Decay palette. Don’t be scared to explore and play with other palettes and colors. Makeup has no rules, so find what you enjoy and what works best for you.

The most important thing to do is to have fun.

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What’s your favorite Urban Decay palette? Which urban decay palette is best for brown eyes in your opinion?

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  1. Thanks for sharing with us, and glad that one of our faves is also yours!

  2. I love number 2 for years 🙂
    I have green-brown eyes and the palette is perfect for them and the quality is so good, you don’t need much of the product,
    have a great day,


  3. I have the naked heat palette and absolutely love it! It suits my skin and eye colour so well and I have green eyes!

  4. Naked series has been performing so well they deserve the longevity of their reign! Personally my fave is the first release. You’re most welcome, Nancy!

  5. I keep hearing great things about Urban Decay. I haven’t tried their makeup yet! Love that they have a huge range of selection! Pretty cool that the Naked series has been going strong for 10 years. Thanks for sharing all of this!

    Nancy ✨

  6. This is amazing! I would love to try out the palette!


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